Gynexol Is the Most Effective Cream Based Gynecomastia Treatment to Lose Man Boobs

Gynexol is the only cream based treatment to help men get rid of man boobs says


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2013 -- Gynecomastia is a common condition that is associated with abnormal growth of breast tissue in men. It is known to be a highly embarrassing and depressing condition for men.

No man wants to sport breasts that look like that of a woman. Gynecomastia surgeries are quite common and a large percentage of men are known to undergo surgical procedure now than ever before. Cosmetic surgery clinics are known to have seen a massive increase in the number of male patients who want to get rid of man boobs over the past few years.

“Though surgery is in option, it is accompanied with high costs and other complications such as pain, scarring, swelling and infection. Natural treatments are supposed to be a great alternative to surgery. Gynexol is the only cream based treatment for gynecomastia that can help reduce man boobs without pain or scarring. It is proven to be effective in 99% of cases and is made in a FDA approved facility in the US” says a spokesperson.

Gynexol seems like a cost effective alternative to surgery and it is known to have a long list of satisfied clients.

Some of the key points highlighted as a part of Gynexol Review conducted by include the following:

- Natural formulation
- Easy to use
- Effective in 99% of men with gynecomastia
- Helps reduce man boobs without pain, side effects or scarring
- Initial effects visible in as little as 2-3 weeks
- Best results in 5-6 months
- No side effects
- Highly positive reviews from users
- Complete money back guarantee

Gynexol is extremely easy to use. It just needs to be applied to the chest area once a day and can help reduce man boobs within a few months at a fraction of the cost as compared to a surgical procedure. It has been getting rave reviews from men all over the world. One product that is a must try for men with gynecomastia” says a spokesperson.

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