IOS and Android Users Learn and Play Ingress for 3 Days of Fun and Adventure

Workshops Announced: 2014 Theme: Connections Beyond the Echo Chamber Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel September 26 27 28 2014


Atlantic City, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2014 -- SOCON The First Social Media Convention for Users Atlantic City inaugural event. Ingress is an augmented reality game, for smartphones, the Top Game of 2013 at Google Play Player's Choice Awards, FREE and just released for ios (iphones and ipads). Ingress players all over the world have been meeting online and in real life to complete "missions." SOCON has chosen Atlantic City as their model city to demonstrate using augmented reality games as part of a marketing solution.

Ingress uses navigation tools to ensure that players can only interact with their immediate surroundings. Ingress players who want to claim Atlantic City, must actually be physically present to play. SOCON attendees will be given tours along the outside of the Trump Taj Mahal to demonstrate how an ARG like Ingress can be used to drive foot traffic to once deserted storefronts.

"Atlantic City, like many other cities in the world, is struggling. Over the last year we have met many people in Atlantic City who are begging for someone to teach them how to help themselves. SOCON is answering the call by bringing in experts who refit businesses everyday, for the virtual world. SOCON members refuse to buy followers and will not create imaginary credibility circles and fabricate titles. The virtual world is messy, life is messy, but it is infinitely easier with a guide. SOCON is your guide. We will show people how to access, and earn a living with the virtual world. We challenge any private or public organization to join us in our effort to get Atlantic City turned on." says, Kristen Slevin, Co-Producer of SOCON

The Idea Pump, will lead the following workshops:

Creating Virtual Teams
More than ever we are able to leverage the skills and knowledge of people from all over when it comes to our projects and ideas. Building a virtual team takes more than just finding people. It takes planning and tools to make things happen more efficiently than they could ever happen before. This session will focus on tools, strategies, and suggestions when it comes to turning your group into a virtual team.

Building Communities Online
Social Media has brought us together more than ever before in history. Building communities around common interests and objectives happens all the time. But how do you keep those communities thriving and growing? What does it take to increase participation while helping everyone benefit while mitigating the risks that come from human nature. This session will focus on ways to set up a community online, moderation, promotion, growth, and evolution. If you’re part of a group or have a passionate interest in a topic, then online communities are something likely in your future.

Forming a Mastermind Group
Mastermind groups can assist you professionally as well as personally in keeping you on track with achieving your goals. A team of mentors and collaborators can make all the difference when it comes to success. In the mindset of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” we will discuss the idea of a mastermind group and how you can form one to help achieve the goals you set. We will cover what a mastermind group is and is not, how you can start one, and what it takes for one to be successful.

Turning Ideas into Actions
Every success begins with an idea but it doesn’t stop there. Unfortunately so many ideas never get out of the idea stage because of a lack of direction on how to move to the next steps. This session we will discuss a number of different techniques for giving your ideas body and determining your next steps so you can turn a concept into completion. These techniques will include methods from project management, ideation, brainstorming, mindmapping, and more all with the focus on helping getting your ideas in motion.

HDWPbooks, will lead the following workshops:

Getting Real About Fiction Writing
Author/Editor/Publisher Charles Barouch will discuss the process and ask people from the audience to read from their works for an open critique.

Blogging as a Journalist
Credibility and Curation. If you want to be seen as a news source -- for tech, current events, whatever area you cover -- you need to learn how to cultivate the trust of your audience.

Small Press and Self-Pub
Traditional publishing isn't dead, but it has been forced to make room for other alternatives. If you've ever considered being published, you should know your alternatives.

Why Print Isn't Dead
eBooks are wonderful. Blogs are beautiful. Still, there's something about print. Join us for an important discussion about the relevance print books and magazines.?

K10 Corp, will lead the following workshop:

Reduce Advertising Expenses by Playing Games
Is your advertising budget becoming too much to handle? Do you feel like you are getting lost in the mix and your advertising is not translating into more sales? If so, it is time to change. Now is the time to step away from your competition by arming yourself with "the eye" to identify new technologies, like Ingress. We will demonstrate how to use Ingress and other free applications to drive traffic to your location. This will reduce your advertising budget, while increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

We are at a time when we must as individuals examine what our core principles. SOCON provides current topics that are a priority to internet and electronic device users.

EConsumer Bill of Rights
Electronic Nicotine Devices
Social Media Funerals and Final Arrangements
Emergency Communication Plan
Customer Service Response
Right to Universal Basic Education
Right to Universal Basic Health Care
Online Blocking & Reporting
Universal Missing Person and Missing Pet Database
Automated Law Enforcement (Red Light Cameras) and Unfair Practices
Internet Privacy

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Ingress Players find promotions through Ingress Communities

About The Idea Pump
The Idea Pump doesn't follow a regimented approach such as this, but does leverage these concepts to help people find creative solutions to problems dynamically and quickly without spending excessive time and effort. Rather than being a business, consultancy, or organization, The Idea Pump is an approach and an idea itself. Common techniques are used to find ways to be more productive, efficient, creative, or just finding solutions. No specific technology is used and no specific methodology is required.

About HDWPbooks
HDWPbooks is a small press publisher specializing in Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror. Colliding Scopes is an experimental label which is open to publishing books which don't fit the structures of genre. Learn more @ and

The Idea Pump at it's most basic is a philosophy combined with techniques and tools to turn challenges into solutions. Ideas, regardless of the topic, should flow as freely as water...that's what The Idea Pump is all about.

SOCON is a multi purpose civic organization, designed to help social media users connect with each other in real life, while building links between physical and virtual lives, and gaining the skills needed to monetize their time on social media. SOCON is produced by Athanasios Zarkadas and Kristen Slevin, and a volunteer network of thousands on Google+. The internet has provided people with a civilizations worth of information, but little in the way of direction. SOCON actively bridges the gap, by establishing global and universal norms through our international standards board. SOCON members live the golden rule and support basic human rights as outlined by The United Nations.

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About Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
The iconic Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel is an awe-inspiring architectural masterpiece, spanning 17 acres of Boardwalk real estate , with 4.2 million square feet of enclosed space. The property offers more than 2,000 hotel rooms, many of which offer breathtaking ocean views, 20 dining outlets, ranging from the exquisite Robert's Steakhouse to the Atlantic City favorite White House Subs. From headline entertainment in the Arena and Xanadu Theater, intimate performances in the Ego Lounge, and seven unique venues in the Scores Atlantic City complex, the Taj offers something for everyone. For more information, visit

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