How Inspires and Advocates As a Family Sabbatical Expert offers a fresh new take to living and enjoying life through family travels - even with mounting responsibilities and financial difficulties.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2012 -- It is no secret that times are hard and everyone needs to work to earn a decent living. In fact, work is becoming an all-too-common excuse for sacrificing activities of leisure and time with family. Vacations postponed indefinitely and relaxation appointments canceled are increasingly becoming common scenarios brought about by being "too busy." provides a new perspective to breaking free from busy schedules, living the great adventure and creating an idea of life from anywhere in the world. The website provides the resources, inspiration and real solutions that will help plan and pursue a break from the busyness of life while living in the real world and without breaking the bank. chronicles the journey of Annie Andre, a "career breaker" and family sabbatical expert who, together with her husband, have been on a journey to create an extraordinary location-independent life together as a family while travelling long-term and living in the South of France. The website discusses a wide range of subject matters with specific focus on Travel, Personal Development, Money, Entrepreneurship & Career and Family.

"I believe to be happy and fulfilled in this world, you have to live life to the fullest, on your own terms and you have to try to achieve personal growth. One of the many ways you can achieve growth, happiness and fulfillment is by taking time off from your busy life," Ms. Andre says.

Helping people address issues and hurdle obstacles to travel plans, features first-person experiences, interviews with interesting people, and information from resources. Aimed at helping families achieve career break goals, the website believes all busy people should take a family family sabbatical to live their own adventure from anywhere in the world - even in their own backyard. underscores that travel, such as a taking a career break abroad, can change an individual and an entire family for the better. Travel can be life changing, as it can heal, re-boot, re-energize, and inspire. The problem with travel, however, is that it can be hard when responsibilities, kids and financial issues are becoming obstacles.

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