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Omero's Clothes Introduces New Line of Custom Clothes

Upon noticing that the people in New York need better and modern clothes, custom-built to match the needs of each individual, the Omero's Clothes, a family owned business of highly professional tailors, has announced a new range of custom clothes and accessories.

Better Business Bureau Recognizes U.S.E.C. LLC, D/B/A US Energy Consultants as the Winner of Pinnacle Award

In recognizing businesses and non-profits for their achievements and commitment to quality in the workplace, US Energy Consultants was one of 314 companies recognized at the annual Better Business Bureau Awards of Excellence luncheon, held Wednesday May 13th, 2015. USEC was recognized as the winner of Pinnacle Award in the Energy Services, Power Products and Energy Marketers Category, this was the fourth time USEC is to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau for service excellence.

COISHARE Celebrates First Working Prototype

Today COISHARE, a bitcoin technology crowdfunding company, announced the successful demonstration of its Proof Of Concept System for issuing shares over a Bitcoin-like network.

ezCheckPrinting: Simple Business Check Printing Software Without Monthly Fee

LogoCheck printing software developer ( understands that new business owners have a lot on their plates with expenses when running a successful establishment. So they released ezCheckPrinting software for both Windows and Mac without a monthly fee. With the new edition of ezCheckPrinting software, customers can design and print unlimited professional checks with MICR encoding and logo in house easily and inexpensively.

BackApp Now Offering No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Ergonomic Chairs

LogoBackApp is now offering a no risk 30 day money back guarantee on their High and Low Lift Ergonomic Chairs. Now only $695, this chair features a polished chrome steel frame and molded polyurethane foam seat for optimum comfort. With Low Lifts for those under 5’2” and High Lifts for average folks and giants, now anyone can enjoy ergonomic, contouring seats that support a natural posture, preventing injury and strain.

College Pro Launches Future Leaders by Offering Entrepreneur Opportunities

According to Real Simple, exterior paint offers dramatic results without the need for a high investment, leading many homeowners to consider painting the exterior of the home before selling. Gerri Willis, author of the book Home Rich, recommends the home be painted a pale yellow as this tends to increase the sale value while reducing the amount of time required for the home to sell. When one wishes to have their home painted, as part of a regular maintenance plan or to sell the home, COLLEGE PRO can be of great help.

Intellectual Pats Announce Free Consultations and Patent Info to Inventors

Creative people come up with unusual ideas and new inventions daily, but they don't know what to do with their ideas, and far too many end up being stuck in the back of a desk drawer simply because of a lack of knowledge of what patents are and how they work. In the United States, a patent is essentially a form of intellectual property. The inventor (or his proxy) applies to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for what is basically a type of copyright to prohibit other people from making, selling or importing that invention for a set amount of time. In return, the inventor agrees to provide detailed public disclosure regarding what they have originated. There are utility patents, design patents, software, hardware, plant, product and invention patents. Patents generally only apply in the countries in which they've been applied for, and they usually last for 20 years. In the hopes of encouraging more people to apply for patents for the goods, technology and/or designs they've innovated, Intellectual Pats ( is currently offering a free 15 minute consultation with a qualified patent attorney to discuss the feasibility of obtaining a patent. Intellectual Pats ( also provides the latest information on patent laws and provides a directory of patent attorneys.

Electric Bikes Are the New Buzz of Adventurous Biking

An electric bike, also called as an e-bike, is a bike with an integrated electric motor which can be utilized for propulsion. Electrical bike or also called e-bikes are thought like a great gift items. E-bikes aren't just used for going on regular streets but these are merely perfect if one is participating in some cycling race or going for a mountain climb on a sunny day.

Private Expeditions Limited Steps Up Safety After Everest Avalanche

Private Expeditions Limited, high-altitude climbing specialists and leaders in the luxury expedition industry, announced its plans to increase its safety measures after the devastating avalanche on Mt. Everest. The company currently has existing safety systems in place that are superior to some of its competitors but plans to intensify these measures to ensure the safety of its guides.

One Can Make Their Holidays Exciting with Shark Diving, Cape Town

South Africa is among the best holiday locations in the whole world. The beauty of the blue seas, myriad beaches, mountains and the countryside is too good to be factual. The best locality to enjoy holidays is Johannesburg, Cape Town and Sun City. The bio-diversity in this area is remarkable as a result of mix of warmer and cooler offshore currents in the East coastline of the country. As a way to enroll for shark diving in cape town one have to be in contact with nearby tour providers who've years of expertise in this field. They can give the perfect kind of equipment including oxygen tanks, diving suit and also the shark diving cages.

PrintWearOnline Now Offering Low Prices on T Shirt Printing

LogoPrintWearOnline is now offering low prices on t shirt printing in Philadelphia. Custom t shirts are a great way to promote businesses, sports teams, and schools. Product categories available for printing include t shirts, polos, ladies’ t shirts, tie dye, outerwear, athletic apparel, hats, sports bottles, V-necks, children’s clothes, fleece, totes, removable tattoos, and shorts. With so many options available there’s sure to be something for everyone at PrintWearOnline.

Desert Med Aesthetics, A Leading Medical Spa Has Moved to Indian Wells

Dr. Doriana Cosgrove is the owner and director of Desert Med Aesthetics. Dr. Cosgrove has recently located her medical spa practice to Indian Wells to better serve her patients.

Davis Brothers Masonry & Chimney Sweep Now Offering Free Chimney Inspection with Every Cleaning

LogoSurely the chimney got some heavy use this season. Cleaning chimneys now will save homeowners from an arduous cleaning experience at the start of next winter. Those who have chimneys in their home should have them cleaned at least once a year. Now that chimneys have soot buildup from a season’s worth of use, it’s the best possible time to clear off the fresh excess and have a clean chimney ready to go in a few months. Additionally, the Atlantic County Masonry company is now offering a free chimney inspection with every cleaning.

Bill Beazley Homes Announces Pinterest Contest

LogoA healthy addiction to Pinterest could pay off for one lucky Bill Beazley Homes follower. This week, Bill Beazley Homes announced their latest Pin to Win contest and it’s all about curb appeal.

My RCTopia Announces Site Demystifying the Remote Control Vehicle World

An examination of the industry shows that a remote controlled car can cost over $1,000, and civilian-grade radio-controlled helicopter prices can reach $15,000. Yet there are also toy versions of both that run $30 or less. John Donaldson, spokesman for My RCtopia (, announced that the site will now be posting tips, information, and reviews to help demystify the market and teach people the important differences between the toys and the high-end hobbyist versions.

Hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Party Just Got Easier with New Flexible Game

Murder at the Manor, launched this month by Cambridgeshire-based D’Avekki Studios, is the first ever flexible boxed murder-mystery game for 14 players.

The Universal Life Church Reveals What Is the Power of Prayer in Christian Life

LogoThe goal of the Universal Life Church is to lead people closer to God and the prayer is an irreplaceable part of spiritual life. The Church reveals the importance of prayer that is free connection with the Savior, who longs to communicate with people and to reveal His will for them.

The Universal Life Church Suggests Some Important Steps for Improving a Relationship with Jesus Christ

LogoThe Universal Life Church is dedicated to God and directs its efforts into improving a relationship between people and God. It reveals that Christ is not so far away from every person, as it may seem. Strong connection with God is a foundation, upon which Christians should build their faith.

Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts Now Offering Lodging for Summer Weddings

LogoAnna Maria Luxury Beachfronts is now providing lodging for summer weddings on Anna Maria Island. The island is a picturesque location for those seeking affordable destination weddings in a tropical setting. Many couples hold their ceremonies right on the beach, offering a fun alternative to the traditional wedding for all their guests and memories that will last a lifetime. Known to many as the beach wedding capital of Florida, Anna Maria Island receives scores of tourists every year looking to tie the knot in one of their favorite vacation spots. Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts is ready as they are every year for the influx of summer wedding traffic, and invites newlyweds, guests, and those celebrating anniversaries to stay in one of their luxurious vacation rentals on Anna Maria Island.

Surface 604 Launches New Fat Tire Bikes for to Ride over All Kind of Terrains

The fat bikes are a latest bike-type. It's featured with extraordinarily big and wide tires. Initially created for mud and snow, it's currently being widely utilized as a regular mountain-bike as well. The fat tires allow riding on some areas, for example snow crust, which might be difficult by having a usual bike in the price of raising the rolling resistance on concrete and also to some dirt streets. The weight of these bikes is also greater. The fat bike tires supplies a good bit of suspension, at least in reasonable rates, in a mechanically simple deal.

Electric Bike - A Perfect Mode of Transportation in Adjacent Areas

Many people are keen to mountain-biking for many causes and though it is amazing, this activity offers to boost body fitness and wellness. Before anyone think of experiencing this activity, it’s vital that one is aware of the riding they wish to do in order to decide which the correct mountain bike is for them. Actually, it will help in burning body calories and aid individuals to accomplish their desired bodyweight. Getting an electric mountain bike driving session with buddies is clearly among the several activities that one is able to enjoy actual fun as they like the natural environment.

South Africa to Host the World's Largest African Influenced Cultural Celebration Signals the Start of the Star Trek Generation

5 time Karate/Kickboxing Champion Anthony “Amp” Elmore from Memphis, Tennessee met for a second time with South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool at the South African Embassy in Washington D.C. Elmore notes that this meeting was the historic breakthrough for Americans, Africans, African/Americans and all of humanity. Elmore has pursued the dream bringing Africans and African/Americans together for over the past two decades. Elmore proposed to the South African Ambassador that South Africa Honor African/Americans with a “Formal State Reception.” A formal State Reception is simply an invitation for African/Americans to formally visit Africa via a ”Cultural Pathway.” Elmore notes that there is no cultural pathway to connect Africans and Americans.

The Universal Life Church Reveals How the Gospel Changes the Life of People

LogoThe Universal Life Church is in existence to reveal the true meaning of the gospel. The Church explains that the Good News about Christ’s death and resurrection can totally change people’s life, bringing them a hope for eternal life in God’s kingdom of heaven.

C.A. Courtesy Demos Inc. Announces in-Store Sampling Partnership with Allegiance Retail Services

C.A. Courtesy Demos Inc. is pleased to announce its partnership with Allegiance Retail Services, LLC, launching a new In-Store Sampling Program in the following retailers: Foodtown, D’Agostinos, Freshtown, Farmtastic, Brooklyn Harvest and La Bella Marketplace, located in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Social Elves Expands with Reddit Marketing Added to Their Services

Social media is a great way for friends to keep in contact in new and novel ways, but it’s also a great platform for businesses to interact with their customer base, strengthen their brand and reach new audiences. Many businesses want to take advantage of the social media landscape but do not know how to, and mistakes in these areas can have disastrous PR consequences. That’s why so many businesses trust expert agencies, and why those getting the best results are using Social Elves. Social Elves is an unassuming but highly successful Social Media Marketing agency that can get a brand visibility quickly and affordably.

Herman Legal Group Offers Unparalleled Assistance to International Students Seeking US Student Visa

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Herman Legal Group has now become synonymous with high quality immigration assistance, legal expertise, and affordable services. Founded by Richard Herman in the year 1995, this accomplished law firm has been building upon its reputation each and every year since its inception. The firm excels in providing immigration legal services to international students who want a work visa to to work in the U.S., and later, possibly get a green card. The firm strives to help its clients navigate the complex immigration system in a prompt and hassle-less way. Possessing a combined experience of more than 50 years in immigration law, Richard Herman and his team members are fluent in more than 10 languages, which allows them to build better relationships with their clients and understand their needs.

Silver Trendz Offering High Quality Women's Bracelets at the Most Competitive Rates

Based in Maitland, FL, USA, Silver Trendz is one of the most trusted, revered and renowned name that provides high quality jewelry and fashion accessories at the lowest possible prices. Brainchild of a creative and illustrious designer the online jewelry store is making forays into new domains by offering high quality jewelry to its clients all across the globe. The online supplier possesses a wide assortment of superior jewelry and accessories that cater to the comprehensive needs and desires of its clients in totality. Silver Trendz offers reasonably priced designer jewelry which is aimed at complementing and transforming the entire persona of women. Moreover, apart from other high quality jewelry items, Silver Trendz offers a comprehensive range of women’s bracelets at the most reasonable prices. The bracelets are crafted exquisitely out of sterling silver and embellished with diamonds, precious gemstones and semi-precious stones.