Healthcare Press Releases

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Expert in Los Angeles Offering Relief to Patients

Minimally invasive spinal surgery, also referred to as MISS, is an alternative to traditional surgeries that often result in large, unsightly scars, a much longer recuperation time, and a rather costly stay in the hospital. MISS essentially reduces patient recovery time while minimizing anxiety and discomfort simultaneously. Unlike traditional open surgeries, MISS does not require the moving of the muscle tissue in order to get an unobstructed view of the spine. Bone grafts and screw insertions are not required as well.

What Causes Adult Acne? Popular FAQ Answered in Latest Video from Dr Barry Lycka

Adult acne is an increasing problem and acne should no longer be thought of as something that only affects teenagers. There are more adults developing acne, particularly women. Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka has created a mini-series of educational videos about different aspects of acne, and this is the first video in this series.

"Flat Belly Forever" Overview Enlightens Readers How to Lose Belly Fat Quickly and Naturally

According to the latest review published by, this new program is a popular way to lose weight quickly, safely and naturally. The new method promises great efficiency in weight loss, but it claims to be amazingly fast, too.

Oral Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women Receives U.S. Patent

LogoAfter ten years of intense research, development and human clinical trials, advanced PriaPlex® hair restoration formula for men and women is now available in the United States. This all-natural oral supplement addresses hair health from the inside out, halting hair loss and supporting new hair growth. Many participants in a recent two-year evaluation program in the U.S. reported cessation of hair loss within just weeks, followed by appearance of thicker, healthier hair, improved skin tone and overall health and vitality.

Relmada Therapeutics Enters Into Agreement with Memorial Sloan Kettering to Better Clarify Unique Mechanism of Action for Levocap ER

Relmada Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage company developing novel therapies for the treatment of chronic pain, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in a series of animal studies for levorphanol, the active ingredient of LevoCap ER, a new tamper-resistant, extended release form of levorphanol. Gavril Pasternak, MD, PhD, of MSKCC is the lead investigator for these studies.

TapImmune Releases Positive Interim Data on Phase I Clinical Trial of Folate Receptor Alpha Antigens in Ovarian and Breast Cancer

LogoTapImmune Inc. is extremely pleased to report that analysis of the interim data from the first 13 patients in a Phase I clinical trial show that each of the patients treated have raised specific T-cell immune responses against a set of 5 naturally processed folate receptor alpha Class II antigenic epitopes. All five of the constituent peptides were found to be immunogenic and all patients developed immune responses to at least one and in most cases more than one of the vaccine peptides.

New Calista WellBeing Website Makes Healing and Rejuvenation Available

Wellbeing is sometimes considered a nebulous concept too often associated entirely with mood, but this can be deceptive. In fact, wellbeing is a combination of environmental, physical, psychological and behavioral factors, and keeping all of these in a harmonious balance can be difficult. Calista WellBeing is a center in Colleyville Texas dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain a full sense of well being through an array of approaches. The company has just launched their official website to help more people find out about these approaches and how they can get the benefit of them.

FDA Issues Warning to Manufacturers of Glucosamine Supplements

The Food and Drug Administration has once again reminded herbal manufacturers to disclose the required information on the labels of glucosamine supplements and other herbal products.

Curcumin Supplements Reduce Suffering of Psoriatic Arthritis Patients

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that one in every five adults in the United States suffer from doctor-diagnosed arthritis. The prevalence of arthritis has resulted in the massive production of pain relief options such as drugs and supplements.

BioGanix Organic Pure Yacon Root Extract Promises to Solve Weight Issues Once and for All

While many weight loss supplements suffer from quality issues due to the use of low quality and unproven ingredients, the BioGanix Organic Pure Yacon Root Extract has years of research behind its use of premium ingredients. The Yacon Root Extract, a natural supplement with organic ingredients, leaves room for absolutely no safety concerns as it has natural regulatory and metabolism boosting properties. In fact, independent clinical studies have also proven now that the Yacon Syrup has incredible weight loss properties that are owed to its metabolism boosting capabilities.

White Mulberry Leaf Extract Now Delivers Weight Loss and Helps Diabetic Patients Control Blood Sugar Levels

With millions of people suffering from its unrelenting and often painful symptoms, diabetes is rated as one of the world’s most widely prevalent health problems. According to the most recent findings of the American Diabetes Association at, the number of Americans suffering from Diabetes is a whopping 29.1 million (9.3% of the population). While this figure paints a gloomy picture, what’s more worrying is the fact that the number of patients suffering from diabetes and obesity has only be increasing with time. Hence, as healthcare pills and drugs have failed to bring about successful results, eyes have turned to BioGanix’s White Mulberry Leaf Extract which guarantees successful results. Made from the finest natural ingredients, the White Mulberry Lead Extract claims to help patients fight diabetes in a better manner without the constant need to monitor blood sugar levels.

A Secret Diet Program Designed to Melt the Stubborn Accumulated Fat in the Body

Flatter stomach, trimmed waistlines, increased metabolism, high energy levels, major fat loss in hips, thighs, belly and buttocks, etc. are just some of the results that can be achieved by individuals who follow “The 3 Week Diet” Program. Individuals who have followed this system have experienced a major drop in their dress sizes as well as melting the most stubborn fat from the most difficult areas of the body and losing 23 pounds or more of body fat that too in 21 days. This 3 Week Diet program is a revolutionary diet system that guarantees results.

German Website Launches Itself, Will Provide Tips on Foot Care and Treating Nail Fungus, a German website dedicated in sharing tips on foot care and nail fungus, has recently launched itself and has already shared interesting advice on how to prevent athlete’s foot, remove calluses and maintain the overall health of one’s feet.

Diet Doc Announces Prescription Sermorelin hGH Anti-Aging Therapy to Safely and Naturally Restore hGH Production to Youthful Levels

LogoIs it really possible to turn back the hands of time? An in-house clinical study revealed that thousands of Diet Doc patients say yes, it is. The development and release of prescription Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy enables the body to restore depleted hGH levels resulting in patients feeling better and looking better with improved sleep quality, increased energy, younger looking skin, fat loss with increased lean muscle mass, improved mood and memory and improved libido.

Eve Organics, the One-Stop E-Boutique for Natural Skin Care

LogoFor people looking for authentic natural skin care, Eve Organics, the leading online natural body care products store has been serving the sole e-boutique. This e-boutique has been operating for many years and offers 100 percent natural skin care aides.

Balanced Essentials Now Brings a Wide Myriad of Essential Oils

With an aim to unfold the benefits of natural oils, Balanced Essentials now brings essential oils which are intended to improve the quality of life. The company holds penchant in producing natural oils which unfold numerous health and wellness benefits to the users. Their essential oils are reused as perfumes, medicine, aftershaves, soaps, incense and a host of major beauty products. Some of the major essential oils one can get from Balanced Essentials are of Arnica, basil, cyderwood, cypress, geranium, ginger, fennel, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, rosemary, rosewood, sandalwood, pine needle, niroli, and many more. They extract oils from these organic products and present them in the most original form without adding any chemical or other foreign substances to the oil. Now Customers who are wondering ‘where to buy essential oils’ can visit their website for more detail.

Overview of Yeast Infection No More - Steps Towards Healthy Life

Yeast Infection No More advocates a holistic approach to treat people with Candida yeast infection permanently and relieve them of the debilitating symptoms quickly. It points to the fact that this disorder is an internal and systemic problem. The genital, muscle, or skin conditions associated with it are just the external manifestations of a body under attack by microorganisms such as Candida Albicans.

Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Steven Robinson, MD, FACS Now Treating Rhinophyma

Dr. Steven Robinson, MD, FACS, the Director of Ohio Plastic Surgeons, Inc. in Columbus, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio is now pleased to announce that he is now treating patients with Rhinophyma. Rhinophyma is a skin condition or growth involving the glands of the nose. These glands, called the sebaceous glands on the nose become enlarged and swollen. This results in an enlarged, bumpy and undesirable appearance on the nose. Symptoms of Rhinophyma can include changes in the nose such as: a bulbous shape, many oil glands, reddish color, thickening of the skin, and a waxy, yellow surface. Dr. Robinson is an expert at treating this condition with surgical removal of the abnormal growth to restore your healthy nose.

The Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery Is Now Offering PicoSure for Tattoo Removal

Dr. Emil Tanghetti, the board certified dermatologist for The Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery is excited to offer PicoSure for his patients. PicoSure is a non-surgical, FDA approved laser treatment that is designed to remove tattoos. This special laser treatment uses intense photomechanical technology that disrupts the ink in order to remove tattoos. PicoSure is the world’s safest and most effective picosecond aesthetic laser. The team at The Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery is thrilled to be able to offer PicoSure to their Sacramento patients.

Mint Condition Fitness Now Offering Assessment and Specials for New Clients for Fall Months

LogoBlast away that fat by getting in the shape with Mint Condition Fitness. Fall is on its way and it’s the perfect time to commit to those health goals. Mint Condition is offering a free assessment and specials for their new clients.

Dr. Nadler and Associates Now Accepting New Patients for Chiropractic Services

LogoDr. Nadler and Associates invites patients with lower back and neck pain to enlist their chiropractic services in Philadelphia this winter. Those who are unfamiliar with chiropractic medicine may be hesitant to try something new, but the popular chiropractic office is determined to change skeptics’ minds about this safe, effective practice. The main principles of chiropractic care at Dr. Nadler and Associates are living, healing, and prevention.

Health Experts Say Weight Loss Pills 'Not the Answer'

Last Thursday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved market release of Contrave, a new anti-obesity drug manufactured by Orexigen, a U.S. company in partnership with Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Yet the Wall Street Journal’s Chelsey Dulaney reported that, “Despite the approval, shares of Orexigen fell as much as 13% Thursday. Analysts noted that Contrave's label didn't include the interim results of a cardiovascular trial, which showed that the drug didn't dramatically increase patients' risk of a heart attack.” The drug was green-lighted after a lengthy back and forth with the FDA due to a host of side effects, ranging from hypertension to suicidal thoughts to seizures.

Victoria's Healthy Weight Loss Method Review Reveals Quick Way of Losing Fat

Victoria's Healthy Weight Loss Method review readers can find on Daily Gossip indicates that this method will allow users the possibility to lose fat up to 417% faster in only 12 minutes. The new program is the result of years of study and research performed by its developer, Victoria Flame. Victoria Flame is a metabolic fat loss and fitness expert who designed this program with the purpose to help users eliminate the time wasted in hard workouts with no success.

Dr. Chao Launches New and Exclusive Blood Sugar Level Management Program

Restore My Blood Sugar is a new brand treatment method that guides people on how to reduce blood pressure quickly. The useful method gives out information on how people can prevent and handle high blood pressure without using pharmaceutical drugs.

Neuropathy Miracle: A New Miracle Guide for Ending Nerve Pain Permanently Launched

Neuropathy Miracle, an all-natural solution to getting rid of nerve pain permanently that was created by ex-neuropathy sufferer Peter Barnsby and has already helped thousands find relief from their condition has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting an investigative review.

Natural Neuropathy Treatment for the Nerve Pain Revealed on New Website

The Neuropathy Miracle review published by Daily Gossip indicates that this new method can be quite effective in cases of neuropathy.

Weight Destroyer Overview Unveils the Hype Behind the Advertisement

Weight Destroyer is created by Michael Wren, who is a notorious fitness consultant, the author of many programs that ended up being best sellers. Two of his best programs are “Anything Goes Diet” and “Adonis Index System”. Michael is an individual who is very passionate about the human body and obtaining the perfect body shape. He spent all of his life shaping his body and now he wants to share his ways to those who want to do the same.Michael Wren of has pledged to promulgate this Weight Destroyer program for the benefit of the general mass.