High Pressure Pitot Tube Pumps Now Available at Thomas Pump & Machinery


Slidell, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2014 -- The advent of high pressure pitot tube pump has completely changed the way high pressure liquid is generated in centrifugal pumps. The GTO GATOR® and GTO RHINO® brands, both available at Thomas Pump & Machinery Inc. are built on pitot tube technology, which is applicable to any professional pumping system.

Both brands feature pitot tube pumps that are engineered according to the strictest standards of quality. Leading industries rely on their precise operations and stability to increase productivity and reduce malfunctions that result in downtime and costly repair.

Like most other industries, the high pressure pump industry is highly competitive. Equally competitive industries must choose a reliable provider for pumps, maintenance, and complete systems. The hydraulically stable GTO systems meet the demands of any high pressure applications. This is the main reason refineries, steel mills, food processing, paper mills, pharmaceutical plants, waste disposals, boiler feed water, chemical and petrochemical industries now rely on the technology.

With a full range of capacities from 30-400GPM (6-100 m3hr) and pressures up to 1,600 psi (110 bar), the technology eliminates the pulsation that is so often present in other pumps. The absence of pulsation reduces the risk of vibration damage and other costly breakdowns.

Roger Stuart, operations manager at a leading waste disposal company, didn’t hesitate to endorse GTO’s models of pitot tube pump. He says, “Our plant cannot afford downtime. A few hours downtime for repairs set us back for days. I’ve discovered, the hard way, that not all pumps can match the high demanding workloads of GTO pumps. We saved a lot by eliminating the need for constant maintenance and the accompanying downtime that goes with waiting for a technician to repair the system.”

When asked about the difference, an expert at Thomas Pump & Machinery replied, “The quality is evident from the onset – that is what makes the difference.” He describes the technology, “GTO pumps have been developed for low flow, high pressure applications. The Pitot tube design produces a stable, pulsation free flow. The ability to operate with a low minimum flow makes the pump suitable for a wide variety of applications, within its performance envelope.

The strategic positioning and design of the safety drain plug keep contaminants out to protect the bearings, X-Life precision bearings, RTD insertion for bearing temperature monitoring, These are just a few of many features.”

About Thomas Pump & Machinery
Thomas Pump & Machinery operates from several locations around the world to provide leading industries with their extensive knowledge of pitot tube pumps. All pumps are manufactured according to the highest standards and include a two-year warranty on the power frame.