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LEM Products Inc. Announces Attendance at 2015 NAAUD Annual Conference

As the dates are set for the annual North American Association of Utility Distributors conference, LEM Products Inc. is announcing their attendance at the event this April. From the company, Laynee Fierle and Tim O'Connor, Jr. will be present at the Lost Pines Resort in Lost Pines, Texas from April 21-23, 2015. As an NAAUD member, the representatives from LEM Products Inc. will learn the best practices associated with the latest developments surrounding the utility supply chain.

BG Staffing Inc (NYSEMKT:BGSF) Investor Alert: Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing

An investigation on behalf of current investors in shares of BG Staffing Inc (NYSEMKT:BGSF) was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers and directors at BG Staffing Inc in connection with the upcoming shareholder vote on May 7, 2015.

Dr. Nadler and Associates Now Offering Game Ready Therapy

LogoWhen athletes get injured and need a chiropractor in Philadelphia, they go to Dr. Nadler and Associates for their state-of-the-art recovery technology. The practice is now offering Game Ready Therapy for athlete recovery. Game Ready is an advanced program designed to help manage edema, or swelling, in athletes. The therapy uses one adjustable system to administer intermittent compression and circumferential cold therapy. The patient wears a form-fitting but flexible wrap which has fluids cycled through it continuously throughout treatments, keeping the area cold for the patient’s comfort. Patients can even personalize their treatment with adjustable time pressure and temperature settings, and the device can treat injuries in the foot, ankle, shoulder, elbow, knee, and lumbar areas.

DeRocco Building Corporation Now Offering Bathroom Remodeling in Bucks County

LogoDeRocco Building Corporation is now offering bathroom remodeling in Bucks County for summer 2014. Pretty much everyone starts their day in this room, and staying clean and fresh is important, especially during the hot, sweaty summer. The company will build new bathrooms to the exact specifications of their customers so the room can accommodate both immediate family and any guests in the house.

Gracia Law Announces New Legal Defense Services

According to Statistics Canada, nearly 2 million criminal acts were reported to police in 2012. Many of these cases result in arrests. What isn't as clear is whether the people arrested are actually the guilty parties. Gracia Law ( has announced its new legal defense services with this in mind.

Brolero LLC Now Offering Gifts for Graduates

LogoBrolero LLC, the best place to buy wheeled briefcases online, is now offering gifts for graduates including briefcases, accessories, and gift certificates. Graduation season is here and Brolero LLC wants to help customers show their graduates they’re proud.

St Pete's Pioneer Chiropractic Clinic Adds New Team Member

Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic welcomes the newest addition to their team, Dr. Duyen Ngo. She's a practitioner of Advanced Orthogonal Technique and has made her first upper cervical correction while still attending clinical studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic. She got her Doctorate degree from the same institution.

Phoenix Garage Door Specialists Announces New Emergency Door Repair Service

According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, 66 percent of American homes have a garage or carport. Since there are over 130 million residential housing units in the country, that adds up to millions of garages. As the doors of these garages get used, some of them will inevitably break down. With these facts in mind, Jason Whitney of Phoenix Garage Door Specialists ( announces his company's garage door repair services.

Wakaya Perfection Now Offers Pink Fijian Ginger Powder in a Tabletop-Size Jar

LogoWakaya Perfection now offers Pink Fijian Ginger powder in an affordable and convenient tabletop-size jar. This Kosher-certified ginger powder is perfect for use in a variety of recipes and can even be a substitute for salt and pepper. Pink Fijian Ginger powder not only enhances the taste of food, but it also has proven to be effective in aiding digestion, stimulating metabolism, reducing inflammation and much more.

Dr. Dain Heer, Author of "Being You, Changing the World" to Join Host, Dr. Lisa Cooney on the "Beyond Abuse, Beyond Therapy, Beyond Anything" Radio Show

LogoVoice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, announced that Dr. Dain Heer, Co-Founder of Access Consciousness and author of “Being You, Changing the World” will join Dr. Lisa Cooney, host of “Beyond Abuse, Beyond Therapy, Beyond Anything” on Tuesday, June 17th at 10 am PST/1 pm EST.

Perforated Window Vinyl with Removable Adhesive Back, Now Available in Custom Sizes from NYC Printer

LogoProfessional printing leader 4OVER4.COM added to its online catalog perforated window vinyl. This product is ideal for glass windows because it transforms windows into dynamic advertising tools. The perforated window vinyl is designed for exterior use, includes UV protection and is climate-resilient.

Wakaya Perfection Now Offers Dilo Face Cream for Complete Skin Protection and Rejuvenation

LogoProving once again that it goes that extra mile to provide effective and organic health and beauty solutions, Wakaya Perfection now offers Dilo Face Cream for complete skin protection and rejuvenation. Its special organic formula nourishes and protects the skin from within.

Calgary Promotional Videos Discusses Video Content: Why Is It Important in Any Business?

Content comes in more forms than simply writing a blog post. As the Internet continues to grow, marketing and customer interaction can happen in numerous ways, and the latest marketing type to get recognition is Video Content.

Agriscape Offers Honest and Cost-Effective Residential Dumpster Rental Services

LogoBe it a home or business, disposing trash can be daunting, especially, when it’s the accumulation of trash after a home or business renovation process. It is difficult and failing to dispose of them properly may be inconvenient to many. Simply put, finding a right way to get rid of the pile of excess waste is crucial. People in residential areas can now heave a sigh of relief because there are several residential dumpster rental services offering disposal services at inexpensive costs.

Artificial Grass Recyclers Liquidate Used Artificial Turf for Pennies on the Dollar to Help Sacramento Residents Combat the California Drought

LogoArtificial Grass Recyclers, announced today that it will be selling recycled artificial turf for 50 cents a square foot starting on Monday, June 23 and ending on Friday, June 28th in Sacramento. AGR's Sacramento location will be getting 200,000 square feet of recycled used turf that will be available for pennies on the dollar for one week only. The turf is located at 6241 Turner Road, Sacramento, CA 92829.

Scrap Cars Offer Reasonable Cash on Selling Unwanted Cars in Manchester

LogoA car past its best is of no use and it’s better to dispose of it at the earliest possible. Now, getting rid of scrap cars is simple as several dealers are offering cash on selling them. Convert the scrap to money by approaching a professional scrap car recycling company in the locality and invest the gained money towards your new vehicle.

Delta Van Lines A Renowned and Reliable Canada State to State Moving Company, Offers Fast and Hassle Free Moving Services

Delta Van Lines, well known as a reliable Canada state to state moving company, now offers fast and efficient moving services. Their unbeatable service makes them the most trusted name in the moving industry. Delta Van Lines, always setting the highest standards of quality meeting your relocation needs. They accommodate their customers by providing them outstanding packing services, punctual arrivals, and affordable rates.

Ad Agency Warns Against Relying Solely on SEO for Business -

Thinking about how to improve your website’s search engine rankings? Recent updates by Google to its Panda 4.0 search engine algorithm have dramatically reduced the visibility of many business websites, sending numerous previously well-performing websites into oblivion.

Private Tutoring Chicago Announces Tutor Matching Service

According to MarketWatch, the supplemental education market has grown to be a $5 billion arena. As more and more people hire tutors, the methods for finding them have changed. Now, centralized databases, franchises, and other such outlets are the norm for a type of business that used to be recommended mostly by word-of-mouth between parents. With this in mind, Private Tutoring Chicago ( has announced its local tutor-finding service.

The Crest Condo Now Offers ASBD Up to 7% for Limited Time Only to Incentivize Investors

Singapore is one of the emerging economic superpowers thanks to its unique combination of location, moderate politics, strong economic policies, and a long history as a center for trade and commerce. The result is an impressive explosion in urban development as globalizing companies seek to base key executives in the region. The latest development is The Crest condo complex, a development in a prime location offering over four hundred new premium condos. The marketing for the project has now been launched, and features a limited time incentive for those willing to invest in the early development stages.

Search Rocket Expands Range of Local SEO Services to Include Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton has over 80,000 residents and its population almost doubles during daytime hours thanks to the presence of many thriving local businesses. These businesses are threatened however by the power of multinational giants to command the new shopping habits of shoppers; where before people might browse the local stores, now they will browse Google before choosing what stores to go to. Search Rocket offers local SEO solutions that help small businesses get to the top of Google ahead of big brands to make sure local business stands a chance, and they have now expanded to Boca Raton.

Pool Rescuers Now Accepts Payments Online for Maximum Convenience

Having a pool makes the summer season one long party season, and whether it’s after a hard day at work or simply a great way to spend the weekend, the pool is the perfect place for people to cool off and enjoy themselves. With pool use reaching its peak however, pool maintenance demands are also at an all time high. Pool Rescuers is a pool service in Phoenix AZ that is now offering customers the option to pay online to make it faster and easier to get pool maintenance services of all kinds.

Credit Score Ranger Publishes Guide to Help People Make Sense of Their Credit Score

Credit scores are the way in which credit companies judge an individual’s worth and trustworthiness. It in large part defines what credit limit individuals can get on credit cards, how big their mortgage can be, and most importantly, how aggressive the interest rate is on any agreed lending. Having a good credit score is essential for most mature adults, but understanding their credit score in context is something surprisingly few people are able to do. Credit Score Ranger has produced a new guide that helps contextualize credit scores so individuals understand where they are, and where they’re going in credit world.

Alligator Drain Cleaning Enlightens Readers on 3 Reasons Storm Drains Can Back Up and What to Do About It

It is important to have a properly functioning storm drain at all time so incase a storm hits the drain can fully accommodate the inflowing water. If a storm drain is not able to properly function at full capacity chances are the drain can back flow, which may result in flooding and cause structural or building damage. and Alligator Drain Cleaning have outlined the 3 most common reasons why storm drains can back up, to educate readers about how to prevent a possible disaster, flooding and damage to their property.

Houston Garage Door Repair Professionals Launch Safety Campaign

According to statistics, over 12,000 people were injured by garage doors during a year, and 12.7 of these people were hurt while attempting to work on their doors. With this in mind, Jason Whitney announces the services of Houston Garage Door Repair Professionals ( "It's clear that some garage door repair jobs, like replacing the torsion springs (, can be dangerous to laymen," the company spokesman notes.

Fate Therapeutics, Inc. - Product Pipeline Review - 2014

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of Fate Therapeutics, Inc. - Product Pipeline Review - 2014 market report to its offering Fate Therapeutics, Inc. - Product Pipeline Review - 2014

ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. - Product Pipeline Review - 2014

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. - Product Pipeline Review - 2014 market report to its offering ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. - Product Pipeline Review - 2014