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Hair Replacement Gets a New Alternative. Get Your Own Rooney Patch Claims FitLifeBlog.com

“Har Vokse Is Supposed To Be A Hair Regeneration Supplement That Can Arrest Hair Fall And Regrow Them Once Again”, Claims FitLifeBlog.com


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/18/2012 -- Hair loss is a common problem and millions of people, both men and women, seem to be affected with it. For long, attempts have been made to develop products that could help arrest hair fall and also re-grow them. Some drugs are known to help people achieve these objectives but they are also known to result in serious side effects.

“Har Vokse is supposed to be a hair replacement system that is a class apart. Based on clinical studies and trials, its ingredients are likely to stop hair fall and stimulate growth within a few weeks” claims FitLifeBlog.com spokesperson.

“Developed by Norwegian scientists, Har Vokse, is supposed to have show positive results under clinical trials. One study shows that it can lead to up to 63% increase in hair re-growth” said, FitLifeBlog.com spokesperson.

Some of the key facts highlighted in the HarVokse Review done by FitLifeBlog.com include the following:

- Har Vokse is a two part solution that comprises of a hair supplement and a hair spray. The supplement is supposed to consist marine proteins, minerals and vitamins to help stimulate hair growth once again.

- Some of the other ingredients in it include gotu kola, green coffee bean extract and green tea extract that are known to posses strong antioxidant properties. These ingredients are known to increase hair growth.

- Hair Spray, on the other hand, is likely to promote better scalp health.

- Fights DHT which is one of the major reasons of hair fall in men.

- 100% natural and free of side effects.

- Clinically Proven To Work.

“There’s no doubt Har Vokse seems to be an effective and cheaper method of hair restoration as compared to hair transplant etc., that can make one spend thousands of dollars. It is definitely worth a try if you are suffering with hair loss and even hair thinning. The official website is supposed to have a lengthy testimonial section wherein people describe their experiences with this hair re-growth formula ” said a Fitlifeblog.com spokesperson.

For more information of HarVokse, visit http://fitlifeblog.com/hair-loss-treatment-hairfall-control

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