Healthcare Press Releases

Sovereign Strengthens Leadership with New Directors

Following a year of unprecedented growth and expansion, Sovereign Health is pleased to announce the addition of three new executives to its Orange County headquarters. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program, the new positions include a Group Medical Director, Director of Clinical Excellence and Associate Director of Clinical Compliance, helping to guide development and maintain Sovereign's commitment to excellence.

Predicting the Cost and Trends in Health Care Industry: What to Expect from the Continuous Shift Towards Health Care Services for 2015

The health care industry in 2015 is expected to give more business opportunities for many entrepreneurs as the changes in how health care is perceived by both adults and younger generations seem to be shifting to a new and higher level. And the need to expand the healthcare industry is due to the aging population and increase in life expectancy that the government should keep an eye on since along with this shift is the inevitable rise in healthcare cost and spending.

Urban Barns Announces Update on LED Research and Development at McGill University

LogoUrban Barns Foods Inc. (OTCQB: URBF)("Urban Barns"), an innovative food producer dedicated to growing consistent, healthy and fresh vegetables year round using its proprietary Cubic Farming™ method, is pleased to provide its shareholders with an update on its research and development (R&D) activities at McGill University.

Just Published: "Syntiron LLC - Product Pipeline Review - 2014"

LogoGlobal Markets Direct's, 'Syntiron LLC - Product Pipeline Review - 2014', provides an overview of the Syntiron LLC's pharmaceutical research and development focus.

Raynauds Disease - Pipeline Review, H2 2014 - New Report Available

LogoGlobal Markets Direct's, 'Raynauds Disease - Pipeline Review, H2 2014', provides an overview of the Raynauds Disease's therapeutic pipeline.

Innovus Pharma Expands Its Men's Health Franchise with the Addition of Exclusive Rights to Androferti to Support Overall Male Reproductive Health and Sperm Quality for the U.S. and Canadian Market

LogoInnovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Innovus Pharma") (OTCQB: INNV), an emerging commercial stage pharmaceutical company that delivers safe, innovative and effective over-the-counter medicine and consumer care products to improve men and women's health and vitality, announced today that it entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Laboratorios Q Pharma (Spain) to distribute and commercialize Androferti®, a patented and clinically proven product to support male reproductive health and sperm quality, in the U.S. and Canada.

What Is DNA Theta Healing Answered by New Editorials from Kara Lange, an Advanced Practitioner and Instructor

DNA Theta Healing is a new alternative medicine practice that operates on the mind and is considered a therapeutic approach, taking on the challenges commonly undertaken by psychological or psychiatric approaches and aiming to resolve them at a spiritual level. The practice has come under criticism from skeptics as little is known about how it really works, and DNA Theta Healing by Kara aims to dispel any illusions or misconceptions by providing detailed information on the process through their website.

CollaborateMD Is Offering World-Class Medical Billing Software for 2015

LogoCollaborateMD is an Orlando, Florida-based organization providing online medical billing software throughout the United States. For 2015, they are reminding both new and returning clientele that their medical billing software is world-class and available for any medical practice or health insurance organization interested in simplifying their billing processes.

Good Dental Care's Dr Shalini Nair of Georgia Offers $99 Special on Exam, X-Ray and Cleaning

Getting a great smile is something many Americans care greatly about, and many people who become dentists do so in order to help people achieve that goal. The power of a great smile can be transformative not just cosmetically, but in terms of confidence and success too. Like all the best things in life however, a great smile needs maintenance to stay in shape. To help people achieve the perfect smile affordably Roswell Dentist Dr. Shalini Nair of Good Dental Care is offering a New Year special on a full comprehensive exam, cleaning in absence of gum disease and X-rays for just $99.

Dr. Aaron Spitz's Vasectomy Reversal USA Is Offering Complimentary Consultations for Vasectomy Reversals for 2015

LogoDr. Aaron Spitz is a nationally-recognized fertility physician and the lead practitioner for Vasectomy Reversal USA, a department of Dr. Spitz's practice—Orange County Urology Associates Inc. in Orange County, California. For 2015, Dr. Spitz is providing both new and returning clientele with complimentary consultations on their vasectomy reversals in and around San Diego.

Holistic Billing Services Helps Acupuncture Businesses

LogoToo many people find it hard to keep track of all the different details regarding the insurance claims, hassles and even the verification process and more. The insurance billing policies tend to keep on changing time to time and this is why one has to earnestly keep an eye on the different details to ensure that the changes do not end up impacting the smooth flow of business in the long run.

RADICAL REVENUE - The Truth About Why Attorneys, Doctors, Dentists, Therapists + Other Professional Solo Practitioners (Like You) NEED Leverageable, Scalable, Outsourceable Win/Win Income INSTEAD of Chasing Clients and Patients

Unfortunately, the field of dreams is shrinking by the second for Solo Practice Professional Service Providers. Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys, Therapists, Accountants and other professional service providers, are closing their solo practices at alarming rates. Interestingly, despite the dire projections for Solo Practice Service Professionals, the New Connection Economy has created unique new wealth opportunities for Solo Practitioners who dare to think differently.

The Truth of Addiction Program Makes Addiction Management Available at Home

LogoThe Truth Of Addiction Program announces its success in helping people with addiction to manage their cravings or urges at home without expensive or luxurious facilities.

Diabetes Miracle Cure Program Overview Reveals Simple Method to Control Diabetes

Diabetes certainly makes living much more tedious and there are various limitations and impositions that one might have to bear with this disease. The treatment that is available for diabetes does help but does it actually help? Taking pills on a daily basis and injecting doses of insulin can save from the symptoms of diabetes but how long? The prime reason is these doses help in fighting the symptoms of diabetes but not its root cause. This further takes its effect in the long run because the body stops responding to these drugs and then the scenario worsens. One might argue that there is nothing much one can do about it, but is it true? Well, to an utter shocking revelation Paul Carlyle disagrees. He believes that there is a permanent cure for diabetes. What makes it even more sensational is the fact that the $245 million pharmaceutical industry is trying to hush it up according to Paul.

Reverse My Tinnitus - New Book for Tinnitus Follows the Guidelines of the Academy of Otolaryngology for Tinnitus Treatment

Reverse My Tinnitus demonstrates all its readers a number of ways to obviate and cure their tinnitus naturally in just a couple of weeks! Reverse My Tinnitus also accosts the root cause of this condition and renders thorough relief for the rest of a person's life. The procedures mentioned inside this guide are pure and cause no after effects unlike those who bring out themselves to by the use of pills and supplements.

Craig Ballantyne Launches a Unique 6 Minutes to Skinny Weight Loss Formula

The 6 Minutes to Skinny system has just been released to the public generating a frenzied buzz of excitement throughout the online health and fitness communities. The excitement surrounding the program's launch has drawn the attention of's Vin Delmonico, prompting him to publish an in-depth review of the training course.

New Health Blog on Beta Switch Side Effects Launches

The Beta Switch 12 week nutrition and lifestyle system switches on the fat-burning beta receptors and target the trouble spots to eliminate fats accumulated at the belly, thigh and under the arms to boost a fit body line.

Maximum Shred Revealed to Effectively Boost Muscle Mass Gain

In order to give viewers comprehensive information about the benefits as well as side-effects of Maximum Shred, a user of the product uploaded a video testimonial on The video testimonial has, reportedly, received a lot of positive comments from viewers especially because it reveals if Maximum Shred really delivers as it claims to help men gain muscles faster.

Diabetes Destroyed Overview Reveals a Simple and Efficient Way for Diabetes Management

The Diabetes Destroyed review reveals that the method was created by Ricky Everett, who claims that his program is based on new natural techniques to permanently reverse the effects of diabetes, with the use of the adequate treatment plan.

Diet Doc Announces Medical Diet Plans That Help Patients Avoid Winter Weight Gain Blues

LogoMany people believe that exposure to cold temperatures during the winter months leads to weight loss by increasing heat production, or thermogenesis, in the body. Others believe that the accumulation of extra fat during the winter is the body's way of protecting it by developing an "extra layer" for warmth. Neither of these myths are entirely true.

Diet Doc Announces Their Strategy to Fight the Nation's Obesity Epidemic with Affordable Diet Plans That Really Work

LogoAccording to the recent Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing Index, Americans are getting fatter. The percentage of obese adults is up by more than 2 percent with trends rising in 2014 to 27.7%. Gallup-Healthways reports that this is the highest obesity rate measured in America during the past 7 years. Trends show that Americans who were previously ranked as being overweight have now moved into the obesity category. Surprisingly, Americans aged 65 and older have seen the sharpest incline, rising 4%, followed by the 45 to 64 age group, Midwestern Americans and, finally, women in general. The report states that, while it is well-known that obesity is associated with physical health problems, it is also linked to other elements of well-being and is linked closely to those who earn lower incomes. Launches Garcinia Cambogia Review & Exclusive Bonus Package, an information-based website, was recently launched with the aim of familiarizing people with Garcinia Cambogia and its many health benefits. The website contains various information about Garcinia Cambogia including how it works as a weight loss supplement and unlike other review sites, which either praises or disparages Garcinia Cambogia presents an unbiased review of these products and their long-term effects.

Achieving Sustainable Cure for Substance Use Disorder Through Realistic Approach in Addiction Treatment

LogoUncontrollable rise in the number of people getting addicted with cocaine and methamphetamine each year has further increased the need to make new treatments to get the line – as soon as possible. Yet, the immense intricacy of the brain's function and dysfunction has seems to be delaying the success of every experimentation to addiction treatments, that always kept the developments in neuroscience to a never-ending state of immaturity.

Los Angeles Dermatologist Dr. Mary Lee Amerian and Dr. George Anterasian Launch New Responsive Website

Dr. Mary Lee Amerian and Dr. George Anterasian, founders of the Santa Monica Laser & Skin Care Center, are proud to announce the launch of their new website for their dermatology and cosmetic skin care practice in Santa Monica, CA. Dr. Amerian and Dr. Anterasian wanted to create a website for their patients that was not only educational but also patient and user-friendly. With this new website, their patients are able to access valuable educational resources on procedures, view real patient before and after images, read patient testimonials, and access the site on any device or platform.

Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ali Sajjadian, Launches New Responsive Website

Ali Sajjadian, MD Triple Board Certified plastic surgeon and founder of Sajjadian Plastic Surgery is proud to announce the launch of his new website for his nose, facial, body and breast plastic and reconstructive surgery practice in Newport Beach, CA. Dr. Sajjadian sought out ABM, a medical website design firm, to create a website that not only matched his practice in modern technology but also matched in aesthetics. Dr. Sajjadian wanted to create a website for his patients that was not only educational but also patient and user-friendly. With this new website, Dr. Sajjadian's patients are able to access valuable educational resources on procedures, view real patient before and after images, read and watch patient testimonials, and access the site on any device or platform.

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. James R. Shire, Launches Brand New Website for Facial Plastic Surgery Practice in Chattanooga, TN

James R. Shire, MD., FACS, board certified facial plastic surgeon and founder of Shire Facial Plastic Surgery in Chattanooga, TN is proud to announce the launch of his new website for his facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Shire enlisted ABM, a medical website design firm, to create a website that provided his patients educational resources, procedural resources as well as information on the practice, their events and specials. By creating a website that is built in the most advanced code, Dr. Shire is able to serve his patients better with educational information, create an improved doctor-patient relationship as well as provide his patients with an easy to access website on the go.

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