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Gold Stocks Might Make a Big Giant Move in Next 10-20 Days-Darvas Box Pattern Target Report Released by Mike Swanson!

Gold and mining stocks are pausing right now and getting ready to make another giant move higher in 10-20 days. They are going through what chartists call a Darvas Box pattern.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/06/2014 -- Mike Swanson who runs the stock investing newsletter WSW Power Investor recently released the report that gold stocks might make a big giant move in the next 10-20 days. The stock market always confuses even professional investors and traders. Mike Swanson started his Wall Street Window WSW Power Investor Program many years back. In his WSW Power Investor Program, he gives stock investing tips to the subscribers. Every year, he opens the doors of his WSW Power Investor Program only a few times for a few days after that he closes the registration and reopens the registration with a gap of few months.

This is what Mike Swanson from the WSW Power Investor program has to say: “I believe gold and mining stocks are pausing right now and getting ready to make another giant move higher in 10-20 days. They are going through what chartists call a Darvas Box pattern. Gold stocks went up about 25% since December. Now they are pausing. That's what markets do when they go up a lot. My indicators suggest this pause will end in 10-20 days.

Many people have gotten in the Power Investor opening this week and are already accessing the information. I'm going to send Power Investor members an update on specific gold stocks tomorrow morning. But most people are always too afraid to do anything. Even though more are getting in - many more - are just sitting there afraid to do anything. Gold has been going up since December and many don't believe it. They evidently still don't believe this gold bull market is for real. And some are simply too damn lazy to take advantage of anything that comes along their way. I want you to wake up! Tonight I'm going to close this membership opening for WSW Power Investor.

I put my money where my mouth is. This is real money. It is not fantasy. Last year I bought IRE and made well over $10,000 in it. I did some selling last week and realized over $80K in capital gains. This week I'm already up over $19k at this moment in some stocks and positions I bought just a few weeks ago. And I don't want the whole world seeing this. That's why it is priced high enough to weed out the masses and the tire kickers. It's time to get serious about the markets and your investments. I wish when I first started in the stock market that I had someone that would show me what trading was really about like this. I wish I had a service like this that I could have signed up to and really learned and got real investment ideas from. If I had something like this it would have made things much easier when I started out.”

About Mike Swanson
Mike Swanson has been trading stocks successfully for many years. He started trading and investing in 1997. From 1998 to 2001, he made a return in excess of 800%. In 2002 he won second place in the 2002 Robbins Trading Championship and ran a hedge fund from 2003 to 2006 that generated a return of over 78% for its investors during that time frame. In 2005 out of 3,621 hedge funds tracked by HedgeFund.Net only 35 other funds had a better return that year.

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