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"Harmony," a Group Show of Abstract Paintings by Nancy Eckels, Paul Cunningham, Michael Ethridge, Josiane Childers and Justin West at Waxlander Gallery and Sculpture Garden

Waxlander calls summit on “Harmony”


Santa Fe, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/24/2012 -- What happens when you assemble five artists who've devoted their lives to color? Perhaps there will be a great waltz of purples, a conference of oranges, or a delicious feast of yellows. In Santa Fe art gallery Waxlander's “Harmony,” abstract artists Nancy Eckels, Paul Cunningham, Michael Ethridge, Josiane Childers and Justin West will bring thousands of colors to life. The rest is up to the hues themselves.

“I love how colors ask for each other and vibrate in unison in creation of a new color world,” says Josiane Childers, who works with her husband Justin West to create reverse paintings on Plexiglass.

All of the artists in the group show have similar views on the ways colors “speak” and create harmony. West's love of cars lead him to start painting on unusual materials like steel and Plexiglass. Childers and West's supports bring surprising depth and richness to the colors they use.

Nancy Eckels was in show business before becoming a painter. After working in television for many years, including as a director of CBS daytime drama “The Bold and the Beautiful,” she started building dialogues between colors instead of actors.

“I paint what I feel in my heart and imagination, not what I see in front of me, which translates not to a representation of something tangible, but to a painting full of emotion, thought and expression,” says Eckels.

Michael Ethridge also started out in show business. He worked as a piano player on cruise ships, but had painted since he was a child. Now he shows his dazzling abstract color studies in galleries across the country. Paul Cunningham has painted for 30 years. He was mostly doing western and southwestern figure paintings when he was struck by the allure of abstraction. His most well-known works show hummingbirds swimming through shimmery worlds of color.

Come have a chat with these artists—and their colors—at the reception on October 5th, and see the show October 2nd through October 15th at Waxlander Gallery and Sculpture Garden. You can see their website here http://www.waxlander.com

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