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Ground-Breaking Cavity Prevention Can Lower Decay Rates by 84%


Encino, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2014 -- Dental decay is the number one chronic disease affecting American youth, surpassing both obesity and asthma. Cosmetic dentist, Dr Craig Glick DDS, and his team are working to change those statistics. They have taken the top caries research in the world and implemented a cavity prevention program developed by CariFree. The system is known as CAMBRA or Caries Management by Risk Assessment. “Studies have proven the Carifree CAMBRA program has decreased incidents of tooth decay by up to 84%,” says Dr Craig Glick DDS, a local dentist in Grand Rapids. “We are committed to fighting this disease and helping patients save their teeth for a lifetime,” continues Dr Craig Glick DDS.

CAMBRA is rooted in a medical model of risk assessment. It requires the dentist to assess each and every patient’s risk factors for the disease and then develop a personalized treatment plan to systematically lower their risk. The CariFree diagnostic tools leverage biofilm testing (to determine the levels of cavity-causing bacteria in the patient’s mouth) as well as a risk assessment questionnaire to determine the overall statistical probability a patient will develop new cavities over the next 12 months. Never before has such predictive information been available. Patients can then measurably lower their risk for decay by utilizing prescription products and behavior modification.

Patients can expect the entire process to take a few minutes in their appointment. They will answer targeted questions regarding their current habits (eating and drinking, medication use, chronic health issues etc.) as well as undergo a quick, painless swab of their lower teeth (to determine if they have an excess of cavity causing bacteria). Based on the information gathered and if the patient is at high risk, the dentist will prescribe the patient with a professional kit of product specifically designed to target the caries disease.

The CariFree products contain all five essential therapeutic agents proven to treat dental caries. Depending on the patient's diagnosis the proper level of therapy will be prescribed. Science has proven that this disease cannot be stopped by the drill and fill approach. True cure requires a medical approach and a comprehensive assessment of each patient. Dr. Samuel Bander and his team have taken a bold and caring step for their patients and their community.

For more information on the CariFree system, go to You can also contact the cosmetic dentist office of Dr Craig Glick DDS to set up an appointment for a screening to evaluate your risk. For more information on dental decay / disease, visit

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