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JMS Enterprises Announces Their Charity Efforts This Past December Were a Success

For many, the holiday season is a joyous time where friends and family get together to celebrate and exchange gifts. Unfortunately, there are also thousands who do not have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays in the company of their family. JMS Enterprises announced their recent charity effort to help provide less fortunate youths with the holiday joy was a big success.

Avrek Law Firm's Maryam Parman Selected as 2015 Southern California Super Lawyer

The Avrek Law Firm announced that partner Maryam Parman has been selected for the 2015 edition of the Southern California Super Lawyers. Thanks to her many years of experience, impressive credentials, and outstanding performance as a plaintiff's attorney, Parman successfully completed the rigorous, patented Super Lawyers selection process, singling her out as one of Southern California's leading attorneys. The Avrek Law Firm is one of the state's top personal injury practices, and Parman, one of the firm's founders, has been a plaintiff's personal injury attorney since 1998.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Now Offering Water Treatment Services for Summer 2014

LogoBenjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA is now offering in-home water treatment plumbing services in Bucks County for summer 2014. Homeowners want to take the utmost precautions when it comes to the water their families use for drinking, showering, and eating. That’s why the Levittown plumbers install water softening and conditioning systems to reduce contaminants commonly found in tap water. Contact

Michael's Jewelers of Yardley and Fairless Hills Now Buying Gold Jewelry

LogoWhen going through the home for spring cleaning this June, many individuals stumble upon gold jewelry that they haven’t worn for quite some time. As a reliable and trusted jeweler in Bucks County, Michael's Jewelers of Yardley and Fairless Hills is pleased to announce they are now buying gold jewelry from their clients. Whether the jewelry is broken, or simply unwanted, the jewelers offer some of the highest prices for gold.

Executive Auto Salon Now Offering Custom Mobile Food Trucks for Summer 2014

LogoExecutive Auto Salon is now offering mobile food truck design and manufacturing for summer 2014. All trucks are build right here in the good ol’ U.S of A, but Executive Auto Salon does business with many countries and will ship trucks worldwide. A leader in the manufacture of mobile kitchen trucks in PA, their secret is that they use quality products so there are no issues later. The company builds trucks right the first time so clients can make money and not have to close up shop for repairs. Executive Auto Salon custom builds each truck to their clients’ specifications, not the same truck time after time.

Luxury Condo Expert Offering Extensive Guide to Continuum South Beach

Tim Allen, a leading specialist on the Continuum South Beach, offers comprehensive and detailed information on the prominent condo at his dedicated website, Pleased to Offer the New .UK Domains for UK Website Owners

Following the .UK domain name launch, the hosting and domain names expert are offering website owners the chance to grab the new domain name to change the website address to a much friendlier domain name.

Parts Geek Now Offering Auto Parts for the 2014 Jeep Patriot

LogoThe 2014 Jeep Patriot was voted by Kelley Blue Book as the #1 most affordable SUV in 2014. Currently available for under $20,000, there are undoubtedly many people who opted for this affordable SUV. However, as an off-road vehicle, there are probably also many people that are looking to spruce up the look and efficiency of their Jeep Patriot so that they can maximize their driving and off-roading experience. Therefore, Parts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they are now offering a wide variety of 2014 Jeep Patriot parts on their user-friendly website.

Seegrid and Topco Associates LLC Form Strategic Partnership

LogoSeegrid Corporation announced its strategic partnership with Topco Associates LLC, a $12.3 billion cooperative and leader in the grocery/supermarket industry, to provide vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to Topco members. Seegrid automated pallet trucks, tow tractors, and walkie stackers are revolutionizing the unmanned transportation of goods in manufacturing and distribution facilities. Topco’s Indirect Spend Solutions team will work collaboratively with Seegrid to roll out the AGV program.

The Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Wins 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

LogoThe Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel in Treasure Island, FL is pleased to announce they have won a 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. This distinction is given to hotels receive consistently high reviews from travelers in the areas of location, sleep quality, rooms, service, value, and cleanliness. When it comes to beach hotels in Florida, members of the popular travel website have chosen the Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel as one of the most desirable destinations in the state.

Award-Winning Educator's Books Urge Americans to Embrace Their Language and Learn to Speak and Write It with Gusto

Veteran educator, Sarah Martin, is steadfast in her belief that people never stop learning. While reading, writing and speaking may first appear to be just basic skills, a new range of books published by Martin proves that they present opportunities for constant refinement.

Crown Gear Fitness Kicks off Safety Awareness Campaign

According to the CDC, only 48 percent of American adults meet the physical activity guidelines outlined in 2008. According to these guidelines, adults between the ages of 18 and 64 need 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity and two or more days of muscle strengthening activities each week. Muscle strengthening activities need to work all major muscle groups in order to be effective.

Orlando DUI Lawyers Launches Awareness Campaign Highlighting Multiple DUI Defenses

Orlando DUI Law provides stiff penalties for those accused of driving while under the influence. Orlando DUI Lawyer understands the serious consequences and offers a free case evaluation for those charged with this crime, including those accused of underage drinking, multiple offense, and drugs. "DUI attorneys in Orlando work to reduce the consequences one is facing when accused of this crime while also trying to have all charges dropped so the defendant walks away completely," Gus Benson of Orlando DUI Lawyer declares.

Crystal Lite Solar Now Offering Solar Panel Installation for Summer 2014

LogoCrystal Lite Solar will perform solar panel installations all summer long. For over 10 years the solar panel installers of NJ have helped homeowners all over South Jersey switch over to this revolutionary technology, saving them money and decreasing the environmental impact of their homes. Interested residents can visit now to learn how they can reduce their heating costs and get federal and state tax incentives for doing so.

Deborah Finn's Rittenhouse Jewelers Now Offering Diamond Anniversary Bands for June 2014

LogoDeborah Finn’s Rittenhouse Jewelers is now offering a special on diamond anniversary bands. All through June customers receive 25% off all diamond jewelry. People love getting married in the summer, and that means summer is also anniversary season. Also this month the store will offer free in-house inspections and cleaning of diamond engagement rings in Philadelphia.

JohnnyDents Now Offering Paintless Dent Repair for Summer 2014

LogoPhiladelphia likes its steaks cheesy and its dent repairs paintless. That’s why JohnnyDents offers paintless – and flawless – dent repair in South Jersey for all residents of NJ, Philadelphia, Bucks County, and beyond. Don’t pay more for lower quality. Customers of JohnnyDents have access to the most highly trained technicians in the business who will service their cars at the store in Pennsauken, NJ or come straight to their doors. JohnnyDents completes most in-house and mobile dent repair in Bucks County in under two hours.

Mobility123 Now Offering Stairlift Rentals for Summer 2014

LogoStairlifts are invaluable convenience items for many people with difficulty or an inability to walk up stairs, but they don’t last forever. When stairlifts get past their usable life, many people may worry that a new lift is out of their price range. That’s why Mobility123 provides their customers the opportunity to rent stairlifts in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Renting costs much less than buying a new model. Mobility123’s stair lift rental program can fit any budget and patient situation.

Mint Condition Fitness Now Offering Private Personal Training Packages This June

LogoAs many individuals aim to shed the weight they have gained this past winter, it is extremely beneficial to seek the guidance of a personal trainer that help ensure their clients stay on the right track to a fit and healthy lifestyle. While each person is unique, training sessions can be customized to best meet the needs and goals of the individual. This June, Mint Condition Fitness is announcing they are now offering private personal training packages for their clients. In a private session, clients will be trained one-on-one with their personal trainer through a program designed to improve overall wellness and reach set health goals for a summer in shape.

E Instruments Now Offering the New AQCOMFORT Air Quality Monitor

LogoThe AQCOMFORT from E Instruments is perfect for the HVAC professional looking for a simple and effective way to determine indoor air quality. These new air quality monitors specialize in measuring CO2. Featuring real-time continuous data logging and Bluetooth connection, the AQCOMFORT is ideal for quickly creating accurate and detailed reports of CO2 emissions in homes, offices, and industrial complexes.

E Instruments Now Offering Emissions Analyzers for NOx Detection

LogoE Instruments is now offering Simple, Total, and True NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) detectors for summer 2014. NOx refers to a group of highly reactive gases. Each gas contains nitrogen and oxygen in several different amounts and configurations. Most are colorless and odorless, but particles including nitrogen dioxide or NO2 produce a reddish-brown layer of smog over high population areas. NOx gases form as a byproduct of combustion processes such as the use of motor vehicles, electric utilities, and various residential, commercial, and industrial systems. E Instruments has several emissions analyzers available this month to accomplish NOx measurements.

CoasterDad Announces "Behind the Scenes at Knott's" Event

LogoThe CoasterDad Project announced today their second Southern California Theme Park Tour, this time featuring exclusive behind the scenes access at Knott's Berry Farm. On June 19-20, 2014, "CoasterDad" Will Pemble, his family and video team will visit the famous Cedar Fair theme park in Buena Park, California.

SWEAT IT OUT Now Offering Quality Compression Shorts This Summer

LogoFor those individuals that lead an active lifestyle, wearing the proper gear can help stay hydrated and energized to go the extra mile in workouts. This summer, SWEAT IT OUT® is pleased to announce they are now offering quality compression shorts at affordable prices. With an inventory that features a variety of compression gear, customers can purchase the unique COOLMAX® fabric when looking for the best compression shorts for running.

Fitlife Now Offering Sports Performance Training for Summer 2014

LogoFitlife offers many forms of personal training in Southampton, PA including weight management, MyZone, and Pilates Training. But personal training is not just for beginners. Fitlife is now offering sports performance training for athletes who want some professional guidance on staying in their best shape at all times. A team of experts including professional athletes, exercise physiologists, and strength coaches has conducted extensive research to develop highly effective methods to optimize athletic performance in Fitlife clients. Individual attention to each client’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals makes this a personalized program that gets superior results.

Tilghman Builders, Inc. Now Building Sunrooms for Summer 2014

LogoTilghman Builders, Inc. is the source for sunrooms in Jenkintown. Some residents of the Philadelphia area may not have believed it when this year’s record-breaking winter was raging, but this region has exquisite summer months. Tilghman Builders, Inc. wants their clients to enjoy the weather this summer without being beaten down by the relentless sun. Decks and patios are great, and the company builds them as well, but they know how nice it is to be able to retreat into a warm, relaxing Florida room, a safe haven hovering in the netherworld between inside and outside.

Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency Now Offering Renters' Insurance for Summer 2014

LogoThe Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency is now offering renters’ insurance for summer 2014. The agency is one of the leading providers of Philadelphia boat insurance, life insurance, and renters’ insurance. Renters often put off obtaining insurance because of the initial cost, but those who neglect this precaution will find that the cost of paying for damages without insurance is much greater. When people have items stolen during a break-in, or their home or apartment suffers damages from severe weather, they’re always thankful to have the support of the dedicated insurance advisors at the Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency.

Greystone Equipment Company Now Offering Eagle Group Products

LogoGreystone Equipment Company is now offering Eagle Group products in their online store. Eagle Group has several divisions with over 50 years of experience in industries such as custom fabrication, materials handling, cleanroom, electronics, storage and transportation, healthcare, and retail display. Interested customers can browse their stainless steel shelving products including stainless steel wire racks and mezzanines in New Jersey at

The Lindenberger Group Completes Successful Management Training Sessions with FantaSea Resorts

LogoThe Lindenberger Group provides Expert HR Advice, Training and Team Building, and mentoring training in New Jersey. They recently completed a successful series of management training courses for FantaSea Resorts. The Director of Human Resources at the resort chain put in writing how pleased they were with the training. The Lindenberger Group works closely with clients to tailor their customizable service to each company’s specific needs.