GOXBEE Daily Deals Help to Transform Local Businesses – Goxbee.com

New GOXBEE App, for Android and coming soon to iPhone, helps local businesses deliver daily deals to consumers for promotion and advertising.


Berlin, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2012 -- Daily deals are an extremely powerful method for promotion and advertising that can completely transform the fortunes of local businesses in the current harsh economic climate, according to GOXBEE – a leading provider of text message daily deals to mobile phone users.

“Daily deals are the hottest buzz in the market place today,” said a spokesperson for GOXBEE, who has recently announced the launch of their ‘daily deals’ app for Android and coming soon to iTunes for iPhone. “The offerings give local businesses much needed exposure to consumers within the area to help create new, lifelong customers. Our cell phone based delivery platform can literally turn around the fortune of a struggling business.”

The GOXBEE App enables business owners to deliver their deals via text-message to consumers who have chosen to download the application for their Smartphone. This innovative marketing method is a more powerful communication medium that typical email based delivery of online coupons, according to GOXBEE.

“E-mail marketing is old-school!” said a GOXBEE spokesperson. “Only 20% of email promotions actually get read, with most messages ending up in the junk mail folder. But with the GOXBEE platform, local business owners can deliver their offerings directly to the cell phone of consumers within a specified zip code. We are experiencing a near 100% open rate with this approach.”

GOXBEE also provides local businesses with a cost-effective form of promotion, with each text message delivered costing just one penny. This low price point, combined with the hands-on support and customized service offered to business owners, is making GOXBEE the top ‘go to place’ for the delivery of daily deals and coupons.

To learn more about how GOXBEE is turning around the fortunes of local businesses in today’s troubling economic climate, visit http://www.goxbee.com/

GOXBEE enables local businesses to communicate daily deals directly to the cell phones of local consumers, based on a zip-code match. Consumers download the GOXPEE App for their Smartphone and are then sent all relevant local deals within their local area. This innovative approach to coupon delivery means that consumers are now able to directly contribute to the growth of their local businesses.