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InVinceable Multi-Purpose Cleaner - READ BEFORE YOU BUY

InVinceable is an All-In-One cleaner that can even be used to remove the toughest stains and to supercharge laundry cleaning power. What separates this product from other household cleaning products and why are consumers rushing to buy it ?


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2014 -- The InVinceable Cleaner is a new As Seen on TV product brought to you by Vince Offer. Vince Offer is an infomercial personality who is well known for his appearances in the SlapChop Food Chopper, Schticky Lint Remover and ShamWow Chamois commercials. In 2013 Vince introduced his own product called the InVinceable all-purpose cleaner. It has appeared on infomercial spots across the United States and Canada. This multi-purpose cleaner is now available at As Seen on TV Canada for a special web promotion but first lets take a look at what separates this cleaning product from typical over the shelf cleaning products.

InVinceable comes in a tablet form and claims that it can replace most household cleaners. It works as a stain remover an can be directly applied to stains breaking down even the toughest stains such as oil, coffee, pet stains, iodine, wine and more. Use it to clean carpets, walls, bathrooms, wood floors, windows, fabrics, tiles, counter tops and more.

Just one tablet replaces a multitude of cleaners such as a window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, stain remover, fabric cleaner or general cleaners. Since it replaces many cleaning products it can actually save hundreds of dollars per year. It's almost every household cleaner in a single bottle.

"A friend of me gave me a tablet to try it out before I set out and ordered it. I was very happy with how effective it was at cleaning. Since I live in a small condo it's great to eliminate having to depend on too many products which just take up space. The first time I used it I couldn't believe how well it worked. Just one tablet keeps my entire place clean and costs a fraction of alternative cleaners which contain harsh chemicals which probably aren't safe to use around my dog. I would recommend InVinceable to anyone" -Dedra Goldman

This all-in-one cleaner can also be used in your laundry. Have any clothes that have hard to get rid of stains? No problem, just drop a tablet in your washing machine to give your cleaning power a boost.

"With two kids and pets it's a challenge to keep my home clean. I spend a lot of money on cleaning products and always willing to try new products that will make my life easier and save time. Vince Offer caught my attention while watching late night television and had me interested in his new cleaning product. I set out to find some reviews online with little luck since the product is fairly new. I placed an order online and it arrived a few short days later. I thought that it might be a gimmick but actually proved to be the best cleaning product I've used. 1 InVinceable tablet goes a long way. I have more cleaning space under the sink since it replaces so many products. If you're looking for a cleaning solution you can rely on then you won't be disappointment with this product. I've used it for almost every cleaning task including using it on different surfaces, removing stains I thought would never come out and in the laundry. It's also eco-friendly so if you're looking for a green cleaning product, this is a great choice." -Lisa Portman

Since it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals it is safe to use around pets and children. Use two tablets to supercharge cleaning power.

Orders included a special V-tube spray bottle which is unlike any typical spray bottle. It can spray at any angle, even upside down.

This product is not available in stores. Order it online for a special Buy 1 Get 1 FREE promotion exclusively at As Seen on TV Canada. For only $10 plus shipping and handling. A second set of 20 more InVinceable tablets is included with an additional handling fee.

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