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Hornet Offers Economical and Simple Devices to Measure Your Plants' Health


Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2014 -- A rapid change in the climatic conditions across the world and also in Australia has been forcing mankind to adopt better methods of living. Australia has now started becoming hotter and drier and hence the water needs for this country has been increasing. Some of the most major uses of water are drinking, sanitary use and watering the gardens. In order to balance the state of the environment, one would need to take care of plants and trees as well. Thus, there should be enough water for human use and also to take care of plants around the homes. In order to prevent the wastage caused due to over watering of plants there are devices that are introduced to perform soil moisture monitoring.

Although one may make use of the water irrigation systems that may take care of watering plants, this device, called the hornet is made to work together with the system and control the irrigation supplies depending on the water content of the soil. It reaches out to the main root areas of the plant where it determines the water content and indicates whether it is too low or just accurate for the plant to grow.

Along with soil moisture monitoring, the Hornet also determines the salinity and temperature of the soil that gives an idea about how much fertilizers would have to e added into the soil. This would avoid the over usage of water and fertilizers and also help to save the extra expenses.

The Hornet is a simple device that is made up of a probe and a logger. The probe is a cylindrical device that records determines soil moisture, salinity and temperature. The logger is a smaller device that looks like a mobile phone connected to the probe. The logger receives the data transmitted by the probe and further transfers it to a device through a mobile network. One can take a look at the recorded information using any device that is connected to the internet. The Hornet assures accurate and reliable results and reports at a very affordable cost within no time.

About KISS Monitoring
The Hornet has been developed by KISS Monitoring. A company that devotes its expertise to developing innovative technologies for turf and horticulture.