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Fort Lee, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2017 --Herborium Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HBRM), www.Herborium.com, a Botanical Therapeutics® Company and the provider of unique all botanical medicinal products (Botanical Therapeutics®) announced today that it has initiated plans for expansion in the $385 billion herbal medicines and nutraceuticals market

The success and effectiveness of the Company's proprietary, scientifically-proven AcnEase product has helped Herborium establish an international presence that includes social media, a network of distribution partners, an award-winning blog and a platform for launching additional ancillary products. Herborium's social media following has surpassed 150,000 and continues to be supported by its skin care blog that has been named Best Skin Care Blog on the Internet for the past 3 years. The distribution relationship with The HG LLC (a billion-dollar UK company operating over 100 international ecommerce sites) continues to grow and expand to include additional countries throughout global e-market space. Reginal distributors in France, Canada and US also grow both sales and brand recognition for Herborium and its products.

The sale of AcnEase to over 1M sufferers of acne has provided the Company with invaluable feedback. Through that feedback we have determined a void and need in the market for synergistic products to treat acne scars, blemishes and other skin-related conditions with natural, botanical based products. Based on this need and the international reach and credibility we have established, the Company is ideally positioned to begin introduction of various proprietary, scientifically-proven botanical based formulated products ready for distribution. Initial products line expansion will include those that are synergistic to the AcnEase customer-base to provide for an immediate revenues and brand equity growth, but the Company will also be introducing products to improve sexual functions in women and men, safe energy and brain function enhancement, prostate and a number of other health and wellness concerns.

We have identified several areas of improving overall wellness that prove effective herbal alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs exists. Some of these specific areas include the growing research and effectiveness of nootropics, the hemp plant and numerous essential plant-based oils. Additionally, Company is evaluating several plant-based products for acquisition in these areas and sees them as a natural fit in the Company's current product portfolio.

Dr. Agnes Olszewski, President and CEO of Herborium Group, Inc., stated, "We have proven the acceptance, effectiveness and distribution capabilities of our products in the domestic and international markets which has positioned us to capitalize on the growing herbal supplement market. We have the platform for additional products to reach the market and therefore continue to increase our market share in the industry. We are not just in the business of marketing unique and

efficacious herbal medicinal formulations, but in producing and delivering the unique and highly thought after content on herbal treatments, research and products. Herborium is ready to monetize this specific area of our expertise is as well."

In addition, Herborium has announced its plans to enhance shareholder equity through increased exposure, the elimination of remaining debt and several collaborative partnerships to expand product offerings and distribution. The Company will begin next week a concerted effort to increase the visibility of the public company throughout the investment community and several media outlets. With the continued growth in revenues, partnerships and social media presence, as well as the current opportunities the Company is pursuing, management sees the need to aggressively increase its exposure and communications in the marketplace. These efforts to enhance shareholder value will also involve negotiations for more traditional main stream financing to support the inventory and marketing strategy. The Company has eliminated its past toxic convertible debt and is currently working with the remaining non-toxic debt on settlement solutions that will benefit the Company's shareholders and expansion plans going forward.

Dr. Olszewski continued, "We value our shareholders and the role they have played in our success thus far. Herborium has proven its business model and has gone through the growing pains of an emerging company breaking into a multi-billion-dollar market. Today Herbal Medicine is not only a permanently established but also rapidly growing sector of healthcare accepted by consumers, doctors and even pharmaceutical industry. Now that we have established our platform and presence in the herbal market, we feel the time is right to expand our business model and in doing so take the necessary steps to enhance value for our shareholders. Herbal Medicine is not only a permanently established but also rapidly growing sector of healthcare accepted by consumers, doctors and even pharmaceutical industry. In 2016, 76% of American doctors recommended nutraceutical products to their patients and 89% of Americans used some form of herbal, nutraceutical of alternative form of product or service. Herborium is perfectly equipped to take advantage of those trends and opportunities."

The Company further confirmed its intention to pursue up-listing and stated that there are no immediate plans for a reverse-split, increase in the authorized or additional financing through floorless, toxic convertibles debts. Management is committed to regular shareholder updates as it pursues its current partnership opportunities, product expansion and overall awareness campaign.

About Herborium Group, Inc.
Herborium Group, Inc. is a botanical therapeutics® company that develops, licenses and markets proprietary, botanical based medicinal products to consumers and healthcare professionals. The Company's business model focuses on emerging market opportunities spearheaded by the growth of a new market sector located between high cost, high-risk, ethical pharmaceuticals and commoditized classic nutraceuticals (supplements). The Company uses clinical validation and a proactive regulatory strategy based on the FDA Guidance for Industry: Botanical Drug Products (FDA Guidance 2004) to establish and maintain a differential advantage. Herborium has secured a pipeline of botanical ingredients based products in the areas of dermatological needs, wellness and energy, prostate health, women's health and selected sexual disorders Herborium Group sells its products in the United States, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe through a network of distributors, specialty retailers, and ecommerce.

For more information, please visit http://www.herborium.com, http://www.acnease.com, http://www.acnease.fr and http://www.acneassp.com.

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