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President Padma McCord Owner of Padma McCord Enterprises LLC Great Recognition Awards Winner

Greatly beautiful & talented in multiple fields Padma McCord is Greatly Honored & Greatly Respected one of the most exciting woman in business in Houston – Texas & U.S. with multiple talents & variety of highly successful careers & business life President Padma McCord is President of Padma McCord Enterprises LLC has established reputable company & spectrum of career covering a range of interests & fields. Some of the Great Talents & in Greatly Successful Padma mccord's career cap include films and media work, & fruitful career in New Homes Builders Director President real estate investments & shining Star career Ranking number 1# Padma mccord Business consultant for more than decade in the Houston & Katy &U.S. Padma McCord was listed in the 2011-2012 Cambridge Book of Who's Who VIP members and has been honored with 100's Top Business & Top New Homes Highest Recognition Real Estate Awards.

Attention Current Investors in Ocwen Financial Corp (NYSE:OCN) Shares: Lawsuit Against Directors Filed

An investor, who currently holds NYSE:OCN shares, filed a lawsuit against certain Ocwen Financial Corp directors over alleged breaches of fiduciary duties.

Huber & Palsir, LLC Representing Clients Dealing with Medical Malpractice This Summer

LogoSuffering from ongoing illness or additional injury after visiting the doctor can cause frustration, and leave medical professionals responsible for damages. This summer, Huber & Palsir, LLC is announcing their representations of clients claiming medical malpractice. With a proven track record and commitment to their clients, the attorneys work all angles to recover the maximum amount of compensation.

Radiohead Fans Plead "I Want You" to Alt-Indie Rockers, ADMIRALS

True alt-rock fans can’t forget hearing Radiohead’s OK Computer for the first time. That album, and the passion for music that blossomed from it, was enough to form the foundation of an alt-indie rock project that defies genre stereotypes. ADMIRALS carved a niche for themselves and now attract a grounded cult-like following that extends far beyond their home city of Tulsa, OK. After a showcase at SXSW and performing over 250 shows in 30 states, they are currently working to garner still more fans with an upcoming video for their track, “I Want You,” off their debut full-length album, Amidst the Blue. The song is also featured on WiFi PR Group’s compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 6.

Innovative Warehouse Automation Profiled in New Weekly Magazine

Earlier in 2014, Supply & Demand Chain Executive John Hayes launched No Risk Automation, an unbiased, vendor agnostic firm to assist those making automation decisions. Hayes suggested, “Until automation selection is made, based on knowledge and information, vendors will make suggestions about solutions that may or may not be in the warehouse, distribution, or manufacturers’ best interest. This newsletter is to keep an open conversation about trends, best-practices, and technology pros and cons for those that are in the active planning and automation purchasing stage.

New Magazine to Look at Pick to Light and Other Picking Solutions

LogoPicking Perfection is a new weekly news magazine that will bring important and interesting information to those in the material handling, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing sectors. From best practices to industry data, this weekly communique will report trend data, process improvement, and technology evaluations about picking, packing, shipping and profitability.

Coastal Technical Sales Inc. Announces Availability of Polyethylene Tank Installations This August

LogoWith many industries needing additional space for their chemicals, they turn to tanks for storage. As a reliable and certified installer, Coastal Technical Sales Inc. is announcing their availability for polyethylene tank installations this August. Polyethylene is the most commonly used material for quality plastic tanks because of its resistance capability and range of uses. Conveniently used for many chemical processing solutions, as well as power plant and pharmaceutical industry needs, polyethylene tanks can be installed in various styles and sizes for the convenience of the customer.

Japanese Consumer Attitudes, Results in for 2014 Online Retail

Consumer Attitudes and Online Retail Dynamics in Japan, 2014 - Market research report covers the online retail industry in Japan. It provides the magnitude, growth, share, and dynamics of the online retail market in Japan. It is an essential tool for companies active across Japan's online retail value chain and for new companies considering entry into Japan's online retail market. It provides data for historic and forecast online retail sales, and also includes the business environment and country risk related to Japan's online retail environment. By examining best practice from the leading national large-scale online retailers (but specifically excluding the likes of Amazon, whose sites are well-known and vary little by country), as well as reviewing innovative approaches from smaller retailers, the report provides insights and ideas about how best to approach growing online sales for your business.

Dailypooper - Social Media Portal, Announces Public-Beta Release

Its metaphorical definition means fresh content every day, which is exactly what this site does, reporting on, and delivering trending news, on a daily basis (hence the name) for like minded people across the world. Fresh content is added daily by the portal’s editors, and by its community members. The portal is divided into three main sections; Editorial Picks and Articles such as Immortal: Most Famous Chess Game of all Time, Top 6 Photo Sharing Websites, etc. Subscribers can submit an article worthy of sharing with others. Another section is the uniquely coded Forum where participants submit topics and discuss them.

Houston Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Offers Protection Against Bank Fraud Charges

Criminal cases are most common in Houston. The charges on crime cases are severe and are potent enough to take a complete life. If a person is charged with a criminal case, the first thing that should be done is hiring a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney or lawyer is one who specializes in the field of criminal defense. Such cases cannot be handled by the ordinary lawyers because these need handling of experts who have specialization in the field. A person charged with a crime can suffer imprisonment for long years or may have to pay a huge amount or both. In either case, the accused can have his life destroyed completely if he fails to hire a proper criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in the field. Houston Federal Criminal Defense Attorney offers experienced legal professionals to defend the accused. The areas in which they practice criminal defense include bank fraud, bank robbery, felony crimes, money laundering, and others.

Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist Offers Its Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Most part of the beauty and look of an individual is formed by his oral health. In fact cosmetic dentistry plays a major role in maintaining the youth and beauty of a person. Cosmetic dentistry is different from general dentistry where the former deals with the beautification and treatment of the teeth and gums rather than simply treating them. The general dentists cannot perform cosmetic dentistry for this field needs specialization in the field. Cosmetic dentistry focuses mostly on the improvement and beautification of the smile of an individual. Cosmetic dentistry has become one of the prime aspects in the life of the celebs these days. This branch of dentistry takes care of the oral health besides ensuring perfection of look. The Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist extends services to help restore dental and oral health of an individual.

Lseat Provides Various Designs of Leather Seat Covers for Cars

Seat covers form not just a protective covering in the seats of a car but also offer the interiors of the vehicle a completely new and polished look. And when it concerns the protection of the car seats, the material of leather seems quite unbeatable. Whether in terms of giving a good protection or in terms of the appearance, leather is more sophisticated than any other material available for seat covers. Quality is an important aspect in choosing the seat covers. While these are available in plenty, both online and offline, not all are quality products. It is important to take care of the quality of the seat covers before installing them in the vehicles. Lseat offers a complete range of seat covers in leather for vehicles covering all categories that include Hyundai, Honda, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Dodge, Mercedes Benz, etc.

Exciting August Launch for PDF Group Pty LTD in Legendary U.K. Horse Racing Market

Horse racing is often described as having a swell time, getting entertained and celebrating with the winners of the track. It’s the sociology of horses, and the psychology behind the game. Albeit the sameness and simplicity of the racing event, with the horses and jockeys gathered, racing against each other, striving for the win, the episode repeating itself over and over again, it nevertheless remains romantic, is a portrayal of exclusivity, and reflects a symbol of wealth and power.

VoiceAmerica Secures Linzi Levinson's "Illuminating Now! - Linzi's Life Secrets"

LogoVoice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced that Linzi Levinson, host of “Illuminating Now,” has renewed her talk show for another cycle due to popular demand.

Rubber Club Allows Members to Upgrade or Downgrade Their Condom Packages Anytime

LogoEvery person’s sex life changes from year to year, even month to month. As a club that has opened its doors to make it easy to stock up on condoms each month, Rubber Club is pleased to announce they allow their members to change their package at any time, even on a monthly basis. With the easy to use platform, members simply sign into their account and request the change to their subscription.

ITALI PASSIO Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler the Perfect Kitchen Tool to Help with Healthy Cooking

In a recent report it was found that America is the capital of the obesity problem in the world. According to the official report over 60 percent of adults are overweight, and 27.7 percent of them are obese. Medical experts have warned this figure will increase unless men and women start to exercise more and eat healthy foods.

Cactus Growing on Hillside - Dreamscape Captured in Time

When one looks at this photograph, the image of the spiralling, spindly cactus is superimposed by distant memories of dreams or of fictional worlds or parallel universes that one might have imagined. The true beauty of a photograph is not just cosmetic, in the sense that the photograph is technically flawless.

Women's Hair Loss: Causes & Treatments Discussed by Dr Lycka & Dr Ablon

LogoHair loss in women is quite common, with around 30 million women in the US suffering from hair loss, and it is a problem that dermatologists are consulted about very frequently. However, excitingly for doctors and patients alike, there are now many treatment options available to help women deal with the problem of hair loss, and this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, on, two experienced cosmetic dermatologists review what is new in treatments for women’s hair loss. Show host, Dr Barry Lycka from Edmonton, welcomes Dr Glynis Ablon, Board Certified Dermatologist from Manhattan Beach, California, who specialises in treating hair loss in women.

One Can Boost Their Confidence with Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is mainly performed on male pattern hair loss as the common cause for baldness. The grafts that comprise hair that are genetically resistant to hair loss are used in the hair renovation process. The hair growth of scalp comes in natural groupings of 1 to 5 hair follicles known as a follicular unit.

Website Offers Unbiased Review on Top 3 Adjustable Dumbbells for Lifters

Sources have it that there are now many websites which provide irrelevant reviews about adjustable dumbbells. These sites are said to promote particular sets of dumbbells promising users with effective result, however, it turns out to be a disappointment. In order to get the best result out of dumbbells, users are advised to first read genuine reviews and then find out the best that will suit their exercise routine. Bestadjustabledumbbellsshq,org is reported to offer unbiased reviews to readers. The writer is an avid lifter and aims to help other lifters to choose the right dumbbells.

Multi-Function Baby Gear Equips Moms with Essentials

USA made Diaper Clutch gives busy moms control, convenience and access. This was an innovation born of necessity. With this handy and functional design, which is available in multiple designs and patterns, moms and dads can quickly tend to little messes and diaper duty with confidence and ease while away from home. The convenient, ergonomically designed all-in-one clutch has no pouches, zippers or pockets to unlatch or unflap unlike it’s predecessors.

Gore Creek Under Bridge - Capturing Emotion in a Still Image

There can be nothing more rewarding, nor challenging that photographing a landscape with a water body. When approached with technical perfection and infused with genuine emotion, the water body can be brought to life through a single photograph. Case in point, David Frate’s artistic photograph of the Gore Creek Under a covered footbridge.

Sawatch Range Watched by a Lady Hiker - Speaking Through the Lens

Mountains touch the human heart in inexplicable ways. It is fairly easy to capture the grandeur of the mountains through a photograph. The true challenge is in creating an image that also captures the perfect moment, thereby evoking a very specific emotion. The resultant outcome of such a photograph is that it instantly connects with the viewer and pulls one into the time and place that has been captured. David Frate’s photograph ‘Sawatch Range Watched by a Lady Hiker’ evokes this effect.

Opportunities for Singapore Ecommerce

There are huge opportunities for businesses online. Ecommerce opens your business to a whole new world of opportunities that you probably wouldn’t have imagined without it. If this is true, then how come so many businesses in Singapore are missing out on this fantastic opportunity for unparalleled growth? The experts at Ecommerce Singapore, a local Singapore ecommerce website solutions provider, discuss this and the potential that e-commerce holds for Singapore businesses.

Burke Décor Is Having a Gus Modern Summer Sale

Burke Décor is thrilled to be taking part in the Gus Modern Summer sale. Customers can save 20% off Gus Modern home décor for a limited time.

Victims: Feature Film Highlights Victims of Tragic Events

When events like the Oklahoma bombing of 1995, the 9/11 terrorists acts and the Boston Marathon bombing takes place; they leave behind and impact victims, their families and responders who stand ready to aid and assist. But there is also the person or persons behind these acts. No one could have predicted that one day such people would do something so grievous that it would stagger minds, break hearts and shatter lives. Award-winning film maker King Jeff is undertaking a feature film project that will tell the victim stories of a fictionalized tragedy: the series of fatal bombings at A Walk For America Rally in New Orleans. One year after the tragedy, eight bombing victims of various ethnicities meet and allow their raw feelings to surface as they engage in dialogue about their traumatic life-altering brushes with death. King Jeff decided on a fictionalized event so that victims of real life events would not have to relive their traumatic moments.

ELO Coach Service Doubles Players Performance in League of Legends

The League of Legend has been a phenomenal success ever since its inception. It boosts of more than 7.5 millions players on the internet during the peak hours. The ELO coach maintains one of the best reputations in the ELO boost industry.