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Anderson Hair Sciences Center Completes the 100th ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration Procedure in the State of Georgia

The founder and director of the Anderson Hair Sciences Center, Dr. Ken Anderson, MD, ABFPRS, ABOTO, is proud to announce that he and his dedicated team of surgical technicians have completed the first and only 100 ARTAS robotic hair restoration procedures in the State of Georgia.

My History Digest Launches Kickstarter Project to Expand Publication of a New Digital Magazine Highlighting World History

For the past two years my History Digest has published a fascinating digital monthly history magazine app of the same title for the Windows 8 platform. They launched my History Digest in November 2012 with the belief that everyone should have easy, informative access to history through the discovery stories that the average reader just won’t find in conventional history books and history magazines. On top of their groundbreaking Windows 8 app, they also developed a mobile edition of my History Digest that provides daily history news on Windows mobile devices.

Photonic Designs Seeks Funding Support via Kickstarter to Introduce New Technology to Battery Life for Aviation Sector

LogoPhotonic Designs is trying to create a small solution to a major problem that contributes to the extraordinary amounts of battery waste produced. The U.S. throws away billions of batteries a year. In aviation, a single airline at a major airport will consume thousands of batteries a year. With funding help, Photonic Designs can revolutionize the way this industry uses batteries and make an impact on a global scale.

University of Michigan Students Seek Funding Support for New Children's Book 'Visionary Kids: Steve Jobs'

LogoThe goal of the Visionary Kids series is to expose children to the inspirational stories about some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and innovators. The first book in the series follows the life of Steve Jobs, from his adoption at an early age, to dropping out of school and building a world-changing technology out of his garage. 

New York Divorce Rate Sharply Increases by 2014: Lawyers Get Ready for a Jam-Packed Year

The 2014 marriage failure statistics in New York has went through the roof. The divorce rate is more among couples who put their work first instead of their spouse. With the whole of New York working harder than ever to improve their career, they have become so attached to work that any other relationship takes second place. It is unfortunately the harsh truth of it.

Push Button Millionaire Review - One of a Kind Binary Options Trading Software for Newbies and Experts

Push Button Millionaire is an automatic binary options system. Unlike other programs it does not demand people to do anything to keep it going. All people are required to do is leave their computer switched on and it takes care of the rest. It evaluates the markets and only makes trades when the conditions are right and chances are that it will benefit people. Even a person that has no knowledge regarding binary trading gets to make money online using Push Button Millionaire.

Murray, UT Business Recruiting Symposium News: Japanese Fund Raiser, Adam Paul Green, Announces International Young-Entrepreneur Search for Graduates from SLCC

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of Xoçai is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products. One such unique element is XoVita™, a proprietary high-antioxidant blend of cacao, açaí berries and blueberries, an ingredient combination exclusive to Xoçai. This proprietary and exclusive high-antioxidant blend is utilized in all of Xoçai products and provides a wide-ranging class of nutrients, vitamins and health benefits. XoVita™ consistently contributes to the findings that all of Xocai’s products contain the highest ORAC (antioxidant-measuring test) and flavonoid rich products available today. ( Website Launches to Help People Find Reliable Bail Bonds Companies and Professional Bail Bondsman in the CT Area

LogoWe just launched our brand new website on February 5, 2014.Our Goal with this site is to gather information about Local Bail Bonds Companies in the CT area and provide feedback to anyone that may be looking to use a Bail Bondsman. The end goal is to connect each of our visitors with the Bail Bond service in their local area that best fits their needs and gets them connected to someone as quick as possible to give them help.

A Revolution for Inflammation Problem in Animals

LogoIn pets problem of inflammation can be longer than usual. In most cases Non-steroidal Ant-inflammatory Drugs or NSAID are used but use of NSAID for longer period of time can cause problems. Duralactin is best solution for this trouble. It contains microlactine which is produced from the milk protein of hyperimmunized cow. Hyperimmunization is a situation of increased immunity due to repeated increasing doses of antigen.

Vitamin B12 Liquid Supplement May Contribute to the Maintenance of the Nervous System

LogoThe nervous system is one of the major systems in the body. As such, it should be maintained as much as possible. Otherwise, one may suffer from neurodegenerative diseases which can be life-threatening. One can keep their nervous system healthy by making sure that they have sufficient levels of Vitamin B12 in their body, which can be achieved by taking a Vitamin B12 liquid supplement .

Male Extra Is a Proven Pill to Cure ED in Men with the Power of Pomegranate Extract and Other Natural Ingredients

Erectile dysfunction is known to affect millions of men worldwide and it is not just the older men who are affected with it. It is known that a large number of younger guys also suffer with erectile disorder.

Entrepreneur Launches a New Super Online Store Amidst the Recession

We are pleased to announce that has taken the Giant leap and opened its first online superstore in the UK on the 28th February 2014.

Social Impact Investing Goes Mainstream

For a long time businesses have overlooked their responsibilities to the environment and the society, during the past few decades awareness about how businesses and cooperation impact the environment around them has risen and the investors and businesses alike are seeing that the integration of financial profits and addressing the social or environmental problems is the only way forward. Website Social Bond Investor is helping social impact investors stay on top of the latest news and information that influences sustainable capitalism. Social Impact Investment, a broadly defined term, has an essence of “Social Responsible Investing” yet the term has its own differentiating dynamics. A Social Bond Investor in his latest article “Top 10 Legal Challenges That Are Preventing Impact Investing From Going Mainstream” defines the term Impact Investment as:

John Bucciarelli and Associates Launch Indiegogo Fundraiser to Start the PTSD-MILSIM Challenge

LogoOperation Blacksheep provides a taste of combat for civilians and an alternative coping mechanism for the military. Through adversity personal growth occurs.

Acai Berry & Garcinia Extract Boost Fat Burning Effects of Raspberry Ketone Pills- Get Excellent User Reviews

Raspberry ketone has been in the news for more than a year now. It has been extensively featured on TV and other media channels because of its unique fat busting powers.

Choice Nutrition Supplements Releases White Mulberry Extract Blend

LogoTop producer of one hundred percent natural and GMP certified health supplements Choice Nutrition Supplements has released its very own White Mulberry Extract Blend. The supplement is the latest addition to their line of high quality and safe health products.

Featured on CNN, Raspberry Ketone Pills Get Another Boost with Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea

Raspberry ketones is known to have become an instant hit on being featured on TV a couple of months back. This is a natural fat burner that seems to have created a media frenzy with most of the TV channels focusing on its weight loss benefits. The demand was supposed to be huge and many stores were known to have run out of stock.

Raspberry Ketone Ultra May Help Consumers Jumpstart Their Weight Loss Efforts

LogoIt is so easy for one to say that they are going to achieve their desired weight. They may start working on losing weight with a lot of optimism only to reach a plateau at some point. Losing weight the natural way is not easy, and it requires time and effort. However, one can jumpstart their weight loss efforts with the help of a natural and safe weight loss supplement such as Choice Nutrition Supplements Raspberry Ketone Ultra.

Raspberry Ketone Ultra Allows for a Healthier and Safer Weight Loss

LogoThe proliferation of weight loss supplements in the health and fitness market is a result of the growing number of people who choose to lose weight and be healthy at the same time. Unfortunately, substandard products have also proliferated, which led many consumers to doubt whether these supplements are safe to use or not. What consumers should know is that there are supplements that can indeed help them to healthily and safely lose weight. They just have to make sure that they buy them from manufacturers they can trust. One such supplement is Choice Nutrition Supplements Raspberry Ketone Ultra .

Nighthawk System Review - SCAM or TRUTH?

Nighthawk System is basically known as the free income system. People need to deposit their money with the options broker. The creator of this program does not make money from selling people the software. He makes money from people's deposit into the binary options broker trader room. People need to fund a minimum of $200 to open a binary options account. They are required to signup with the Nighthawk System broker which is suggested in its members area. And that's how the developer of this program earns money.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract & Detox Plus Are a Potent Mix of a Fat Burner and Detox Agent for Very Quick Weight Loss

Garcinia Cambogia has been hailed as the "holy grail of weight loss" on a popular TV show which seems to have resulted in a spike in consumer interest. What makes it stand apart is that it is clinically proven to help lose weight even without least bit of changes in diet or exercise routines. Yet another important noted benefit of garcinia extract is that it can help remove toxins from the body.

Colon Cleanse, Body Detox and Double Weight Loss Is Easy with Combo Pack of Raspberry Ketone Plus and Detox Plus

Toxic accumulation in the body is likely to results in a host of health problems and diseases. Raspberry ketones are getting popular not just to lose weight but also to help flush out toxins from the body.

Raspberry Ketone Pills Get Hotter in 2014 - Raspberry Ketone Pure Tops the List of Ketone Pills with Bigger Dose

Obesity is a major health hazard with millions of people being overweight around the world. Most of such people are known to struggle when it comes to getting back in shape. Raspberry ketone is known to have taken the world by a storm with its fat busting effects. It is likely to be a big help for fat and obese people.

Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Get Mixed for Ultimate Weight Loss Experience

Fat burners and appetite suppressants are known to be hugely popular among dieters since they can speed up weight loss. However, it is natural fat burners that are in trend these days largely because of their safe weight loss effects.

Deca from Crazy Mass Is a Strength Boosting Supplement Ideal for Bulking - Mimics Deca Durabolin with Zero Side Effects

Bodybuilders are known to use a variety of supplements to get the desired results for bulking and cutting. Use of steroids is also quite common. However, a major drawback of steroids is that they can lead to a lot of unwanted side effects that can damage the body internally. Some of such side effects can be irreversible and fatal too.

Cutting Stack from Crazy Mass Is Hot in Bodybuilding Circles - Packs in Winstral, Clenn-MAX, Test-MAX and P-Var for Very Quick Results

Cutting stacks are popular with bodybuilders to lose excess body fat and acquire muscle definition and cutting. Cutting Stack from Crazy Mass is known to be a massive hit with bodybuilders since it can ensure great results without any side effects.

A-Drol from Crazy Mass Is a Stronger Muscle Gainer That Clones Anadroll with No Side Effects - Gain 20 Lbs of Lean Muscle in 8 Weeks

Bulking up requires a lot of hard work and effort. A lot of bodybuilders take to steroids in order to speed up gains and end up compromising on their overall health. Steroid abuse can lead to damaging and even fatal side effects. However, there are certain alternatives available that can help bulk up quickly without side effects.