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Instant Binary Profits Software Turned $300 Into $3,411,824 for Andy Kalinowski


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2013 -- Andy Kalinowski claims that he was able to turn a small sum of $300 into $3,411,824 using his Instant Binary Profits software. He has also posted a screenshot of his broker account showing $125,572 profit made in 5 days. This is what Andy Kalinowski says: “The Instant Binary Profits system is a proven, working, fool proof system that provides winning binary option trades that ultimately make you money. It’s pretty damn simple, to be honest. Simple but very, VERY effective! And once you’ve downloaded the system you’ll know precisely what I mean.

Did you know that there is an elite group of traders (including me) that react to how the retail traders (you and thousands of people like you) trade and we make huge profits in doing so? Let me put it this way. When large groups of people (I like to call them sheeple) place uneducated trades and continually lose money where do you think that money goes? Do you think it just vanishes into thin air?

Of course not! There is an elite group of traders that move the opposite way and sweep up these profits. We profit on ‘bargain hunters’ or ‘bottom feeders’ that think they’re getting the best possible trades when in fact they’re playing directly into our hands. If you can spot the exact nano-second in which the balance shifts (which is pretty damn near impossible for any human being to do) you will have the ability to create wealth. That’s precisely what the Instant Binary Profits system is designed to do.”

About Andy Kalinowski
Andy Kalinowski qualified as a real estate agent. But the timing was wrong. When he entered the market, there was a recession and very few were buying property. So he didn’t make any commissions. He owed huge amounts on his credit card, his student loans and his rent was 5 months overdue when he met his cousin Chrissy. Chrissy had been working at a car wash while studying for his computer science degree at the college. He and his friend Shinji has designed a binary options trading software that analyzes how the market reacts in certain situations and to certain trades that are being made using the most advanced, hi-tech algorithms. Andy Kalinowski was able to borrow the software from his cousin.

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