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Greenwood, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/11/2012 -- With global currencies - the United States dollar for one -- fundamentally weak and poised for a decline over the next few years, gold is seen to skyrocket in terms of price. One of the most coveted precious metals that cannot be manufactured, gold comes with it an intrinsic value. Investing in stocks, bonds, treasury notes and mutual funds are all exposed to and affected by the effects of inflation, making gold the safest investment.

In fact, economically surging countries such as China and India have consumed 52% of the world's gold supply in 2010. The countries' massive demand for gold had caused a 7.5% rise in overall demand for gold jewelry in 2011, despite a 25% increase in the price of the precious metal on the same year.

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Detailed at, Regal Assets offers the experience, expertise and resources to serve any gold investing requirements. From buying Gold Bullion and Gold Coins to selling gold or giving advice on setting up a long term tax deferred retirement plan, commonly called a Gold IRA, Regal Assets can assist in the safest investment for people seeking to secure their financial future.

Regal Assets is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, and getting rave reviews for it. Canadian celebrity and talk show host Alan Thicke has this to say about the company: "Regal Assets is one of the most trusted precious metal dealers in America."

Aside from advice on buying Gold Bullion and Rare Gold, also offers advice on buying and selling Bullion Silver, Rare Silver, Bullion Platinum, Rare Platinum and Palladium.

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