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DecisionWise Announces Changes to Executive Team

Assessment, employee engagement and employee experience firm, DecisionWise, LLC, announced today the addition of key positions, as well as changes to its leadership team in response to recent growth.

Water 2.0 Convenes Digital Innovators on Earth Day in Washington, DC, with Remote Participants Worldwide

The next Water 2.0 Conference - the 5th in a series of events highlighting water solutions in the digital era - returns to Washington, DC, on Earth Day, April 22, 2015. For the first time, opportunities are available for full online engagement in this event Remote Participation through WaterCitizen.Com.

Industrial Automation Features QC Software Warehouse Controls System

LogoQC Software is featured in the current issue of Industrial Automation magazine. The manufacturing journalist and author, Thomas R. Cutler, explored whether warehouse control systems (WCS) rather than warehouse management systems (WMS) might be the right choice for a manufacturer. According to Jerry List, Vice President of QC Software, “WCS directs real-time data management and interface responsibilities of the material handling system as well as provides common user interface screens for monitoring, control, and diagnostics.”

Imperial Car Supermarkets Drives Its Way Into Daily Telegraph's Business Club

Imperial Car Supermarkets has been enlisted into the Daily Telegraph’s Business Club as a flagship company offering exceptional levels of customer service. The Hampshire-based car dealership will feature in a micro documentary on the publication’s business club page highlighting their unique customer-focused approach to selling high quality used cars.

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Shopping for Bad Credit Home Loans

For those who want to buy a home, but don’t have the best credit, there is still an option. Bad credit home loans are out there and can help a person buy a home. However, there are some mistakes that can and should be avoided at all costs before applying for a loan. Here are five mistakes every person should avoid.

Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC Offering Legal Representation to Whistleblowing Employees

Whistleblower employees retaliated against by the employer can seek legal assistance from Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC, a reputable law firm in Los Angeles specializing in employment issues. The law firm represents the people that have evidence of illegal acts committed by the employer but feel helpless.

ZAT Now Brings Incredible Solutions to the Hotel Supplies in UAE at the Most Competitive Prices

ZAT now brings incredible solutions to the hotel supplies in UAE. ZAT is the most renowned name in the GCC region for supplying premium quality hotel supplies. They deliver world-class premium quality hotel equipment to the hotel industry in the GCC region. They are an eminent name in the domestic as well as in the international market. ZAT has everything which is the requisite for luxury hotels. Some of the products of the hotel industry in which ZAT specializes are hotel furniture, hotel linen, and hotel kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils for hotels, chinaware, hotel and catering supply.

Pinterest Helps Small Businesses Increase Blog Traffic

LogoWith over 70 million loyal pinners, the social network Pinterest is an enormously popular platform that allows folks to “pin” images and ideas they like and share them with their social networks. More and more businesses are integrating Pinterest into their websites as a way to increase blog traffic.

May 31st Is Save Your Hearing Day - Argan Oil for Hair on Sale from LT Organics

Save Your Hearing Day comes every year on the 31st of May and on this day, people will perfect hearing abilities thank God for making them better than others. They also try and spend some time with people who have hearing disabilities and are unable to hear perfectly well. It is also the day where people with proper hearing abilities spend some time trying to figure out how to protect their hearing and the different measures that can be taken to keep the hearing perfect. No doubt, it is important to keep on making attempts to live a healthy life.

Modern Maids Home Cleaning Now Accepting PayPal Payments for Cleaning Services

There comes a time when the home needs a thorough cleaning. With busy schedules and not enough time to relax, homeowners rely on the services of professional cleaners to make the interior of their house spotless. For the convenience of their clientele, Modern Maids Home Cleaning is pleased to announce they are now accepting PayPal payments for their cleaning services. With this payment selection, clients are able to utilize the “Bill Me Later” option on their PayPal accounts, giving them more time to pay for the service.

Dunowen Properties Expands Social Media Penetration with Facebook and Twitter Accounts

When traveling, hotels can be both inconvenient and expensive, despite being the most common form of accommodation. Many people who need private space and wish to feel at home when visiting a new city whether for business or pleasure can benefit hugely from a short term rental of a furnished apartment. Dunowen Properties specializes in these Vancouver furnished apartments, and offer them for both short and long term rentals. They have now created Facebook and Twitter accounts to help them promote their services to new audiences.

No Risk Automation Founder Discusses Eliminating the Automation Bias in AutomationMedia

No Risk Automation founder, John Hayes, authored a feature article in the current issue of The article, entitled, “Eliminating the automation Bias,” argues that representing an automated guided vehicle (AGV) vendor is often a conflict of interest.

KeeboMed Inc. Flaunts Affordably Priced Used Ultrasound Machines in Its Inventory

Based in Mount Prospect, Illinois, KeeboMed Inc. has now become the most sought after destination for veterinarians to buy quality ultrasound machines and other vet equipment at the best prices. Over the years, the online vet equipment supplier has been doing commendable job in offering quality patient monitors, surgical sutures, orthopedic equipment, ultrasounds, and anesthesia machines to interested buyers at the most competitive prices. The company further sells affordably priced yet high quality ultrasounds to ensure that veterinarians feel confident about carrying out even the most complicated diagnostic processes.

The Future of Presenting and Marketing Real Estate by a leader in Estate Agent Marketing, announced a new way of attracting property buyers to participating estate agents for a small monthly fee. The method transforms still photographs into dynamic and effective presentations that gives clients a genuine feel for the property being offered.

New Website, Offers Custom Length Slide Boards That Are Used in Effective Weight Management

Weight management and fitness training are required for general health and well-being. Modern life, replete with sedentary lifestyles and the consumption of unhealthy food increases lifestyle diseases and puts people on an increased risk of developing obesity. All one needs is a fitness and exercise routine to set their health right. A product on offer by a new website helps people get grooved into their fitness regimes by the employing the simplest technique to work. Slide board by Obsidian is a fun and easy-to-use product that provides the possibility of a 100 exercise workouts to help people tone and strengthen their fatigued muscles. The package comes with DVDs led by Erin and Lacey. They combine full body cardio and muscle building workouts. The package also includes premium slide mitts and booties to enable people to start sliding immediately after they receive Obsidian Slide Board.

Scribble Presents a Unique Scribble Pen with More Than 100,000 Colors in Its Memory

LogoScribble presents a special and one-of-a-kind scribble pen, created with a new technology, which helps customers to pick any color around them. The amazing thing is that the same color can be easily reproduced on a paper or on a mobile phone. The Scribble pen has more than 100,000 colors in its memory and can draw in more than 16 million unique colors.

The Not-So Ordinary Knives: Knowing the Uses, Types and Applications of Air Knives

LogoAir jets, air curtains, or precision drying systems are all used to describe a device which uses air to blow a substance from a substance. These are known to be called as air knives.

BlackWhiteRomance Set to Be the Game Changer in Interracial Dating

BlackWhiteRomance is all set to be the new platform where people from diverse ethnicities communicate and take their relationship forward. This website has a simple objective – to promote black – white dating.

Wireless M2M & IoT Bible: 2014 - 2020 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts

LogoDespite its low ARPU, the wireless M2M market has become a key focus of many mobile network operators as their traditional voice and data markets become saturated. Likewise, government and regulatory initiatives such as the EU initiatives to have a smart meter penetration level of 80% by 2020 and the mandatory inclusion of automotive safety systems such as eCall in all new car models, have also helped to drive overall wireless M2M connections and revenue.

Bergen Limo Celebrates Their 10th Birthday with a Unique Party Bus

Today it has been announced that a leading New Jersey limo rental provider has decided to celebrate their birthday by adding a new Hummer Transformer party bus to their fleet of vehicles. While they already have some pretty impressive automobiles, this one is truly something special, and looks set to become a big hit amongst regular users of their service, and to new customers. This is one of the most unique party busses in existence, and as such, it’s no surprise Bergen Limo have been getting so much attention of late. Like standard Hummer limos, the Transformer keeps the same basic shape at the front and back but is much taller, and this allows passengers to stand up without bumping their heads.

Arab African International Bank Celebrates Win for Banking CEO of the Year Middle East 2014

Abdalla’s leadership of AAIB led it towards a decade (2002-2012) of unprecedented growth, a key reason that allowed it to weather the turbulence of Egypt’s uncertain future and to maintain its position as one of the country’s trendsetting financial institutions. His efforts resulted in AAIB’s acquisition of Misr America International Bank (MAIB) in 2005 and the establishment of four subsidiaries in 2008 that led to the transformation of AAIB into a fully-fledged financial group that includes Arab African Investment Holding, Arab African Investment Management, Arab African International Securities and Arab African International Mortgage Finance. AAIB recorded an accumulated net profit of $1.1bn over 12 years, which contributed to a rise in ROE from 6% in 2002 to reach 25% in FY2013.

To Protect & Hide Pictures, Anenigma Announces Availability of an Incredible Mobile Safe

Anenigma announces availability of an incredible mobile safe for customers, who need to protect and hide pictures. The Mobile Safe is a perfect security on moves that can be used for multiple functions, whether it’s about to hide videos, pictures, messages, or contacts; their secure safe application uses advanced privacy software. Now, one can also keep their documents away from peeping eyes without cooperating on the appearance of smart phone or tablet.

Acuity Solutions, A Sage Software Support Portal, Offers Effective Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Acuity Solutions, a sage software support portal, offers effective and remarkable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. The fastest becoming essential solution for successful businesses is CRM and whether it is about creating integrated marketing campaigns or to manage ongoing relationships, the company supports their clients to get the best solution out of it. In addition, their extremely flexible CRM solutions can be easily configured and customized to one’s exclusive business requirements.

Mission Critical Middleware Messaging Market Size, Share and Forecast Research 2014-2020

LogoAccording to Susan Eustis, lead author of the WinterGreen Research team that prepared the middleware messaging market research study, “Cloud, mobile, and collaboration are leveraging mission critical messaging. Messaging supports information exchange between mobile devices. The Internet of things is driving messaging uptake. IBM is the dominant vendor, providing reliable messaging for enterprises and tying together open systems software messaging systems with wrappers. It is used to support exchange of information among servers because of the tremendous reliability provided.”

Latest Research Indias Mining Fiscal Regime: H1 2014 Market Research Report

LogoResearchmoz presents this most up-to-date research on"Indias Mining Fiscal Regime: H1 2014". The report focuses primarily on quantitative market metrics in order to characterize the growth and evolution of the Market.

Colored PU Foams Market to Hit USD 17.59 Billion in 2019

LogoColored PU Foams Market for Furniture & Interiors, Construction, Electronic Appliances, Automotive, Footwear, Packaging and Other Applications, the global demand for the colored PU foams was valued at USD 9.02 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach USD 17.59 billion in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 7.8% between 2013 and 2019.

AAA Park It Outdoors Offers Recycled Plastic Tables at Affordable Prices

AAA Park It Outdoors is a premium online store that offers commercial grade park furniture at prices that none of its competitors can match. The online furniture store offers a wide range of commercial grade furniture for parks, schools, daycares, church facilities, homes, associations, apartments, businesses and many more at affordable prices.