Guitar Made Simple Review: Important Information Leaked

Struggling with playing that guitar again? Having difficulty learning from the cryptic online video? Guitar enthusiasts all over the world now have an easier and more friendlier option to learning how to play the guitar!


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2014 -- Chris Standring's brand new online guitar tutorial, "Guitar Made Simple", has been developed with both novice and advanced guitar enthusiasts in mind. Whether they have just started to learn the basics, or whether they have been playing for a while but need to perfect their skills, this series of training courses is meant to provide everyone exactly what they are looking for.

Readers of this Press Release might wonder what makes "Guitar Made Simple" so radically different from many of the other similar courses available online. In a word: Approach! How Chris has gone about putting every element of the course together has made all the difference.

With this unique approach, students eager to learn the guitar:
- benefit from the over 20+ years of experience of a professional musician, recording artist and music educator!
- will access tricks, techniques and training approaches that are already successfully proven through the author's other training series called Play What You Hear!
- gain from a completely new approach that uses streaming video and 65+ in depth interactive training lessons to deliver each learning concept using a step-by-step approach!
- will reinforce and perfect their learning by practicing 300+ exercises!
- can learn at their own pace, any time, any place of their choice!

Research has conclusively proven that the best learning is achieved using the "Watch, Listen, Practice, Play" approach. And by using this exact approach, combined with cutting-edge technology, Chris Standring provides the building blocks for guitar enthusiasts to learn the precise techniques to master the guitar. Not only are there diagrams and images provided. But for each of those images, students can click on a link to hear exactly what the diagram is telling them to do. By letting them "hear" the diagram "talk" to them, "Guitar Made Simple" makes it that much easier for eager guitar learners to follow each lesson precisely.

The use of cutting-edge technology to deliver this entire course - comprising over 65 easy-to-follow lessons - is yet another distinguishing characteristic of this brand new guitar teaching course. Precise imagery, high-quality streaming audio and video, interactivity using "click to hear" samples, and the ability to click on any chord symbol anywhere in the course and see 3 versions of that chord, are but a few examples of how the course is structured.

For aspiring music lovers that want to learn to play the guitar quickly, easily and correctly, "Guitar Made Simple" will likely be the only music course they'll ever need to start playing like a pro. Chris's personal touch and professional approach not only delivers a wealth of knowledge to students, but also serves as a means to inspire learners to success!

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About Chris Standring
Chris Standring is a veteran musician, recording artist and music educator with 20+ years of front-line experience in the music industry. Having spent many years researching and sampling the various guitar courses available, including free online lessons, Chris was convinced that the materials just did not cater to guitar enthusiasts' thirst for learning the guitar correctly. That's how "Guitar Made Simple" came about. It is a product of over 1 year's untiring effort by Chris, and in his own words, this project is aimed at teaching guitar learners how to play the guitar "… the right way, the correct way, the thorough way…", using the vast experience of a professional musician and music educator!