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Home Swaps and Travel at Offers Tips on How to Avoid Home Exchange Scams

The well-known blog for new ways of traveling gives valuable tips on fuss free traveling and how to avoid home swap scams.


Ontario, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/05/2012 -- The recent slump in the property market has given rise to the popularity of home exchange concept. Although a common practice in some parts of Europe since several years back, the world has yet to warm up to the idea of home swapping as a viable alternative especially in budget travelling. Not only is home exchange for travelers, other people now are entertaining the idea of permanent home swaps against the traditional buy and sell method.

In an interview by NBC Today Show, TODAY’s financial editor Jean Chatzky and CNBC’s personal finance expert Sharon Epperson has mentioned house swapping as one of the innovative ways to trim your budget. For a lot of savvy travelers, home swapping is not just about saving money but enjoying a real holiday experience. Instead of staying in a cramped albeit expensive hotel room, home swapping gives you the comfort of home and a taste of the lifestyle of the local.

Carsten Sprotte, founder of said in a BBC interview, “The appeal is enormous and home swappers get to save an average of $5,000 supposedly for hotel bills”. He adds, “People home swap because it allows them to live a real local experience, the experience of how other people live in the world.” Usually there is no contract so its matter of an honor system. Home exchange sites have a system of screening their members as the matter of trust is high on its concerns.

It is important for prospective home swappers to register only at reputable sites to avoid being swindled. The internet is a good source of information so checking credentials will not be a problem. Also, it is important that you ask many questions. Much like in internet dating sites, don’t settle for a single picture, the more you have them, the better it is for you. Get your swap mate’s phone mobile number and an alternative address and before finally deciding, check other members who have had a home exchange with them.

Florida Channel 7 News reports that there are approximately 10,000 completed home exchanges deals in a year. This is not bad news for those who are still thinking of giving the program a try. However for those who want to stay safe, getting a good insurance coverage for your house is a good idea.

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