Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss

Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss Studies Reveals Benefits of Green Coffee Extract

Link between green coffee extracts and weight loss


Middletown, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2012 -- The Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss website has officially published a report covering the benefits of green coffee extracts, saying the extracts have capabilities that help fight alcoholism and weight loss among others.

In a review titled Green Coffee Extract Benefits Lose Weight, Prevent Disease and End Alcoholism, the publishers have outlined disease prevention and weight loss as the top benefits of green coffee extracts.

Green coffee has now appended its long list of health values and associated benefits in the light of the new research findings. Green coffee extracts, which come from unroasted coffee beans, have for a long time been associated with various health benefits. It is only now that an independent study has found a direct link between green coffee extracts and weight loss. According to the researchers at the University of Scranton, high levels of chlorogenic acid (CGA’s) prevalent in green coffee could be the key reason for green coffees’ stunning health capacities. Dr. Joe Vinson who was lead researcher says that the chlorogenic acid reduces absorption of glucose (basic sugar) in the body while at the same time increasing rates of metabolism in the body hence help in eliminating weight gain. The glucose inhibition and increased metabolism directly addresses the main causes of unhealthy excess body mass and obesity. The study which was funded by Applied Food Sciences Inc, has been published at Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal.

The review also outlines the role that green coffee products play in fighting alcoholism and stress related disorders. It reports that although the caffenic quality of coffee has conventionally been perceived as addictive, green coffee helps to fight alcoholic cravings and dependence. The comprehensive study found that the rife chlorogenic derivative green coffee binds itself to proteins found in blood cells (the same proteins that the addictive chemicals found in alcohol bind themselves to) hence palliating alcoholic cravings.

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