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A step by step guide for how to start a home based business in the UK has been published on the blog.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/19/2012 -- Individuals wondering how to start a home based business in the UK are likely to be interested to learn about the latest blog post by In the post the website goes through a simple step by step process for how anyone can build their very own online business from home.

The process is based around using the #1 Online Home Business recommended by The $1K Per Day System

Whilst many readers might think that building an online business in the UK is no different than starting a business anywhere else in the world, the blog post reveals a couple of tips for how entrepreneurs can specifically target the UK audience from their home business.

“With the UK specific website you cut out much of the competition that you would otherwise have received by targeting generic worldwide keywords on the search. Simply by having those keywords hosted on a UK website will give them priority in the local search. Also sticking the phrase ‘UK’ on the end of your keyword phrase also helps,” said

The UK home business tips website then goes onto highlight why they consider selling information products online to be the best business opportunity of choice right now.

“Marketing information products in the UK is my recommended home based business of choice. You create them once and sell them over and over again. The whole process can also be automated by leveraging simple modern day UK internet marketing strategies. If you don’t have an idea for a product to create yourself then simply market someone else’s product as an affiliate marketer.” summarise their step by step UK online business start-up guide as follows:

1. Target the UK audience with local keywords and UK web hosting
2. Sell information products (ebooks, video & audio training courses)
3. Drive traffic using free and paid methods
4. Capture leads and build an email list
5. Promote information products and other affiliate offers
6. Drive more traffic into the sales funnel and repeat

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With With Adam ( is a UK home based business tips blog. The website have recently published a guide to how to start an online business in the UK at