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Introducing BigGreen IT - New + Different = Better


Rocklin, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2014 -- BigGreen IT is officially open for business. Our IT experts help companies choose and deploy the best technology for their needs, their budget and the future. With aging infrastructure, the changing face of IT, and a multitude of new Cloud options, the opportunities are endless and the decisions are challenging.

“The motivating force behind BigGreen IT was the desire to do things differently. We listen to our clients and are strongly motivated to find the right solution to their IT demands. Success goes far beyond selling technology and services. It is about developing and encouraging great relationships.” Jeff Rogers, CEO, BigGreen IT

3.0 Technologies | Cloud Brokerage | IT Services

“The current IT environment is fraught with tough decisions. Technology is moving fast and new IT demands are pushing companies to the limit. IT departments need help navigating through complex technology choices to help solve business problems. Technology solutions can be evaluated by assessing options against specific criteria, including budget, the necessity to blend existing IT environments and predictions for future growth. With that in mind, we are striving to create a fresh approach by developing an environment of success; focusing on core values that deliver trust, a passion for excellence, and encourage genuine lasting relationships with our clients.” Mike Rogers, COO, BigGreen IT

BigGreen IT focuses on 3 key technology areas:

- 3.0 Technologies – Using the next generation of technology.
- Optimizing SAN performance with Flash
- Advanced desktop virtualization - VDI
- DR and Business Continuity with data agnostic solutions
- Cloud Brokerage – Connecting business challenges with Cloud solutions.

Developing and deploying the correct Cloud strategy for the task
- End user and mobile device backup to the Cloud
- Email and Exchange to the Cloud
- Server backup to the Cloud
- IT Services – Delivering custom answers by identifying business and IT requirements; assessing, consulting, migrating and supporting the right IT solutions.

Many companies would like help defining exactly what it is they need. At BigGreen IT, we have found that with most IT business challenges the issues generally remain the same and fast efficient technology solutions, coupled with a dash of customization, is a recipe for success. What is often missing is a dedicated technology partner who can be trusted. One that listens, cares, and doesn’t charge to pick up the phone.

BigGreen IT helps companies chose and deploy the best technology solutions for their needs, their budget, and the future. Embracing 3.0 Technologies to help build the optimal SAN solution; Cloud Brokerage to help develop and deploy the right Cloud strategy; and services to assess, consult and migrate the best IT solution for today’s business challenges. For more information, visit