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Iranian Business Council Presents Their Third Training Committee Seminar on Artificial Intelligence

The IBC members will join the 2-hour seminar that will focus on some vital inputs of business strategies related to artificial intelligence.


Dubai, UAE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2014 -- Iranian Business Council (IBC), the non-government and non-profit organization in Dubai have recently conducted their latest training committee gathering. Artificial Intelligence was the subject for this latest training seminar.

According to Mahmood Bashash, the Coordinator of IBC’s training committee gatherings; this was their third training seminar that diverse small and medium size businesses in Dubai attended to get a detailed insight on Artificial intelligence and its importance for boosting business prospects. “We want to thank everyone who have participated and braced the event along with all our prominent IBC members. The seminar was held for two hours, but highlighted some of the key aspects related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language, which is a set of knowledge and algorithms that is used in robotics, intelligent software, and automation systems,” he said.

IBC conducts training committee gatherings on different subjects every fifteen days and the latest one was their third gathering. Utilizing Inbound Marketing during 2014 was the subject of their first gathering and for the second one the subject was Niche Marketing Concepts and Strategies, both have been held by Mahmood Bashash.

Small and medium size businesses that are dealing with automated software systems, robotics, and decision making systems, were hugely benefited from this latest training seminar by IBC. Highly technical and specialized aspects related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language was discussed during the event, says Amir Hossein, the seminar speaker and a member of IBC.

Mahmood Bashash, the training committee gatherings’ organizer, adds, “We are happy to conduct highly informative training gatherings on different subjects at such a quick frequency. Our aim is to help individual business persons and entrepreneurs to understand deep-roosted aspects of specific subjects and also share their inputs during these events. Like the previous seminars, we are confident that the future events will also be hugely successful.”

“I am a web developer and was looking forward for an event that would highlight varied aspects of Artificial Intelligence and how search engines like Google are using it. Thanks IBC for this training seminar,” says Nafiseh, Dubai.

According to the IBC officials, they are generating good response and a number of email requests after participating in their latest training committee meeting. The seminar was held on February 12, 2014.

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