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BYStudio Packaging Design Company Los Angeles Presents Unique Packaging Design Portfolio

The new website reflects BYStudio’s commitment to providing the best creative packaging design solutions for companies that need graphic design, branding and package design solutions specifically designed to build brand awareness, communicate product values to the consumer and increase product sales. The website boasts a modern and accessible website design which is divided into two sections: Package Design Solutions, Branding and Logo Design services. As a professional packaging design company in Los Angeles, BYStudio specializes in toy packaging, childrens packaging and retail package design solutions that have visual impact on the shelf and connect with the target market.

Start-Stop Introduces New Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Webinars Each Month

Start-Stop brings the learning and education needed to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 right to their consumers. Each month, the team is releasing educational webinars that highlight the capabilities of the software and hardware.

Stroller Organizer Bag - The Perfect Solution for Carrying Snacks, Drinks and a Whole Lot More

Mothers and caregivers would do almost anything to stay super organized, plus keeping their kids quite, and this is exactly what the newly released Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Organizer offers them.

Recent Study: Cleveland Biolabs, Inc. - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investment Report

LogoMarketLine's Company Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investments reports offer a comprehensive breakdown of the organic and inorganic growth activity undertaken by an organization to sustain its competitive advantage.

New Report Available: Personal Accident and Health Insurance Claims and Expenses in Israel to 2017: Market Databook

LogoThis report is the result of Timetric's extensive market research covering the personal accident and health insurance industry in Israel . It contains detailed historic and forecast data for claims and expenses. "Personal Accident and Health Insurance Claims and Expenses in Israel to 2017: Market Databook" provides detailed insight into the operating environment of the personal accident and health insurance industry in Israel . It is an essential tool for companies active across the Israeli personal accident and health insurance value chain and for new players considering to enter the market.

The Future of the Spirits Market in Spain to 2017: Market Size, Distribution and Brand Share, Key Events and Competitive Landscape - New Study Released

LogoThe Future of the Spirits Market in Spain to 2017: Market Size, Distribution and Brand Share, Key Events and Competitive Landscape" is the result of Canadean's extensive market and company research. This report presents detailed analysis on the Spirits consumption trends in Spain, historic and forecast Spirits consumption volumes and values at market and category level. It also provides indispensable data on brand share, distribution channels, profiles of companies active in the global Spirits market along with latest industry news, in addition to mergers & acquisitions. This report brings together Canadean Intelligence's research, modeling, and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. This allows domestic and foreign companies to identify the market dynamics to account for Spirits sales overall and to know which categories and segments are showing growth in the coming years.

Trends and Opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina Personal Accident and Health Insurance Industry to 2017: Market Profile: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoTrends and Opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina Personal Accident and Health Insurance Industry to 2017: Market Profile is the result of extensive research into the personal accident and health insurance segment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It provides insights into the market trends, market size, growth prospects and market efficiency in the Bosnian personal accident and health insurance market.

Glamour Smiles Offers Effective Teeth Whitening Procedures

LogoGood news for people looking to enhance their smile, Dr. Brent Engelberg of Glamour Smiles, an experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Arlington Heights, strives to help people have bright and white teeth. He offers two options in teeth whitening namely In-office Professional teeth whitening and At-Home teeth whitening.

Senior Home Care Provider in Nevada Visiting Angels Completes Record-Setting "Caregiver Hours"

In 2013, Visiting Angels’ local offices in Nevada announced a new milestone: it completed its 14th year of serving Las Vegas and surrounding communities. In addition, the local offices set a new record for itself by providing nearly a quarter of a million “caregiving hours” of service to the local community in 2013.

The Psychic Christopher Golden Awarded Top Psychic - Again!

Psychic Christopher Golden, it was announced, has been named the #1 Psychic in the Los Angeles area by - the top online authority providing data-driven news based on polls, daily tracking and public opinion research.

Ultriva Talks Global Risk Management and Supplier Visibility on March 12th

LogoUltriva is sponsoring an upcoming webinar addressing communication with global suppliers. The webinar titled, "Global Risk Management and Supplier Visibility," is Wednesday, March 12th at 2:00pm EDT. This unique Q & A format webinar is hosted by Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine.

Brad Sinclair of Sinclair Law Announces Upcoming Bike Week in Daytona Beach

LogoThe annual Daytona Bach Bike Week event is scheduled to begin on March 7 and will run until March 16. This year marks the 73rd anniversary of the Daytona Bike Week event. The week celebrates motorcyclists with a series of occasions, with bikers from all over the nation in attendance.

Sinclair Law, Sponsor, to Attend Upcoming Runaway Country Music Fest

LogoThe fourth annual Runaway Country Space Coast Music Fest is set to take place during the three days and three nights of March 21 to March 23. Historically, this event has been attended by country music fans from Florida, the rest of the United States, and even by international fans. They come from far and wide and access the festival by way of Orlando, which is only 45 minutes away, or Cocoa Beach, which is 12 miles from Melbourne.

Exceptional Restoration Service Saves Family's Unexpected Water Damage Woes

Any number of turn events can cause a massive crisis even in a completely safe home environment. Something similar happened to the Coles who went out for dinner, leaving a usual load of dishes in the washer. However, in a catastrophic turn of events the water supply line of the washer broke during the time it took for them to come back. They returned to find the entire house flooded in just a matter of hours.

INXPO Unveils Learning Environments a Private "Corporate MOOC" Designed to Drive Content Consumption

INXPO, the founders of award-winning online events and innovators of next-generation webcasting have just announced Learning Environments - a solution offering companies a private and secure online portal that incorporates interactive user forums and group collaboration to help build a community and promote knowledge transfer through open content sharing.

Runaway Country Music Fest Sponsor Sinclair Law Excited About March Pre-Event Parties

LogoThe fourth annual year of the Runaway Country Space Coast Music Fest will take place from March 21-23. This country-themed music festival will run for three days and three nights, with country music fans from all over the nation (and the world) in attendance. Located in Melbourne, FL, the festival is easy to access: less than an hour from Orlando and only 12 miles away from Cocoa Beach.

Silicone Baking Mat Earns Nod of Chef Ted Cutting; Steals the Spotlight in Cooking Demo Video

LogoChefs, the hardworking professionals who live and breathe cooking and food preparation, need just the right type of utensils and tools to create their masterpiece on a daily basis. Chef Ted Cutting, Amazon-approved kitchen expert, knows this for a fact - and has endorsed the Silicone Baking Mat from Premium Value Products.

Free Business Check Writer Offer for Macintosh Customers

LogoezCheckPrinting software speeds up check printing for both Windows and Macintosh customers. Now a free offer of Mac version is available. invites Macintosh customers to download and get ezCheckprinting business check writer at $0 when checking out through Trialpay!

Red Lion Data Launches Location Data Download Subscriptions

Red Lion Data, one of the world’s leading providers of business location and POI data for the Canadian and U.S. retail industries, is now offering subscription-based access to their catalog of over two thousand retail brands, totaling more than 2 million retail locations.

Philadelphia Dating Service Where Busy Professionals Turn for Love

Singles in Philadelphia know how hard it can be to meet someone special. Between work and the hustle and bustle of Philly life, it’s not always easy to find time to date. Even if singles are able to carve out a little time from their busy schedules, it can be challenging to figure out where to meet other compatible singles. Local Philly singles can try hitting the bars or even online dating, but everyone knows they are not the best places to meet quality singles. For those busy professionals looking for something serious, dating doesn’t have to be so stressful and time consuming.

Houston Matchmakers the Leaders in the Business of Finding Love

The matchmakers at Houston Singles take the business of finding love and relationships very seriously, and with their high success rates of matching compatible couples, it’s hard not to see why. When people choose to be a part of their services, they know they are in the best hands when it comes to making a connection with someone to spend the rest of their life with. Locals can now forget sitting in smoky lounges and clubs—with Houston Singles they’re hiring a professional agency to work by their side. Choosing an agency like theirs is like choosing a lawyer to watch over their assets.

Baldev Sandhu Provides New Procedure - Follicle by Follicle Hair Transplant

LogoNeograft, a new technology for medical hair restoration has been utilized extensively across Europe and now the technology is approved by the FDA for use in the USA. It still requires special skill to harvest and plant individual hair follicles to create an incredibly natural look but this robotic technology makes the process more precise and without leaving a scar, unlike the traditional “strip harvesting” method which is still yhe norm in the US today. Only handful of doctors are offering the service at this point.

XC Spa Fortifies Industry Leadership with New Outdoor Spa and Swim Spa Products

LogoTraditionally entailing soaking in a hot spring, spa is known to provide general hydrotherapy with is curative effects depending highly on the heat and the mineral contained in the water. As modern living become even busier than ever before, a spa bathtub is a great alternative for therapy, relaxation and leisure that can be conveniently placed in spots such as a sunhouse, a basement, a swimming pool, a villa and a courtyard, or a bathroom.

Burns and Roe Awarded Engineering Services for Covanta's Essex Baghouse Project

LogoBurns and Roe has been awarded a contract from Covanta Energy Corporation to perform the detailed design associated with the installation of baghouses as replacement pollution control devices for existing electrostatic precipitators at the Essex County Resource Recovery Facility located in Newark, NJ.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 8,500 Husky Liner Products

LogoParts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they now have over 8,500 Husky Liner products. Husky Liner is a brand known for its high-quality floor mats, mud flaps, and window vent visors. In the business of providing customers with affordable and first class products, Parts Geek is pleased to offer a wide array of Husky Liner products for 40 different vehicle makes and models.

Parts Geek, A Leading Auto Parts Retailer, Now Offering a Wide Variety of Valve Cover Parts

LogoParts Geek, a leading auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they are now offering a wide variety of valve cover parts. Waiting too long to replace a leaky valve cover can cost drivers a serious amount of money, especially since the price of motor oil continues to rise in today’s market. To ensure efficiency, and avoid wasting a load of maximum amount of hard-earned money, drivers must replace their part promptly. Quality and price are two of the main things to consider when shopping for a replacement valve cover. Parts Geek offers the most high-quality valve covers available for the lowest prices on the market today. The company specializes in making sure their customers receive the best replacement auto parts.

Parts Geek Now Has an Extensive Amount of Flywheels in Their Inventory

LogoTo get the most out of any car, it is vitally important to keep it maintained. This involves all aspects of the vehicle, from the tires to the steering to the oil. When it comes to a vehicle’s operation, the most important component is the engine, which helps keep a smooth drive while releasing fewer harmful emissions and saving money on gas. There are various components of the engine, and one includes a mechanical device used to store rotational energy. This is called the flywheel, and as torque is applied, it resists changes to rotational speed. When in need of replacement auto parts in excellent condition, Parts Geek, a leading retailer of premier auto parts, is pleased to announce they now have a wide variety of flywheels in their inventory.