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Heartworm Preventative - Heartgard


Hialeah Gardens, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2014 -- Heartworms are a deathly threat to several species of mammals. Heartworms can take host of fox, coyote, raccoon, wolves, and many other wildlife species, but to the pet owner, heartworms are most deadly to dogs. Only a few years ago the epidemic of heartworm disease was primarily located in the southern parts of the United States. Over the years, heartworm disease has spread all over the world as the migration of mosquitoes (the vector of heartworm filarial) enters into new locations of the world. There is only one type of heartworm in the world, the Dirofilaria immitis. As the migration of this deadly disease spreads, it is crucial pet owners seek protection for their pets. Heartgard is veterinary recommended as an effective and safe way to prevent heartworm disease in cats and dogs.

Ailment Associated with Product:
The heartworm is classified in the same family as roundworms due to the similar appearance. Heartworms are transmitted through mosquito bites during the warmer parts of the year. The heartworm floras are injected into a dog’s skin where they reside until maturity is reached. After a short while these worms travel through the blood stream, reaching the heart and lungs, where they will thrive for the duration of the pet’s life. Heartworms cause a pet a great deal of harm, as they block blood flow and oxygen to the body.

At the early stages of heartworm disease, pets may not show visual signs of a problem, but after several years there are a few definite signs. A dog will develop a cough due to worms beginning to crowd the lungs. This cough could be very mild or severe. Your pet may also appear to be tired or worn out. You would notice these symptoms quickly in a high spirited pet. Loss of appetite and weight loss are also common signs your pet could be infested with heartworms as well as jaundice and fever. Jaundice, or a yellowing of the mucus membranes, occurs when the liver is failing. These signs are more serious and are reaching the stage of no return.

Product to cure ailment:
Heartgard is a monthly, oral preventative labeled for both cats and dogs. Heartgard uses its active ingredient, ivermectin, to destroy the heartworm larvae in their tissue stage.

Commonly affected breed, Breed description, & other aliments to affect this breed:
Heartworm disease can infest all breeds of felines and canines. Heartworms use mosquitoes as a vector to transport them to the pet. Heartworms require a temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit to survive; this explains why heartworm disease is a seasonal problem. These heartworms reside in the mosquito for about two weeks as a sort of incubation period. After these 14 days, the second stage of the life cycle is complete and the heartworm is now mature enough to infect your cat or dog.

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