Green Coffee Proclaimed as the Miracle Fat Burner on TV Simplifies Weight Loss - No Diet or Exercise Required!

Green coffee is supposed to be a big hit within the fitness circles since it can bust fat and ensure quick weight loss without diet or workout.


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/11/2013 -- Green coffee has been making headlines because of its unique power to bust fat and ensure weight loss without diet or workout. No wonder, it has been proclaimed as the "miracle fat burner" by a celeb weight loss doctor on TV.

Clinical trials have confirmed that green coffee extract is one of the strongest fat burners.

“Green coffee not only helps boost metabolism but also prevent fat accumulation in the body by regulating blood sugar levels. By slowing down the release of sugar into the bloodstream, it prevents fat built up. This is because it is excess sugar that is stored as fat in the body” explains a spokesperson.

It is chlorogenic acid that makes green coffee a strong weight loss supplement. Much of it is lost when green coffee beans are roasted at a high temperature to obtain normal coffee. Chlorogenic acid is clinically proven to boost metabolism and also regulate blood sugar levels in the body. The optimum dose required to ensure weight loss through green coffee is 1600 mg of pure green coffee extract during the day. Good supplements come with a potency of 800 mg and 2 pills a day can suffice to help one get the required dose.

GCB MAX is one of such supplements that is making waves across the world. One of its most unique features is that each pill comes with at least 50% chlorogenic acid in it. This is far better than most of the other supplements that contain 20-40% chlorogenic acid. Apart from this, it is also supposed to be rich in antioxidants that helps remove toxins from the system. Antioxidants also help in combating free radical and provide amazing anti-aging benefits.

Some of the main points highlighted in GCB MAX Review done by include the following:
- Optimum dose of 800mg of pure green coffee extract with at least 50% Chlorogenic acid in each pill
Contains no additives or other ingredients
- helps Boost Metabolism to encourage faster fat burning in the body
- Curbs hunger pangs and reduces food cravings to help achieve diet control
- Reduces fat built up in the body by regulating blood sugar levels
- Reduces cellulite
- Flushes out toxins
- No known side effects
- Complete money back guarantee

“GCB MAX is one of the most sought after green coffee diet pill because of its high potency. People have been getting great results with this diet pill” says a spokesperson.

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