Ormita Commerce Network

In Difficult Times, Companies May Look to Liquidate Their Underperforming Assets

Enter the Ormita Commerce Network, an innovative Chamber of Commerce designed to provide a sustainable solution for businesses to attract new clientele in a cash-tight market.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2014 -- "When you spend with your current suppliers there is often no guarantee that they, or others they do business with, will ever buy something back from you. These are “one-way” transactions because every cent you spend is money that you may never receive back. When you make purchases from others within the Ormita network, your trading relationships are based on reciprocity and mutual support," says the CEO of Ormita, Daniel Evans.

Instead of traditional cash currency, the Ormita Commerce Network uses the proprietary currency method referred to as “trade dollars” to complete transactions. Each trade dollar is denominated in the local currency of the member, although accounts can be held in any currency nominated for the purpose of exchange rates. Since a typical member is purchasing a good or service in exchange for his or her own good or service, each purchase has a high likelihood of resulting in a completed sale transaction.

In doing so, a company can use Ormita to market its goods or services to an entirely different sector of potential buyers whereby new sales can arise even beyond the point of the initial transaction. The Ormita member can then limit its cash outflow by purchasing needed goods or services using cashless barter currency dollars.

Businesses state that they become Ormita Commerce Network members for a variety of reasons including the ability to improve their cash-flow, boost sales and client referrals, increasing their marketing power and reach or accessing interest free lines of barter credit. When comparing bartering against liquidating a product for cash or going without, it might make sense to use such a system.

“By using Ormita, instead of selling at a loss, a company can acquire essential goods or services they need while conserving cash and reducing expenses. In difficult times barter can become a particularly effective way of remaining competitive or getting otherwise unaffordable items,” says Ormita’s Daniel Evans.

About the Ormita Commerce Network
The Ormita Commerce Network specialises in developing non-cash marketing and business development strategies. Ormita brings new customers to a business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being generated by the company. This may result in more “word-of-mouth” referrals, an increased work-portfolio, more recommendations, improved organizational skills, higher visibility and more cash sales.

Participants will patronize other members businesses over the competition because the credits they have earned are spent within the “community” of members. Privately held and founded, Ormita has its headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in 23 countries.