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New Survey Names Top 10 Kansas Brands

RSA Marketing Services has released the findings of its first Kansas Brand Power consumer survey conducted this summer throughout Kansas to measure the unaided recall power of the state’s top brands.

Ecuador-Based Travel Company Combines Volunteerism with Vacationing in the Galapagos

What could be better than swimming with sea lions and cavorting with giant tortoises on the world-famous beaches of the Galapagos Islands? It’s simple, giving something back to the environment you’re at it. So says a forward-thinking travel company named Lead Adventures. Quite literally taking the lead in the socially-conscious travel space, the company gives guests a chance to volunteer in the exotic South American communities they visit. So how do they do it? They start by marrying volunteerism to conservation to keep the native habitat intact for the island wildlife.

Clenn-MAX Burns Fat and Eliminates Water Retention for Perfect Cutting - Mimics Clenbuterol Without Side Effects

Fat burners are essential to lose excess body fat so that a body builder can get better muscle definition and cutting.

Garcinia Cambogia Pure and Detox Plus Combo Pack Is a Sure Shot Way to Lose Weight and Detox Body

With a growing awareness regarding the ill effects of toxins that tend to accumulate in body over time, demand for detox supplements is on a high. Provides Fifa 14 Coins with a Great Profit is making available for everyone FIFA 14 Ultimate Coins for PC and the leading gaming consoles Xbox 360, xbox one and Playstation 3, ps4, IOS and android. This is very important as they can gain great advantages in the Ultimate Team mode. Now it is possible to turn "Ultimate Team" into one of the best by using the best players and other bonus contents against others opponents.

Wig My Way Brings Hundreds of New Wigs with Different Styles Both for Men & Women

A stylish and trendy wig can add to one’s beauty and can make him/her look more charming. Wigs are popular among both men and women, and they love to choose one to don attractive hairstyles. For all such stylish people, China based online wig store, WigMyWay brings hundreds of hair extensions in different styles. Moreover, they keep adding new styles every month so that one can have new choices every month to look more stylish and trendy.

Euro Eclipse Trading Forecast by Market Traders Institute Team Predicts 4,100 Pip Market Phenomena This Year

LogoThe Market Traders Institute MTI team is making Euro Eclipse Trading Forecast. This Euro Eclipse Trading Forecast predicts a 4,100 pip market movement in 3 currency pairs this year. The Market Traders Institute team is holding a FREE Forex Webinar in which the trade setup for this 4,100 pip market movement will be revealed in detail along with the trading action plan on how to capture this market movement. These 3 big market movements on the 3 pairs have the potential to capture 1,500 pips, 1,400 pips and 1,200 pips giving a total of 4,100 pips. Using one standard lot only to trade these 3 market movements mean a profit potential of $41K.

iMoments Video Company Provides First-Class Wedding Videography, Photography

Driven by their belief that every wedding is unique, iMoments Video Company approaches their Wedding Photography and Videography services in a manner which captures the unique essence of each individual wedding covered.

Nanjing KaiJiTe Is a Power to Reckon with when It Comes to Sensors

Nanjing KaiJiTe Electronic Company Limited, founded back in 2000, is a big name today, specializing in the area of industrial switches and sensors with the main products being inductive proximity sensor, photoelectric sensors, wireless sensors and capacitive sensors. The designing team of the company comprises of highly skillful and experienced individuals. Addition to this, the company ensures that all of its products are equipped enough in meeting the exact requirements of different sectors and industries efficiently. The high- tech products of this company are used widely in the automatic assembly lines and industrial mechanical equipment for transportation, metallurgy, plastic, textile, chemistry, food, tobacco, printing and many more with properties of signal transmission, location check, velocimetry and automatic counting.

SMOKEFREE Now Launches Reasonably Priced Range of USB Cartomizer Kit of Electronic Cigarettes

SMOKEFREE, India’s #1 Electronic Cigarette Company has recently launched a reasonably priced range of USB Cartomizer Kit of electronic cigarettesthus enhancing the impetus for ending the habit of smoking. Integrated with a powerful battery that can be recharged and reused for more than 300 times, this electronic cigarettes can be enjoyed in varied infused flavours like Cherry, Coffee, Apple, Strawberry and Vanilla. Besides, the USB Cartomizer Kit is also available in different tobacco Flavours such as Marlboro, Dunhill, Menthol, Cigar and Benson & Hedges.

Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve Celebrates 105th Anniversary in 2014

LogoRawleigh Products ( ), a world-wide leader in natural salves, ointments, spices, extracts and more, officially celebrates the 105th anniversary in 2014 of one of their original and most highly regarded products – Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve ( ). Initially developed to treat a wide variety of skin conditions and discomfort, Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve has withstood the test of time and remains unchanged since its creation and introduction to consumers. It has provided consistent relief and reliability for every user and is a dependable herbal remedy for many different skin ailments and discomforts.

Ego Cigarettes Offer Simple Solutions

There are many smokers who realize the ill effects of their habit but are not able to quit it for one reason or another. Others would like to have the experience of having a cigarette in their hand without bearing the brunt of the harmful chemicals that are released due to smoking. And that’s where come into the picture, offering users much needed respite.

Forex Fast System Developed by Jack Robertson Has 85-90% Winrate on 1 Minute Timeframe and Can Make 200-300 Pips Daily

LogoForex Fast System has been developed by Jack Robertson. Jack Robertson claims that his Forex Fast System can make 200-300 pips daily. Forex Fast Trading System comes with complete trading manuals, indicators and step by step setups explained in detail by Jack Robertson. This system can trade on any timeframe but he has especially optimized it for the 1 minute timeframe and the average winrate of the trades is 85-90%. Forex Fast System achieves large profit targets with a small stop loss. Proper entry, setup and exit are defined by the system. This system has been specifically designed to avoiding trading in a choppy market. It uses a number of filters that avoid trading a choppy market. No chart interpretation is required while trading this system. It is a 100% objective and a mechanical system that any average person can use to make a consistent income trading forex.

How Old School New Body Helps People Get Beautiful Body? Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Old School New Body is the latest training program designed to help men and women over the age of 35 (under 35 can use it also, no matter how old are you) get their bodies back into great shape. This is a youth-enhancing system that can help people regain vitality and strength in only a matter of weeks.

Hadoop (Big Data & Analytics) Market Worth $13.95 Billion by 2017

LogoAccording to a new market research report, “Hadoop Market [By Hardware (Servers, Storage & Network Equipment); By Software (Packaged, Management, Application and Performance Monitoring); By Services (Professional, Technical & Cloud)] - Global Advancements, Business Models, Technology Roadmap, Forecasts & Analysis (2012 - 2017)”, published by MarketsandMarkets, the total Hadoop market is expected to reach $13.95 Billion by 2017.

MarryAnNRI Launches iOS App to Make NRI Life Partner Search Easier

Today MarryAnNRI® (, a leader in NRI matrimonial match-making, announced the release of the MarryAnNRI Indian matrimony app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, providing users a powerful tool to stay on top of their matrimonial matters. Reports Increased Demand for Golf Property in Hacienda Del Alamo

There are many great reasons to move to Hacienda Del Alamo- the weather is great for most of the year, the coast is forty minutes away, and the real estate prices are cheap. These however are mere bonuses for most people interested in the region, because the true draw is nothing other than golf. The Hacienda Del Alamo is home to the best golf practice grounds in Europe, and Hacienda Golf Properties SL exist to help people rent or buy properties that will enable them to take advantage of these amazing facilities, and they even include green fees. With a return of confidence in much of Europe sales and rentals in the area are rapidly improving.

Vebo Pet Supplies Offers One of the Best Dog Enclosure and Cages at Affordable Prices

Vebo Pet Supplies also offers a wide range of handy accessories for their Dog Cage and Pet Enclosures. For example, they have a Deluxe water resistant canvas crate cover ( with mesh windows and side pockets, specifically made to fit their range of collapsible dog crates. They also have pre-cut ProFleece Vet Beds ( to match their crates as well.

Australia's Milestone IT Offers Their New Candidate Management System to Better Connect IT Contractors and Businesses

The art of Australian IT recruitment has recently made a huge leap forward. Formerly, IT recruitment was a time consuming and sometimes frustrating process. Now, Milestone IT is providing a fast and effective way of connecting high quality IT contractors and interested businesses together in a way that's a “win” for everyone involved. And the IT world is taking notice.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Two Premier Vacation Resorts in Malaysia

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Bayou Lagoon Park Resort are safe havens for vacationers away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded tourist points in Malaysia. Both the resorts feature many of the comfortable and luxurious amenities anticipated of high end loggings and resorts, the close proximity to popular tourist points in Malaysia make both Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Bayou Lagoon Park Resort two of the best places to stay during both trips to Malaysia for business and holidays. The selection of appropriate loggings during a vacation is one of the most important factors in the success of a holiday, a comfortable place to stay and relax allows vacationers to relax and unwind. Reports That Car Lease Deals Hit a 5 Year High

Car lease deals are soaring and a leading UK company celebrates 10 years in supplying lease cars at market leading prices in addition to offering tips on choosing a lease car.

Study Shows Many Dental Insurances Wasted

According to the new study conducted at the University of Maryland School for Dentistry, people who own dental insurance are not using it when necessary. This only means that people do not thoroughly understand the importance of dental health, which leads to poor over-all wellness.

Ego Electronic Cigarettes Bundle Up Reliable Smoking Experience for Patrons with Promise of Abiding Quality

Ego electronic cigarettes, a known and trustworthy brand in the market of e-cigarettes since 2005, is all set to make e-smoking an increasingly cleaner and affordable option for e-smokers The firm has ever been dedicated in delivering high quality e-cigs to the customers and with its new Ego DCT and Ego C starter kits on board, it further offers the promise of abiding quality and durability to the buyers.

NASDAQ Active Stock Watch List: Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ:CERN) and RF Micro Devices Inc. (NASDAQ:RFMD) Added to Growing Stock Report's NASDAQ Active Stock Watch List

-- Growing Stock Report expands its NASDAQ Active Stock Watch List adding Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ:CERN) and RF Micro Devices Inc. (NASDAQ:RFMD).

Prosolution Pills Ensure Quick Relief from ED with Zero Side Effects

Erectile dysfunction is quite common among men. It is known to affects millions of men worldwide, both old and young. Usually, men find it really hard to cope with ED. What makes things worse is that a vast majority of such men do not seek any treatment for this condition.

Testosterone MAX Is a Double Power Test - Booster for Bodybuilders That Is Great for Bulking, Cutting and Strengthening

Testosterone is the hormone that is behind muscle growth in men. It is also to known possess an amazing fat burning potential. It is not surprising that bodybuilders use testosterone supplements for quick and fast muscle gains.

VigRx Plus Is a 100% Natural Male Enhancement Formula to Cure ED Sans Side Effects

Erectile dysfunction is known to be a highly common problem among men. Statistics reveal that almost 18 million men over the age of 20 suffer with some kind of erectile problems in the US alone. Global figures are believed to be much higher.