GOXBEE Launch Emergency Communication Network for Local Government, Schools, and Police Departments

GOXBEE, a service provider of daily deals and coupons, extends their network for use as an emergency communication channel for local communities.


Berlin, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2012 -- GOXBEE provide local businesses with a powerful, cost-effective mechanism for the delivery of daily deals and coupons directly to the mobile phones of local consumers. The company is now extending their network for use as a public emergency alerts system. According to GOXBEE, the new system will help bring the community together.

“After helping local businesses grow with our ‘daily deals’ delivery service, we are now excited to announce the launch of our new emergency alerts system,” said a GOXBEE spokesperson. “The system is to be used by public schools, emergency services, and local Governments to provide a quick and reliable delivery mechanism for important, time sensitive information.”

“It will help organizations quickly get messages out about any emergencies, such as bad weather warnings, school closures, child abduction alerts, or even just to help publicise local fundraising events.”

GOXBEE is able to provide this communication mechanism via the use of their free mobile phone application. All mobile phone users who have download the app, we be provided access to receive notifications of daily deals and discount coupons, as well as all emergency alerts within their geographical area. The ZIP code based system, means that messages are only sent out to people within the relevant town.

The text-based approach is thought to provide a more powerful communication mechanism than e-mail.

“Most e-mails don’t get read, but we are experiencing a near 100% open rate for text based daily deals. This means that businesses will truly get their moneys worth in their promotional campaigns and that emergency notifications can be delivered in a timely manner.”

For more information about the new emergency alerts system, visit http://www.goxbeeschools.com/

GOXBEE also works with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure the growth and prosperity of local businesses. For more information visit http://www.goxbeechamberofcommerce.com/

GOXBEE (http://www.goxbee.com/) is a service provider of text message based daily deals and discount coupons to the local community. The company has just launched a new emergency alerts system, to enable schools, local authorities, and emergency services to communication time sensitive information to residents. GOXBEE are also running a $10,000 giveaway contest on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/goxbee