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Marijuana Accessories Are Gaining Even More Mass Appeal


Rochester, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2015 --In the private sector there are hundreds of cheap, plastic, glass, or even metal accessories that give marijuana users the ability to store, grind, and use marijuana bud, waxes, and shatter. But something very interesting is happening in the space that has many starting to pay much more attention to the "supporting cast" of the medical and recreational marijuana industry; specifically the accessories.

Some Time ago on CNBC's Power Pitch, potpreneur Josh Gordan pitched his budding marijuana start-up to a panel of experts in just 60 seconds. The company, Bureau, has set a goal to offer appropriate packaging for the B2B MJ marketplace and looks to supply a direct to consumer line of products with packaging that holds more of a resemblance to "fine spirits". Bureau's products are concentrated on functionality both from a childproofing standpoint as well as the overall user experience. "We're focused on more of the premium market I think that there is a lack of packaging solutions for dispensaries that are trying to position themselves as a more premium dispensary so we hope to land that market share," states Gordan.

He had initially started the company with a $60k investment to obtain a proof of concept. Since then the company has focused on raising additional funds to increase inventory and implement an aggressive sales and marketing budget through angel investment.

In line with this approach, the Bob Marley family announced that it will be launching its own branded line of accessories, proprietary strains, as well as hemp- and cannabis-infused topical products. BUT once again this is a private company, which has been privately invested in by Privateer Holdings. With such a major birth in a new and exciting niche, how can investors benefit if all of these companies are looking solely for angel investment? Well, you could buy into some vapor companies or invest into an "experience" company (bus tours, bed and breakfasts, etc.) or you could simply just invest in accessories.

Acology Inc. (OTCPINK:ACOL) through its patented air tight, water resistant, smell proof medical grade polypropylene storage container with built in grinder or more simply known as the MedTainer, is the "grinding man's" grinder. It's stood the test of rigorous trials and has even solidified itself as a leading product within the category. In a trial run against other well-known grinding products, gave an outstanding review on the dynamic differences that the Medtainer holds above others in its class:

"The Medtainer grinder is one of the most affordable heavy duty products in the grinding market. We found the Medtainer will grind your meds into a great sized mulch for any joint, blunt, pipe or herb vaporizer. It loves dry herb, the teeth do a great job. The resulting Med+ainer grinds are some of the best ever."

There are few options outside of investing in grow facilities, dispensaries holding companies, etc., but there's been no real way to take advantage of the accessories that go along with all of it until now. ACOL's product is specifically built for the medical community that just so happens to have an application in the Marijuana world.

The product can be found in more than 100 stores across the US and even in Guam. The Medtainer has also been featured in major cannabis publications including 1000Watts, HotBox Magazine, Cannabis Now, Green Leaf, Hot Breath, Cannabis Culture Magazine, Skunk, Nuggetry Magazine, and even the Weed Street Journal. In addition to this, celebrities like Asher Roth and B-Real from Cypress Hill have been seen using the Medtainer and don't forget about the premium placement this product has just gotten at the AMA's.

With the world focused on retail shopping and holiday spending, product driven companies have massive opportunities to benefit. Furthermore, this is the first holiday season that has legalized marijuana products on the wish list. The MedTainer is not only a great addition to any collection of MJ accessories but based on the current landscape in the public sector, ACOL seems to be one of the very few PubCo's focused on building on the increasingly popular accessories segment of this market.

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