Hemp Helps

Hemp Helps Provides Hemp-Based Clothing and Accessories to Support Social Good


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/18/2014 --On February 8th, Hemp Helps L3C, a sustainable clothing brand looking to make an impact on various social issues, launched their first line of hemp products. After more than a year of preparation, Hemp Helps now proudly provides high-quality T-Shirts and Bracelets that promote social good. The T-shirts provide a week worth of meals to people battling hunger in the U.S. while the purchase of a bracelet plants a tree in the Atlantic Forest of South America.

They wanted to first focus on hunger in America because it is a bigger problem here than most think with around 1 in 7 households being food insecure. Food security measures whether or not individuals have access to easily available food. With the largest economy in the world struggling to provide for its own citizens, Bart Studnicki and Andy Zarycki wanted to do anything they could to help.

They decided to start a company with a conscience. The two young social entrepreneurs wanted to impact the problems they saw affecting the world everyday so they started a clothing brand that would fund different social causes, with hunger relief being one of them. Their brand, Hemp Helps, also focuses on reforestation efforts in South America in order to help combat climate change and preserve the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest.

“Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing humanity. We’re at a point where we risk doing irreparable damage to our planet. We need to support more efforts to save these habitats because they protect us and their beauty should be preserved for future generations,” remarked Co-Founder Bart Studnicki. With such determination to leave a better planet than the one they got, it is no wonder the two friends chose to make their clothes from hemp.

Few fibers are as environmentally friendly as hemp. 1 acre of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as 2-4 acres of tress—and a hemp field can replenish itself in 3-4 months, as opposed to trees whose life cycles can take numerous years. Hemp also oxidizes air 4x more quickly than trees. One if its most common uses, however, is in textiles since hemp clothing and accessories swapped for items traditionally made from cotton are more durable, have built-in UV protection and are antimicrobial.

”We couldn’t believe more clothing brands didn’t use hemp fiber. The list of benefits just goes on and on. There’s a reason we’ve been using it for thousands of years,” said Co-Founder Andy Zarycki

Hemp Helps is trying to spread the word about this great material by creating stylish and durable hemp clothing, while supporting various social initiatives. Hemp Helps was founded in November of 2012 as a low-profit limited liability company. One can find all of their sustainable products online at HempHelps.org. Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or at Happiness@HempHelps.org.

About Hemp Helps
Hemp Helps is a Low-Profit Limited Liability Company based in Chicago, Illinois. Their new apparel and accessories support hunger relief and reforestation projects in the United States and South America. They believe businesses have a social responsibility and would like to see socially conscious business models being adopted more widely. For more information please visit http://www.hemphelps.org/pages/get-to-know-us.