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How Did White Women Feel About Slavery? New Novel 14 Notches by Tyronne Jacques Answers the Question

How did slavery affect White women? New Novel 14 Notches takes on this question and more says Author Tyronne Jacques. The novel 14 Notches is now available on


New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/15/2014 -- A new Novel by author is causing a lot of controversy because it takes on slavery from the woman’s point of view. Raegan Publishing has now made the book available on Amazon for $1.00 because they wanted as many people as possible to read 14 Notches, and here’s why.

This New Orleans based Novel tells the tale of two women who are confronted with the realities of Slavery, and how they come to terms with the decisions of the Slave Master. For the wife who is opposed to Slavery there is no escaping the legalized buying and selling of humans, and for the Salve taken as his mistress there is no escaping period.

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The author of 14 Notches says the women of slavery have historically been ignored for the most part, but in his account their lives and turmoil comes to life again.

“If one did know any better they would get the impression that Slavery only happened to Black men, but there were two other groups affected. Black women and White women were both thrown into the clutches of Slavery with no voice or opinion regarding their faith. One of my characters was married to the master and the other was owned by the master, and I attempted to tell both of their stories in 14 Notches.”

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As of right now the novel 14 Notches is a standalone story, but due to the success of early sales Raegan Publishing says there may be a follow up story. Raegan Publishing also added that the movie rights are still available for option, and all interested parties should contact Ron Collins at 1-985-778-5701. To order a Kindle or Paperback copy of 14 Notches please visit by clicking here.

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