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Instant 20 20 Adjustable Glasses as Seen on TV Canada

Instant 20 20 Glasses are the first pair of adaptive eye wear that have been widely shown on infomercials across the US and Canada. These adjustable glasses can aid both nearsightedness or farsightedness by simply adjusting the dial. Find out why Instant 20 20 has become a popular product at As Seen on TV Canada.


Toronto, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2013 -- Losing a pair of glasses can cause a person to be completely helpless in trying to locate them and even worse if a person breaks their only pair of seeing glasses. A new As Seen on TV product has been widely advertised in Canada and the United States and now available at As Seen on TV Canada called Instant 20/20 Glasses which are a pair of affordable adjustable glasses. Simply by adjusting the dial on these glasses a person can achieve their desired vision.

"These glasses fit really great and are comfortable to wear. I love how flexible they are and they don't fall off my face. Instant 20/20 eye glasses are the best reading glasses I've ever owned. I would definitely buy another pair in the future if anything ever happens to them. This is one As Seen on TV product that I can stand firmly behind!" -Mike Horowitz

Instant 20/20 are perfect for reading, sporting events, watching television or to have somewhere stored as an emergency pair of backup glasses in the even contacts are lost or glasses are broken which can leave a person completely powerless. These adjustable glasses have the ability to correct 90% of spherical errors to clearly see any situation so there is no need to ever be helpless anymore. These As Seen on TV seeing glasses are also stylish and come in the colors black or brown. Theses glasses are designed with two lens that operate separate from each other which are entirely changeable which help sets the focus for each eye.

"I found my pair of Instant 20/20 eye wear to be the perfect backup glasses. I can easily adjust them to see almost as well as my prescription eye glasses. I keep a pair in my purse wherever I go. I find them very light, stylish and seem very durable. The magnification works great so you can adjust each eye to your preference. My husband uses them as well and loves them. Great price! I would recommend these adjustable glasses to anyone." -Maria Sanova

Currently Instant 20 20 Glasses are not available in stores. Instant 20 20 are the first adjustable eye glasses. These are not prescription glasses however they can correct almost 90% of spherical errors but do not correct issues such as astigmatism. These adjustable glasses let a person dial in to assist either nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Find out more about the Instant 20 20 Glasses or to read Instant 20 20 Glasses reviews at As Seen on TV Canada.

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