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Diet Doc's Prescription Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Promote Fast Weight Loss & Lead Patients to Resist Stress Related Junk Food Consumption

During stressful times, many will reach for fatty, sugary comfort foods. Although Diet Doc cannot eliminate stress from one’s life, they will teach patients how to make healthy food choices by sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Escondido, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2013 -- Eating in response to stress is a learned behavior that begins in infancy. Babies associate feeling safe and cared for with eating. In adulthood, if one’s emotional needs are not met, many will attempt to fill the void with comfort foods. Stress has increased in America at an alarming rate and studies reveal that obesity is closely linked to this increase in stress. Because of hectic lifestyles and time constraints, many people will turn to easily accessible, fatty fast foods. Many people under high stress levels will skip meals completely only to overindulge later in the evening. Comfort eaters find themselves making poor food and snack choices, eventually resulting in excess weight gain and poor health. Lifestyle and level of stress play an important role in the body’s ability to maintain good health, as well as a slim waistline. It is important to follow a healthy diet and to eat regular meals to prevent unwanted and unhealthy weight gain.

Cortisol, referred to as the fight or flight hormone, regulates blood sugar and appetite. Elevated levels of this hormone encourage overeating. When the body is in a state of stress, cortisol is released into the bloodstream at higher levels leading to weight gain. To stop the cycle of stress-related weight gain, one must first identify their stressors, find an adequate release, get sufficient sleep and eat a balanced diet. Although Diet Doc cannot eliminate stress from one’s life, they can help patients lose excess weight and teach them how to make healthy food choices and avoid sugary, fatty snacks by sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Prospective Diet Doc patients will complete a medical evaluation followed by a one-on-one consult with a board certified physician. This personal interaction enables the doctors to evaluate the patient’s entire system to identify any improperly functioning organs and to identify the reason for weight gain. Patients will then work closely with certified nutritionists to develop meal and snack plans, filled with healthy food choices and supplements that are unique to each patient’s personal nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs.

Diet Doc’s prescription hormone will be administered under medical supervision to complement the tailor made hCG diet plans. This hormone works flawlessly with the customized diet plans because it controls urges to overindulge in fatty, processed foods, allowing patients to choose healthier, cleaner foods instead. Once the patient is able to step back and reevaluate their unhealthy eating habits, following a clean eating diet will become easy and comfortable and excess pounds will begin to melt from areas of the body that are typically the most difficult to lose, such as the belly, underarms, hips and thighs. This unique protocol has helped an overwhelming majority of patients quickly lose weight without negative side effects associated with dieting, such as nagging between meal hunger and cravings. The prescription hormone treatments help patients over initial weight loss hurdles, but Diet Doc’s prescription hormone diets are so effective because they combine these treatments with education on how to lose weight permanently the best way for each patient’s body type.

Diet Doc has become the nation’s most reliable and trusted prescription hormone diet program by offering personal attention to each patient, designing patient specific hCG diet hCG diet plans coupled with their 100% pure prescription hormone and medically supervising and guiding each patient toward successful weight loss and a future of improved health by losing excess fat. The dedicated and professional staff is committed to helping everyone lead a healthier, more active lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

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