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Grassology Grass Seed - Does It Work ? - Read Before Buying

Grassology Grass Seed is a scientifically engineered and patented blend of grass that gives any property owners a greener and fuller lawn while reduces the amount of lawn maintenance.


Toronto, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/14/2014 -- Having a lush green lawn usually means a lot of lawn maintenance. Especially during the hot summer months this means a lot of watering, weeding, cutting and fertilizing. One product has been introduced on the As Seen on TV market called Grassology Grass Seed which saves property owners all the hassles which usually come with lawn care.

Grassology Grass Seed is the perfect grass seed for any home owner. This specialty blend will cut down on a homeowners lawn maintenance. Grassology Grass Seeds is different than typical grass seeds since its root grow four times deeper which means it can gather water and nutrients more easily. This means that less watering is required. This grass seed has been featured on infomercials and TV networks including ABC,CBS, Fox News, CNN and Popular Science.

"After just weeks of using this product my lawn already started to look better and kept getting better each day. Eventually I had the best lawn on my block. I've tried using other grass seeds and this blend is by far the best. I would recommend this product to any homeowner who wants to cut down on the amount of lawn work and have a greener and fuller lawn. I'm not an expert when it comes to lawn maintenance but this product has made my life easier and made my lawn look gorgeous." -Will Rogan

This breakthrough patented grass seed cuts down on the amount of property maintenance. Grass grows greener and thicker than competing brands. It also is resilient against weeds, insects and disease. Grassology lowers water bills, requires less moving, weeding and there is no need for continuous fertilizing.

Using Grassology is easy. Just pour it over any dead or brown patches or just pour it over the entire lawn to fill in any gaps. Grassology will leave lawns looking green and fuller than ever while eliminating all the weekly lawn maintenance.

There has been many Grassology reviews from content property owners who have tried this scientifically blend of grass seed. Order it today at As Seen on TV Canada and take advantage of only $14.99 plus shipping and handling. Each order includes a 1 pound bag of Grassology which is enough to cover 250 square feet. With an additional payment of $9.99 and second bag of Grassology Grass Seed is included along with a 25 foot Pocket Hose Expandable Hose.

Find out more about Grassology Grass Seed and read customer reviews at As Seen on TV Canada.

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