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Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari Announces Improved Denture Stability with Dental Implant Surgery

Dental patients who are in search of a comfortable and hassle-free alternative to traditional dentures can now schedule an appointment with Dentist Irvine to receive dental implant surgery in Irvine CA . Dr. Sam Mogari knows about the many benefits of implant supported dentures, and he offers this procedure for patients who are looking for a more sturdy solution for their current dentures or who need to get dentures for the first time.


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/28/2014 -- Dr Sam Mogari is an experienced cosmetic dentist who now offers dental implant surgery for Irvine CA patients. This procedure is a good option for patients who want their dentures to function just like natural teeth. By offering dentures that are supported by implants, Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S helps his patients take advantage of the many benefits of implant supported dentures, including their strength, longevity, and natural function and appearance.

Unlike traditional dentures, implant or bar-supported dentures are secured to either a bar or posts that are integrated into the jaw bone. This allows the dentures to stay firmly in place so that patients do not need to worry about them popping out unexpectedly while they are eating or talking. Dentures that are supported by implants provide a comfortable fit and help prevent the jaw bone from deteriorating.

Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S offers both bar-retained and ball-retained denture options for his dental patients. Bar-retained dentures are secured in place with a few clips and a thin wire bar that sits on top of the gums and is connected to posts that are surgically implanted into the jaw. Ball-retained dentures are secured by posts that are surgically implanted into the gums and jaw and use a ball and socket mechanism to snap securely into place. Ball-retained dentures have the added benefit of not covering the palate, which allows patients to chew and taste their food more effectively.

All dental patients who are interested in learning more about the benefits of implant supported dentures are advised to call Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S office. Not all patients are good candidates for dental implant surgery in Irvine CA, so an appointment is required to see if you meet the requirements for implant supported dentures.

“We do offer conscious sedation and general anesthesia services for those with high anxiety, extensive treatment, disabilities, or just for the convenience. We use a highly experienced dental anesthesiologist.”

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