Goxbee Launches Nationwide App for Innovative Text Message Coupon Marketing That “Avoids the Spam Box”

The Goxbee app empowers businesses to communicate daily deals directly to consumer cell phones to avoid the dreaded email spam folder.


Berlin, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2012 -- It is thought that only 20% of emails sent from businesses to consumers are ever read, with the majority of messages either finding themselves in the spam box or just plain ignored.

However, it is thought that when businesses communicate their deals directly to consumers cell phones, that at least 90% of messages are read, with success rates as high as 100% not uncommon.

This indicates the dramatic shift to text based communication in modern day marketing, according to Goxbee, we have just launched an app for Android and IPhone app is coming very soon that empowers business owners to communicate their daily deals directly to consumers via text message.

“Sending daily deals and coupons to consumers via email is a broken marketing model,” said a Goxbee spokesperson. “The majority of these emails end up in the spam folder, and even if they make it into the inbox, they all too often remain unopened.”

Goxbee highlight the fact that cell phone users will open every single text message they receive in order to find out whom it is from, as a key strength of this marketing medium.

“Text based communication is far more effective in modern day marketing, with nearly 100% of text messages being opened. Text messages are not like email. Consumers do know who the text message is from when they open and read the message. This means that they will be exposed to the exciting deals that your business has to offer,” said the spokesperson.

Goxbee works directly with local businesses to help with their text-based marketing campaigns.

With each coupon communicated costing just 1 penny, it is very likely that local business owners nationwide will be excited about this new modern day medium for customer interaction.

For more information on the Goxbee and to download the app, visit http://www.goxbee.com

About Goxbee
Goxbee works with local businesses nationwide to enable the creation of powerful text based marketing. Local deals are sent via text message to consumers who have downloaded the Goxbee app for Android phone. Campaigns are tailored by local zip code, to ensure that only relevant consumers receive the offers.

GOXBEE is also giving an emergency notification network to the public schools and weather warning authorities for free. This donation of facilities is the GOXBEE way to help the people of the World save.