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Gold Indicator for H4 Chart with 89% Average Accuracy Being Given FREE by the Commodity Robot Developers Antony and Ronald

The commodity robot turned $100,000 deposit into $916,000 in 1 year giving a return on investment of 916%.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/07/2014 -- The Commodity Robot team is giving away its accurate Gold Indicator FREE. According to the developers, the average accuracy of their Gold Indicator is 89%. This Gold Indicator works on MT4 platform and it is extremely easy to use. Simply attach it to the H4 chart and follow the buy/sell signals (Blue arrow to buy and red arrow to sell). The Commodity Robot team announced that this gold indicator will be only FREE during the prelaunch of their robot. After the prelaunch ends, this indicator will be sold for the regular price of $199.

The Commodity Robot can trade gold, silver, oil, copper, palladium, bitcoin and coffee. The developers deposited $100,000 and traded gold with their robot. The robot turned the $100,000 deposit into $916,000 in 1 year giving a return on investment of 916%. The developers have provided 3rd party verified account statements of the trading account to prove that their claims are 100% verified, true and genuine.

About the Commodity Robot Developers
Commodity Robot developers are two Russian Programmers Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk. Antony Kemble is a successful commodity analyst and a financially independent commodity trader. Antony graduated from the university with the specialization of computer systems processing of financial information. After graduation he has developed a number of modular automated trading systems to work on different market sectors. He has also participated in a number of projects that have revolutionized automated trading. He is also financial partner for a number of private investment companies around the world.

Ronald Kravchuk is a 32 year old Russian programmer and coder. He has successfully developed a number of automated commodity trading systems. He started programming at the age of 14. He has worked with Antony Kemble on a number of projects. He is highly respected in the circle of forex analysts and programmers for his coding skills.

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