GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. Announces Insider Buying as Lazarus Investment Partners LLLP Acquires Additional Shares


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2014 -- GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. (GBLX), a biotechnology and research company, today is pleased to announce that their largest investor, Lazarus Investment Partners LLLP, has acquired an additional 269,632 shares in the open market for an additional $322,000 investment. Lazarus, which already holds a 3,000,000 share investment at a price of $0.50, averaged up their position acquiring 199,632 shares at $1.19, 50,000 shares at $1.21, and 20,000 shares at $1.20 over a three day period from June 30, 2014, to July 2, 2014.

Lazarus Investment Partners LLLP increasing their investment by averaging up and acquiring additional shares in the open market shows their belief in GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. and our ability to execute on our business plan. The move also proves that Lazarus considers shares of GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. to be undervalued at current levels. The Company has made substantial headway in becoming a biotechnology leader in the legal cannabis space over the last few months which has given Lazarus the confidence to increase their investment at a much higher price.

GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. is excited to have a quality and experienced investment firm like Lazarus Investment Partners LLLP so interested in the Company. We are looking forward to continued progression in the legal cannabis space and further developing our relationship with Lazarus Investment Partners LLLP.

About GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc.
GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc., is a research and biotechnical company that has developed proprietary indoor growing chambers specifically designed for medical cannabis cultivation. The GrowBLOX chamber allows for completely controlled growing conditions, ensuring the manufacture of a consistent, toxin-free, natural and medicinal-grade product. The Company believes that the advantages of a controlled environment over traditional outdoor or greenhouse growing, will empower the public, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries to embrace cannabis as an effective treatment for a myriad of serious medical

About Lazarus Investment Partners LLLP
Lazarus Investment Partners LLLP makes open market purchases of ultra-small microcap public companies with market capitalizations of $140 million or less. Lazarus exclusively invests within the United States. It manages assets from a diverse group of investors which includes high net worth individuals, corporations, investment companies and other institutions. The firm was founded in May 2003 and is located in Denver, Colorado.

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