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Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2014 -- IndiGo, an Indian airline, has expanded rapidly to become the second fastest growing low-cost carrier on the continent and one of the biggest globally.

IndiGo is focused on the basics, shunning all frills and keeping its operating costs low. In the highly competitive landscape of the Indian aviation sector,

it is making solid profits, while other carriers are struggling.

Features and benefits
This case study analyses the Indian aviation sector, its opportunities and threats.
This case study analyses the competitive landscape, including major players and their revenues.
This case study analyses IndiGo airlines and the success of its consistent low-cost strategy.

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Passenger traffic in India is expanding rapidly and the country is currently ranked fourth globally in terms of domestic passenger volumes. Rising per-capita

income and introduction of low cost airlines contribute towards this rapid expansion.

Despite fast increasing passenger volumes, the industry recorded a dramatic loss in 2013. It is also facing great infrastructural issues associated with the

need for large investment outlay, high taxes and airport chargers, which combined make India one of the costliest places in the world to run a fleet of


IndiGo has managed to successfully navigate through the many existing challenges and was the only profitable carrier in India, with revenue growth of 55% and

net income of $105m in 2013. The company’s successful performance attracted attention of the regulatory authorities.

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Your key questions answered

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What are the main growth drivers?
Why are most of the players struggling with falling income?
Why is India one of the costliest places to run a fleet of planes?
How has liberalization changed the competitive landscape of the Indian aviation sector?
Who are the main players of the Indian aviation sector?
Why is Indigo enjoying strong profit growth while other competitors are struggling?

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