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Heather J. Muenchen Reply to Fox News Reporting on Affordable Care Act

Heather J. Muenchen Reply To Fox News non-stop reporting On The Affordable Care Act. Completely Unfair And Far to the Right.


New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/18/2014 -- Why The Affordable Care Act Was Right For America? Anything reported by FOX News would have given me the perfect topic to disagree with, and to no surprise I found an article titled “A Republican Plan to Replace Obama Care.”

First and foremost the actual title of the legislation is not Obamacare – its real name is The Affordable Care Act. To title it “Obama Care” is really a Right Wing Cuss Word designed to further separate the country up the middle on something as simple as making sure everyone has health care. I disagree with the author of this article because prior to 2010 the Republicans had no plan or intention on reforming the health care systems in this country.

After President Clinton conceded defeat to Republican Extremist in 1995, there hadn’t been another attempt to provide the working poor with any health care options until the 2008 Elections. Now all of sudden the Republicans have a plan? Let’s take a closer look at this so-called plan.

The author says: the Republicans would like “sustainable, market-driven policy solution to help the many Americans who have pre-existing conditions.” The problem with this policy is it would allow Insurance companies to return to the days of dropping customers in order to save cost. We can no longer trust the insurance companies to simply “Do The Right Thang” history has taught us valuable lessons regarding dropped overages.

The author says: “Before ObamaCare, if an individual tried to buy health coverage on their own, it was not only expensive, they could be denied coverage based on a pre-existing condition.” Then why do you have a problem with “Obama Care” if it has made health insurance less expensive? In the very next paragraph it reads “Our proposal would change that by repealing ObamaCare, and replacing it with a new “continuous coverage” consumer protection.” Why replace it if even by your own acknowledgement the Affordable Care Act has prevented the insured from getting dropped? Why unfix the solution to a problem that was featured on investigative journalism shows like Dateline and 20/20 for years with horrific stories of how a patient died every week because the insurance company dropped them.

The author says: “We reform – but do not expand – the broken Medicaid entitlement. Too often Medicaid proves the axiom that access to a government health care program is not necessarily access to health care.” Here is where the Republican War On The Poor continues, with the air strike on Medicaid. The majority of the children born in this country on delivered with assistance provided by Medicaid. I would like the Republican Party to keep their hypocritical hands off Medicaid. The Republicans claim that they are Pro Life, but the fail to see that the majority of the women who opt to have their babies instead of selecting the abortion option, do so with the help of Medicaid.

The reality is very simple and obvious, if the Republicans regain control of this country they will inflict the same retribution that the African Americans endured in the days after the Reconstruction Failure of the Civil War. Everything that was earned through care and compassion will get stripped by a group of Republicans and Fox News who remains tragically disconnected from The Real World or shall I say The Real America. In reply to the following article posted on Fox News.

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