Human Curiosity Demands SOCON - A 3 Day Social Festival Created by Online Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Meetup, Match, POF Friends Who Want to Meet in Real Life

SEPTEMBER 26, 27, 28, 2014, at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel Online Friendships are Tested as "so called friends" travel around the world to meet in real life for the very first time at SOCON the first social media convention for USERS. All eyes will be on SOCON to see who is real and who are fabricated online personalities.


Atlantic City, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2014 -- Curiosity sent humans to the moon. Curiosity made humans eat the apple. Curiosity is a universal motivator for humans. This curious nature created the virtual world where they met people who they would not naturally meet. This same basic fundamental curiosity sent Christopher Columbus on his fantastic voyage, a student to plant a seed, and a billion people to Facebook each day.

For several years people have been expanding their online friendships from people who they already knew in real life, to people who they have never met in real life. These friendships and communities are everywhere around the world. They live in the clouds. Think of the clouds as an entire new city with everything that our real world has, except our senses. People connected with instant messengers and social media sites are making life a team sport, with an entire entourage in their pocket. Through virtual networks they are creating online unions in old world traditional styles. They have been missing one key element. They have not met in real life.

Curiosity starts to take over. How can I spend hours of my time chatting with all these strangers on my #smartphone. Some of these strangers have been with me virtually through life changing experiences. Many of the virtual friends, simply by the accessibility of technology are able to respond quicker and with more accuracy to their friends needs.

Curiosity has created #SOCON. The answer to the basic question of, "What happens when people meet in real life for the first time." Early speculations range from the greatest peace movement multi-gen party in history, to the biggest "UNPLUGGED REVEAL" as people show how "honest they have been online."

Social Media Users who live on social media have used it as a tool to improve their professional and personal lives have come to the point where they realize the first impression only goes so far. It is the second, meet in real life impression that makes the difference in this technology driven age.

Virtual handshakes can only go so far. SOCONtaj This is the inaugural year for the event and the focus is bringing together as many people as possible, with their various interests, supported by social media and social interaction.

SOCON MISSION STATEMENT Promote the advancement of human earth beings through idea sharing and social experience.

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SOCON is a multi purpose civic organization, designed to help social media users connect with each other in real life, while building links between physical and virtual lives, and gaining the skills needed to monetize their time on social media. SOCON is produced by Athanasios Zarkadas and Kristen Slevin, and a volunteer network of thousands on Google+. The internet has provided people with a civilizations worth of information, but little in the way of direction. SOCON actively bridges the gap, by establishing global and universal norms through our international standards board. SOCON members live the golden rule and support basic human rights as outlined by The United Nations.

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