Hardhill Media to Launch Dropkloud at SXSW the iOS App Will Enable Greater Engagement Between Artists and Their Fans


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2014 -- Hardhill Media is delighted to announce the soft launch of their new app, DropKloud on February 1st, 2014. The event will be held in Boston, MA at 1 Boylston Place, 02116.

DropKloud is an exciting new app that will give musicians and their fans even more power when it comes to promoting and sharing their music. Using the app, musicians can drop Klouds – little digital capsules – in specific locations. Fans can then later discover and pick up these Klouds using the same app.

It’s not just musicians who can use DropKloud – performers and even celebrities can use DropKloud to become even more accessible to their fans. By dropping local, geographic Klouds wherever you want you’re able to reach fans anywhere.

Kedar (Co-founder) said today that “our app is like having a digital street team anywhere you want”, adding that DropKloud gave up-and-coming bands as well as established musicians a chance to have a presence anywhere without having to be physically present, opening up a range of creative possibilities for musicians to interact with and grow a loyal fan base.

The Boston, MA startup will be launching to the public at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March 2014. The app was developed entirely in iOS, and features a fully-developed backend for artists and celebrities. There are plans to develop a DropKloud app for Android devices in the near future.

About Hardhill Media
Founded by Kedar Frederic and James DeNino in 2013, Hardhill Media was formed with one goal in mind: to leverage the power of mobile telecommunications so that artists and celebrities can become even more accessible to their fans. Hardhill Media is prefunded and currently bootstrapping, having turned down an investment round of $200,000.

About DropKloud
DropKloud is an app for iOS developed by Hardhill Media which enables musicians, performers and celebrities to leave Klouds at specific geographic locations using digital capsules. Fans can later find these Klouds and view them. For more information and the latest updates, visit DropKloud’s website.

Contact: Kedar Frederic
Tel: 617-970-5992
Email: Kedar@Dropkloud.com
Twitter @dropkloud