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Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari Discusses Importance of Dental Floss in Oral Health


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2014 -- Periodontal (gum) disease is a serious inflammatory disease that is caused by a bacterial infection and leads to the destruction of the gums and supporting bone that hold teeth in the mouth. When neglected, teeth can become loose and fall out. Advanced warning signs include persistent bad breath, swollen or bleeding gums, loose or sensitive teeth, or gums that have pulled away from teeth. Flossing can significantly decrease a persons chances of having gum disease. In fact, recent studies have shown that flossing daily has numerous health benefits, including increased memory and living a longer life.

“We want to give patients something to floss about this year – a clean bill of oral health,” stated Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S . “We are giving away flossing tips this February in an effort to make sure our community puts oral health at the top of their list in 2014. Through the power of floss, this preventative action can help our community remain healthy.”

Flossing is extremely important to maintaining a clean and healthy smile. Unlike a toothbrush, which cleans the tops and outer surfaces of the teeth and gums, floss is an interdental cleaner. It’s designed specifically to clean the tight spaces between the teeth and the gap between the base of the teeth and the gums. Floss removes food trapped between the teeth and removes the film of bacteria that forms there before it has a chance to harden into plaque.

The power of floss comes from its flexibility and tiny nylon threads, however many Americans underestimate its utility. Less than half of Americans floss daily, seldom relying on a toothbrush alone to keep their mouths bacteria free. If a person ignores flossing, they run the risk of increasing their chances of developing gum disease. To put this into perspective, brushing without flossing is like only washing 70% of your body. As with bathing, exercise, and other daily activities, it’s important to make flossing part of a daily routine.

While flossing requires dexterity and coordination, there are several options available for those who experience hand pain, have large fingers, arthritis, or suffer from paralysis. Those individuals can use floss holders, battery-operated electric floss, or disposable toothpick dental stimulates, all of which remove plaque effectively and are safe to use.

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