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Growing Blog by Mel Thompson Is for Consumers Looking for Relief from Debt Collectors for Credit Card Debt They Cannot Afford to Pay is a new blog for consumers with credit card balances they cannot afford to pay. Mel Thompson, author of the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide, helps consumers overcome their feelings of helpless indebtedness and anxiety.


Worcester, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2012 -- Thompson says he understands the psychology of credit card debt and credit card lawsuits for those who cannot afford to pay their monthly statements. At one point he owed $63,000 in credit card debt he could not afford to pay. He was able to find the consumer protection laws and legal means to defeat debt collectors and avoid bankruptcy while not paying the credit card debt he could not afford to pay.

Blog visitors can leave questions and comments about their individual situations, says the author. One goal of the blog’s content, Thompson says, is to help consumers overcome feelings of helplessness created by debt collector telephone calls and letters. Coaching materials for communicating on the phone and in writing with debt collectors and collection attorneys are available.

Unlike affiliate marketing websites disguised as blogs, this blog does not attempt to direct consumers to commission-paid debt settlement, debt negotiation or debt management service firms in the name of credit card debt relief, states to Thompson.

“Everyone thinks they are alone as they look for help. Consequently many are victimized by credit card debt relief scams. These firms start by offering a helping hand. They then convince the consumer to give them money before any results are produced,” Thompson says.

“If you owe and cannot pay, there are still ways to get out from under without filing bankruptcy,” explains Thompson. Debt collectors and collection attorneys work on a percentage of what they collect. If you know how to answer their collection notices, they will move onto easier consumers, and it is unlikely there will ever be a court summons. Even that can be dealt with by answering it in an educated fashion because collection attorneys have a very difficult time actually documenting credit card debt to proper legal standards, says Thompson. “The key is a positive attitude and education. If you are worried you may not able to make monthly payments in the future, now is the time to find credit card debt relief by learning how to defeat debt collectors,” he adds.

About Mel Thompson
Mel Thompson hails from Worcester, MA and is an experienced in resolving credit card debt issues.