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GQ Australia Provides Tips Information on Prior Learning Skills Recognition (RPL)

Prior Learning Skills Recognition (RPL) is a process wherein people are given the opportunity to have an expertise and excel in their chosen field with the help of certifications issued by training schools.


Sydney, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/17/2012 -- Recognition of Prior learning aims to determine and recognize the set of skills and expertise that a person has achieved outside the formal educational system. This includes the skills and knowledge that he has gotten from prior learning from work, training or his life experiences. RPL is used in order to provide people the qualifications that they deserve without the need to undergo formal education.

Undergoing the RPL process is just a piece of cake. However, it would be a lot easier if the person has an idea about what the process may entail. This process aims to determine whether or not the person has gained his set of skills expertise from a formal system of learning or not by the use of various assessment criteria. In addition to that, the process can help the companies determine if the person's competency is comparable to the standards of Australia.

The RPL Process
The first step of the RPL process includes getting information regarding the person's set of skill and experience. During this step, the person is required to complete the RPL Application form that corresponds to his chosen qualification level. After 48 hours, an assessor will be calling him to discuss the self evaluation form to him and will be giving information about the options that are available for his chosen courses. This is also the step when the person will be identifying all his experiences and skills that are related in the industry that he has chosen. This will all be recorded in the WorkPlace History Record.

The second step would be the meeting with the assessor. Through the information that the person has given, the assessor can identify which units or subjects will suit the competencies and skills that the person has provided. During this step, the person is given the chance to tell the assessor something about his work experience and his role in the industry. The assessor will then have a competency conversation with the person.

The third and last step involves the practical demonstration of the person's skills. In this final step, practical tests are done in the workplace or any place that are suitable to the person's competencies. The skills that the person will demonstrate during this step are only those that are needed for the qualification.

Tips For RPL
When undergoing RPL, being prepared is the best armor. By being prepared, the person will get to make the most out of his time.

First off, the job roles and work history are given great emphasis during RPL. For this, it is always best that to carry a resume. In the resume, there should be bullet points about which companies and the experiences that the person has undergone.

Second, identifying the description of a position is a must. Because of this, the performance appraisal from all the countries that the person has worked in should be brought.

Third, there will always a possibility that the assessor will be calling a person's workplace. This is why it is best that he already has a contact person in mind.

Recognition of Prior Learning need not be hard. These tips will make sure of that.

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