Lindsy Ray Talent LLC

Independent Female Owned Company from NJ Goes Global with Web Design

Inspiring actors, models and entertainers to pursue their dreams and make a career doing what they love, Lindsy Ray has designed a never-before-seen website that will take the industry by surprise. The young, bold, and motivated 26 year old seeks to provide paid opportunities for those driven for success.


Haddonfield, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2014 -- From a small "bubble" town in New Jersey, comes a bold, independent, and energetically sassy female. At the age of 26 years old, Lindsy Ray is currently the owner of Lindsy Ray Talent LLC, a talent development service company, that she started in 2012.

With over 10 years of experience as a performer, artist, and event planner Lindsy integrates all of her skills into her business to provide caring and inspiring instruction to new and current aspiring actors and models. Her 1:1 personal approach sets her a part from every other industry leader available to actors because she is always willing to provide constructive feedback and responses when talent contact her.

In the past two years her company has grown solely by word of mouth and a strong presence on social media. Now, Lindsy wants to run her business nationally and globally, to continue educating, inspiring, and motivating people to make a career of their dream.

Lindsy's main motivation: Truthfully provide people with the information, opportunities and experiences they need to get their foot in the door and make their dreams become reality.

"I never received half as much positive feedback and direction from the professionals in the industry as much as I did the negative. I understand people shouldn't need to be hand-fed, but they should be guided in the direction of success, not failure." Lindsy said. "Too many talent professionals are out there looking to mis-guide young teens and parent's of children because they don't know anything about the industry. It's wrong and it will start to really hurt our entertainment community when the majority of aspiring talent feel rejected, bullied, and used. It's time to start making people see their dreams are possible and give them something to look forward to every day. Talent are in this industry to thrive off of it's creative possibilities. Let's embrace their gifts and create something unique with them. No talent left behind!"

With a network range stemming from NY to LA, Canada and the UK, she plans to connect talent to great opportunities and Producers and Casting Directors to great talent, while guiding each site member through the process so they feel the personal motivation Lindsy thrives to share. Currently, her site only offers service features and talent head shots for exposure. The new site will be edgy, bold and sassy "Just like me," she says, and will integrate never before seen software in the entertainment industry. Lindsy Ray is anticipating her new site launch to be this Fall.

"I'm extremely excited about launching it! I know the potential it has and the influence it will have talent to work in this industry."

When asked why she started in the entertainment business, Lindsy joked, "It's a long story… just about as long as my legs! Actually, people always told me I should model but I envisioned myself doing something more empowering for myself. The industry was appealing because I could get noticed and become a role model for someone." Lindsy said she fell down many times trying to pursue a dance and modeling career, being cheated of money & facing rejection. "I became extremely successful as a model in the Brand Ambassador/Promotions industry and realized how much I loved interacting with people and handing out free stuff. I also studied photography, design, psychology, and dance in school but still always felt like I belonged on a stage motivating people to be different, and teaching people to think positive and love who they are. Finally, I started my company to utilize all of the talents I had in one outlet, and I realized I was a natural at connecting people to great opportunities and making people's visions come to life."

Discovering her passion for working with aspiring talent led Lindsy to finding her spiritual potential and ability to transform negative mindsets to positive ones.

"I get so much joy out of seeing the smiles on someone's face when they are working on set, or auditioning. All people want is an opportunity to shine and prove they have what it takes. I give that to them. It's the most rewarding job in the industry to be connected to so many people and so much success. I don't get paid until the talent get paid. It keeps me humbly on my feet. Serving others and giving back to my community is where I am happiest. It's where I want to stay!"

The Lindsy Ray Talent LLC Business Expansion Campaign in currently running on IndieGoGo. The campaign will run now through June 30th.

If you would like to donate or fund Lindsy's website design and help her to empower and motivate aspiring talent in the industry in a positive and giving way, please visit: Lindsy Ray Talent LLC Business Campaign

Lindsy's budget includes web designing, hosting, software integration, advertising and other site construction needs.